March 28, 2012

IPL(Indian Premier League) is Greater Than Nation

India is the nation where cricket is just like a religion and cricketers are like Gods but do you know the God of cricketers it's non other than IPL. Yes IPL(Indian Premier League), the destroyer of Indian cricket.
Do you know why I am saying like this? You see the best performance of Indian cricketers in IPL and worst for Nation. I am sure the money in IPL going to destroy Indian cricket. Just see the example of Ravindra Jadeja, Gautam Gambhir and  Yusuf Pathan, how badly they performed for nation after getting a huge amount in IPL auction. 
Please check out the dramatic down fall of  Ravindra Jadeja, just before IPL aution Indian team won the first 20-20 match against Australia where Jadeja became the man of the match with it's excellent bowling and fielding and after getting millions of rupees  in auction he started to perform his worst. How is it possible? How a hero suddenly turned in to zero? Who is the culprit? 
I am sure you got my point, IPL is the real culprit behind India's shameful performance in England and Australia. 
At last I would like to say that IPL is greater than Nation for Indian cricketers. If you want to save Indian cricket than say no to IPL other wise that day is not far when India will be ranked below Bangladesh. What you think? Please be open to give your view.  


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