India Won ICC World Cup 2011, The Dream Came True In Wonderful Way

Today I have written this post before world cup final that "Who Will Win World Cup 2011? India Or Srilanka! In this post I predicted that India will win world cup and India won the ICC World Cup 2011 in style after defeating Srilanka by six wicket so I would like to congratulate Captain Dhoni, Indian team and every Indian for winning world cup.

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2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Price, Review, Release date, First Look, Specifications, Features, Mileage and Picture Gallery

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February 28, 2010


"A good budget "this is the statement of our honorable Prim Minster Manmohan Singh, including the industrialist like Adi Godrej (Chair man of Godrej group),Kalpana Morpari ( CEO of j.p.morgan), Meghna desi (Economist), Bharati Desai (CFO, Mahindra & Mahindra), Uday Kotak( MD of Kotak Mahindra), R.Seshasyee (MD, Ashok Leland), Ashok Wadra (CEO & MD , Ambit corporate Finance), Samir Arora (Fund manager of helios Capial ), Malvinder M singh (group chairman of Religare & fortis helth care ). Do you really think this is a good budget & going to make any difference in controlling inflation? Yes its great budget for the rich people but a silent killer for the common man, you see a daily wager earns rs-100/- per day, how can he sustain while rice is Rs 50 per kg, Pulses, Rs-100 per kg, sugar Rs 50 per kg etc. I think you unable to answer it because this budget is finalized to see the welfare of rich people only, I think you people didn’t thought for a while for the poor people’s welfare. At first you have increased the fuel price than increased the bus & train fare now again you increased the fuel price means after some days you will increase the fare, what’s going on in India? You people are fooling us. You given relief in tax, only a rich get benefit form this while no role for the poor people. Please tell me, what you people did for the poor people in this budget. Do you know Gandhi & Nehru has stated subsidy, this is because to improve the condition of the common man while you people removed subsidy to improve the condition of the rich people only. The farmers are the back of every country that way every nation giving subsidy to the farmers but you people increased the fertilizer price while already Indian farmers are suffering from inflation, I think you should corporate them to improve their condition to provide better seeds, fertilizers, tractors with proper irrigation system, the way you are behaving with farmers, that day is not far when farmer will stop farming, than what you people do? Import food materials for the 100 million people, great going. Is this the budget or a great jock on poor people? CPM leader Bindra Karat’s statement that “A budget that is cruel to the poor” & opposition leader Sushma Swaraj told that “Jan virodhi , Kisan virodhi”(anti people, anti farmer), I think their statement is justified & real image of the budget 2010.
At last I would like to say that this budget is nothing but a big giant which comes to kill the poor & protect the rich, when poor will get killed, I think some big problems like population growth & poverty will be get solved automatically so its not a good budget but a great budget, Jai Bharat, Jai Hind, Mera Bhatar mahan”


Is Liberhan Commission report is drama of political parties? I think everyone is watching this drama on media. During the time of Babri Masjid demolition in 1992, congress and BJP were ruling parties in the center and Utter Pradesh respectively. It shows all responsibility goes to central govt. for this demolition. This is because of the carelessness of the central govt. but now the central govt. as well as Liberhan Commission is blaming BJP and RSS for this incident. Is this fair to say?In secular country like India, it’s difficult to find any solution to this issue. The vote bank considerations step in. If the politicians give design in favor of Muslims, then they loose Hindu votes and vice versa. So, this makes things clear that if the parties involved want to rule, they have to leave the issue unsolved. That means no solution to Ayodhya issue. Let’s discuss the issue, who is the real culprit? And try to find out the solution with mutual understanding...
We all know, this is the 17nth anniversary of Ayodhya demolition when kar sevaks (Hindu volunteers) demolished the 400 year old Babri Masjid in Ayodhya on 6th Dec, 1992 to build the lord RAM temple. In fact the Kar Sevaks are not behind this demolition but our dirty politics which encouraged them to do it. Without any political backup, it’d have been an impossible task to complete.None of the Indian people, belonging to any religion, want to make their own and destroy the others worshiping place. It proves clearly that this issue is not a religious but a part of dirty politics where political parties do not want to solve it rather using the issue as a weapon against their opposition party. Finally Leberhan commission is a drama of political parties & Ramjanma bhumi is a unsolved puzzle.
At last I would like to say everyone knows, God is one and all religion have same motto and goal. This is nothing but righteousness and non-violence. I think every one will agree with me, because from every religion we people are the children of Adam & Eve than how we became Muslim, Hindu or Cristian & the fight over Ram & Rahim possible while both are the name of almighty God. So please stop this bloody war & became a "Insan" first than Hindu or Musalmaan

February 27, 2010


At first thanking Mr Achrekar Sir, who given us Sachin & Sachin has made the world record in world cricket after making the 1st double century in ODI cricket which made the world crazy behind him, the world all most kneel down in front of the great legend & singing the song together that “Sachin is great”, even if the Pakistani players who never like to praise Indian cricketers, unable to stop themselves to praise Sachin. You see what Matt Hayden told about Sachin “I have seen God, he bats at no 4 for India” The British media to hailed Tendulker as the finest batsman ever. The times remarked “All kneel down & praise what ever God you fancy for the mighty Sachin Tendulker” & now former England captain Nassir Hussain wrote in daily mail that “Sachin is better than Brain Lara & Ricky Pointing, the other two bats great players of my era. Better than Viv Richards & Allen Border and I would like to say better than Don Bradman himself” & we are totally agree with you Nassir. I think Sachin is far way from the praise & respect, after his double ton in ODI, all respect & praise seems very small in front of his great achievement, “Sachin ki tariff karna vi samaan ki baat hai” means praising & respecting such great player is mater of proud. We Indian are really lucky that we have Sachin & all credit goes to Achrekar sir who is behind this great player, who made a ordinary Sachin in to great Sachin According to Gandhi Ji “Labor never goes in vain”& the hard work of Sachin has done in past behind cricket, I think this success is the sweet reward of his hard work & patience. Because Sachin also started like a ordinary player but through hard work & will power, he made no of world records in world cricket & became “The God of cricket”.
At last I would like to say that Sachin is really great & no one can be like Sachin because Sachin borns only once in an era. As Alexzender won the world an know as Alexzender the great like Sachin won the world cricket, I think soon Sachin is going to be known as “Sachin the great”, Jai ho Sachin ki.

February 26, 2010


While the whole world is singing the song of Sachin’s greatness & may be Music director A.R.Rahaman is planning to sing a song “Jai ho Sachin” their putting a question mark on Sachin’s greatness is a stupidity but I am asking this to all of you that is Sachin really great? Yes no, doubt he is great but still a question mark on his greatness because he has not given us world cup & all most failed in every big occasion. As I have seen his 20 years of cricketing career, he always disappointed us in need, most of in final games, including the world cup final 2003, when he broken our hope a throne his wicket so cheaply. During the Championship Trophy in Sarjaha is the exceptional when he played really great against Australia & given us victory apart from this I have never seen him to play in pressure game especially when Indian team needs to chase a big target. It’s a fact that he is the best batsman of this era & holding no world records in world cricket but what is the use of such greatness which can’t bring victory for his nation. I think his 90 plus centuries, 13000 test runs & 17000 ODI runs are still worthless because he failed to serve his nation, as the mater of fact century is never important but a win is always impotent. A friend in need is a friend indeed, one who helps in need is the true friend while Sachin never helped Indian team in need, If you don’t believe just go back to past & see how he has played, during every big occasion. I think only this year is the best year of his cricketing career when he played according to his quality & performed in need.
At last I would like to say that till Sachin will not bring world cup for us he can’t be recognize as a great batsman so on behalf of every Indian, I am requesting you Sachin, please win world cup for us & make me wrong .


Remembering the words of a great worrier Alexzender the great that “nothing is impossible for a willing heart” & Sachin the great proved his words in reality after making the world record of 1st double century in ODI Cricket against South Africa, in just 147 balls, I think this is the result of his great will power which made him to create a history in world cricket. The statement of former Indian captain Sunil Gavasker that “there is no question about that Sachin is the greatest bats man the game has ever seen” & we people are also agree with you sir, no doubt he is the greatest bats man of the world cricket, his 90 plus centuries, 17000 ODI runs, 13000 plus test runs justifies his greatness while people are saying that Sachin is next to Don Bradman & according to TOI that “none come close to the Don Bradman’s amazing average of 99.99 or his phenomenal 29 centuries in 52 test” but I am not convince with them because Bradman played most of his cricket in his own subcontinent or against the team like England, Newzelend & West Indies while Sachin played cricket all over the world & against every cricketing nation, he not played but played like the God of cricket & nick named as “master blaster”. I think the Sachin is the only cricketer who really deserves to make the world record of ODI highest score & no one else.
At last I would like to say that appreciating Sachin is equivalent to “Suraj ko rosin dikhana hai”. As I have seen Sachin through out his cricketing carrier that how selflessly he played for his nation & he given his complete life to the Indian cricket, I think if today India is no1 in test & 2nd in ODI this is because of Sachin so my words are not buttering but an internal truth, after looking his world record against South Africa, I would like to salute the great legend Sachin & requesting every one to sing with me that “East or West, North or South Sachin is the best, Jai ho Sachin ki, Jai Maharashtra, Jai Hind.

February 24, 2010


You see as the day progresses the inflation is increasing like a wild fire & none is able to find the solution of this great problem. Every black cloud having a silver lining while for common man silver lining is just like mirage & nothing else on the other hand the false promise of political parties to control inflation just like a big jock. I think you all have seen the the in the news channels that millions of tone sugar is present in the port while govt is showing the scarcity of sugar, why govt is not sending this sugar in market & for what they are waiting? This is not only about the sugar but regarding every food material. According to TOI as they investigated from mandi to market they come to know that their is no shortage of food material while this year production is batter than last year, Above all incidence indicates that "Daal ma kuch kala hai ya puri dal he kala hai". As every one knows that this inflation is the result of black marketing of food martial & nothing else but what govt don't know what going on or in this way they want to create another agenda fro next election. This govt is not for the common man this is only fro the rich people you see the the rich getting richer while the poor are still in miserable condition.I think next god has to come to solve this unsolved puzzle.
At last I would like to say that this inflation is nothing else a part of dirty politics & no relief to the common man till they will not stop their dirty game. Lastly praying to god on behalf of common man that "O" God please help us from inflation & dirty politics.

February 21, 2010


India is the country where children are not following their father, do you know about which father I am talking about , he is none other than our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi & his poor children means we Indians &every one knows that no one likes to follow Gandhism. Now a day Gandhism is a mater of fun for Indians, as we are addressing Gandhi ji as our father than its our duty to follow him but those who following Gandhism people are commenting like this “bada aya Gandhi badi, ya kal yog hai” just see how poor we children are! Bapu served our nation through out his life like a true patriot & taken nothing in return but given us the sweet gift of freedom & even if he sacrificed his Gandhi title to hid children & his children are using his surname with their name to win election & nobody knows his family after his death. A great patriot who given his everything to his nation & its people selflessly but no one is ready to respect him, respect means not to publish his photo in our currency or making statues inside the road or in front of the govt organization & offering flowers during his birth & death anniversary. Is this the real respect of a great father? No, this is not the real respect but the real respect is to follow his advice in our life. According to Gandhi ji “Non-violence is the law of life” & he followed it through out his life through word, action & deeds but we people are doing totally different & our thought is “violence is the law of life” & violence reflects through our every action, word & deeds. You see the news papers & news channels you will get the answer that how far I am right.
According to Gandhi ji “Truth is the only weapon I have”& he did the miracle with this weapon & given us freedom but we people believe that “Lie is the only weapon we have” this means lie can make difference for us while truth can’t do it. You see our politicians, how they are lying to us since our freedom to solve common man problems like, poverty, inflation, electricity, unemployment & many more but these are still unsolved puzzles.
A t last I would like to say the real homage to our great father is nothing but to follow gandhism & I think, this will bring difference for us & for our nation, If we will follow him than the day is not far when India will be the best country in the world because truth is God & God is truth as “Satyam shivam sundram” & only God can do the miracle so be true.


How bollywood affected our life, this reflects from our lifestyle, now a day a child knows the name of a film star than then their parents. As looking film stars we people started to act like them but we forgotten, this is their profession & they are doing for publicity & money. We people are trying to show how advance we are to wear the dress like law waist Jens, half paint & mini scat etc, very strange to see the appearance f the young generation, you can’t identify their gender difference, a girl with a girl with shirt & trouser with bob cut hair style while a boy with long hair & ear rings. I think in this way we are destroying our great culture as well as our originality, the culture we are following that’s not our identity, don’t forget we are Indians. In fact the film stars you are following as ideal, their every act are for publicity & money as example their love affair, visit to a shrine or fight every thing. So please don’t lose your identity to follow the film stars blindly.
At last I would like to say that following the foreign culture only for style & showpiece is not wiseness, so don’t follow the film stars, follow the great patriots like Gandhi ji, Nehru ji, Subash Chandra Bose etc because a good actor never be a good ideal to follow but a good act is ideal to us so please for the shake of nation follow our culture & serve our nation.

February 17, 2010


I am asking all of you which is important for us protection from terrorist attack or the release of My name is khan? I think no doubt our answer will be protection from terrorist attack but to see the act of common men & our defense ministry, its looking like that My name is khan is more important than our nation. You see the protest of common man to support Shahrukh Khan with slogan "SRK we are with you" & the protection of every theater by our security agency showing that what we want & our govt. While every one is busy behind SRK & his movie my name is khan, terrorists got chance & the result is in front of us, bomb blast in German bakery, Pune & no of innocent people lost their precious life. Hijbul-Mujhidin leader already threaten that " our jihad will be on against India till we will not get a solution over Kashmir Issue" but our govt taken it carelessly & we people are suffering. I don't know what our political leaders are want to do? You see now every one is silent after the bomb blast, either its Sena or MNS, Govt or common men. I am asking what happened to all of you? why you kept silent? carry on, protest & support SRK & his film, My name is khan & wait for no of terrorist attacks. Sena & SRK making you fool & you are fooling, please come in to sense that its publicity stunt only & nothing else. If don't believe me that just wait for some time you will find both SRK & Sena together soon. Than you realize your foolishness. You see SRK got a record breaking opening in his film "My name is khan" with help of Sena & MNS while we people got what? German Bakery bomb blast! great job.
At last I would like to say that we people are equally responsible for this bomb blast because we Indian never understood our responsibility to being a citizen, in spite of blaming others we know nothing. Just see a country where politicians & common man are fighting with each other & playing with the law & order, do you think, their is any good future of that nation. While we are suffering from inflation & terrorism, how far justified to think about SRK & his movie My name is khan. Please use your mind act like human being other wise, we will be the next Pakistan.

February 15, 2010


Women power is the power of nation, you see with the advancement of society women got their right of living, now women are living happily to break the old tradition & barriers of society & working for the development of society. I think women play the most important role in development of a nation; you see the country like US, UK, USSR & Australia where women & man are treated equally in society that’s why they are the most developed nation in the world but in India, our society is male dominated society that’s why we are backward. We will not develop till women will not get equal right of living in society. According to a famous saying"Literate a man, literate an individual & literate a woman, literate a family”, its fact that an educated woman educate his whole family while a man have no time to do this. When a woman develops his family, family to village, village to town, town to district, district to state & state to nation. The main reason of our poverty & backwardness is illiteracy & this problem is the root of all other problems like population growth, unemployment, inflation, poverty, pollution, climate change, terrorism etc. So we need to educate women society to solve these complicated problems & to make our nation a problem free nation, just see some great women who dominated the society & nation like Mother Teresa, Sarojini Naido, lata Mangeskar, Rani Laxmi Bai, Kalpana Chowla, Sunita Willams, Sania Mirza, Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Prativa patil etc. They are the great example, how women changed the society through their work.
At last I would like to say that women development is the development of nation so please let them breathe freely for the shake of mother India. As Gandhi ji told “we will became really free when our women can move freely at night”. I have a strong believe that when we all became literate, women will move freely without any fear & that time India will compete the nation like US & UK.

February 14, 2010


The word “Media” means the truth, the source which connects us with each other, society & to the world. Its real work is to highlight the corruptions of society in front of the common people & fight for the justice but now days, the media is playing a different role in society, they are looking for the mashala news means news which entertains people, they have no interest behind the truth & justice as example Ash & Abhishek visited Taj mahal, Amir spoken about Shahrukh, Shahrukh kahn ka apman, Aksay ne paint uteri, Katrina ne burkha pehana, Mika ne rakhi ko kiss kiya, Shilpa ka kiss, Sahid karena ka break up, Saif Kareena ka affair, Katrina ko fever etc & now my name is khan ka controversy, such news are very common every news paper & news channels. Due to their business minded mentality, they are showing their cruelty also as I have seen one incidence in a news channel that a family completely burned in a fire broke out except of a little child, you know, the reporter is asking him “apko kaisa lag raha hai” means how do you filling. I think you all have seen the dirty work of news channels in case of swine flue, this news is common in every news channels that “Aaj phir ek mouth swine flue se” means again death due to swine flue. Now see the Arushi murder case how media blamed the little girl & his family without any proves. The live telecast of bomb blast sites & showing the dead bodies of victims, it’s the great shine of their cruelty & they don’t care about the people’s emotions & pain, is this work of media? As they are playing with the emotions of common people for publicity of their news channels & for money. They ever tried to find out a terrorist or criminal, I think never, their main motto is publicity & money not justice & truth. I think our Media is a toy of politics & politicians are playing with it, that’s why they are never tried to highlight the truth & corruption of society.
At last I would like to say that a noble profession, its main motto is to fight for truth & justice & highlight the corruption of society in front of every one. So please understand your duty.


Do you know why we people are backward? This is because we people believe in “Pyar & Mohabbat” means love & romance not loving each other like universal brotherhood. In India its a common sight of lovebirds performing their duty without any fear in public places. According to our society & culture romance before marriage is totally illegal but “ sabse jada ashique hindustan ma hai” means most no of lovebirds you can find in India, while we are 2nd most populated country in the world but regarding love & romance we are no 1. According Galib “our vi gam hai jamane ma maohabbat ke siwa, lakin ham bharatiya ko mohabbat siwa koe or kam nahe hai” means in spite of love & romance so many problems are in this world but Indians have no problem except of love & romance. I think this is the main reason for our backwardness, the country like India where a young man want to become a successful & famous person to get his dream girl not for their parents & nation so as the day progresses we are going in to ditch because of our poor mentality. Where, people belonging to different countries going to lend on Marsh & inventing new things. You see the most of the famous scientists belong to the foreign countries while most of the writer, author & lover from India, an example Laila & Majnu, Heer & Ranjha, Soni& Mehawal etc & Ist wonder of the world Taj mahal, which is made by an India king Shah jahan on the loving memory of his wife Mumataj. This is India & its people.
You see how Indians are misusing the technology; I think you all have seen the use of cell phone among the youngsters, how they are misusing the source communication. Scientist invented cell phone for better communication among the people while we Indian stated to use it In “Ashique” (romance) & now our telecom sectors are using our weakness in their business & earning a lot of money. Just see the unlimited call facility to local & STD, given by the telecom companies like Reliance, Tata Indicom, Idea, Vodaphone etc. As I have seen practically that when Reliance started unlimited call facility, most of the youngsters purchased two cell phones & given one cell phone to their girl friends & they are talking day night without sleeping. They are talking with each other that I will bring stars & moon for you, I will fight with society for you and if it is necessary I will scarify my life for you. I think you all agree with me that India is the only country where a young boy & girl commit suicide & some turns to criminals, rapist or murderers, due to love. This is India & Its youngsters, how can our development is possible?
At last I would like to say that this article is dedicated to the new generation of India, please read it & think over it seriously, where we people are & how cheep your way of living is! So please don’t destroy your precious life going behind “Pyar & Mohabbat” this is nothing but only sexual attraction. Please understand it “love is not the heart of life, it’s a part of life” & telling you the word of a Wise man that “Carrier is like a light & love is like a shadow, if you follow the light shadow will flow you & if you follow the shadow, it will go away from you”. So make your carrier, you will get your love & lastly for the shake of your love, please think about your carrier which is most essential for your & our country’s development.


Our children need good culture or good education? This question to every parent, who want to give good education for their bright future. I think no one things about good culture means nobody like to give their children good culture while good culture plays the most important role to brighten the children future. According to Gandhi ji “A good culture forms a good character "& through good culture, you can form good habits & good habits are the pillars of success. This is not only essential for an individual but also for the whole nation, you see the growth in corruption in every sector of society, this is nothing but the lake of good culture. A man with good culture & good character never is a criminal or the part of corruption. I think you all know about the shameful act of modern children that every year no of children are leaving their parents to die lonely in a religious place, orphan house. I am asking why? As they educated their children in the convent like DPS, Saint Michell, Saint Josef etc, this is because modern parents forgotten to give them good culture. If you are educating your children in a govt school & teaching them good culture, than your children never treat you like this as now a day modern children are doing with their parents. To see the cruelty of modern people, I think that day is not far when we people become animal due to the lake of culture & started to kill each other, according to the “Maya civilization” predicted about the destruction of the world.
At last I would like to say that children should taught morale value & good culture as optional subject like other subjects in the school. I think this is the only way to brighten our future as well as our nation & to make our society corruption free.


In reality acting is a noble profession where an actor or actress acts to bring forth the corruptions of society in front of the common people & sets an example in front of us, how to live with honesty & righteousness in life but now a days this profession turns towards money & publicity. They really don’t care, which type of impression their movie will create in front of us & what type of morale people will draw to see their character in movie. The present scenario of bollywood is nothing but the symbol of sex & violence. It’s affecting the society so badly just you see the growth in crime rate with development of Indian film industry. How far the bollywood stars & singers “Aman ki asha” is justified to bring peace, while they are responsible for violence. Now a days every Indian want to be like Amitav, Shahrukh, Salman, Ash & Priyanka no one want to be like Gandhi ji, Nehru ji, Subash Bose, Vivakanand etc. Actors & actress plays a most important role to reform the society but now a day their every act is for money & publicity, which destroying the society. Their charity, love affairs, emotions as well as their visit to a shrine just a part of publicity, let’s see some famous controversies created by stars for publicity.
1-Katrina’s visit to Ajmer shrine, 2-Shahrukh & Salman’s security check issue,3-Salina’s support to gay community,4-Amir & Shahrukh’s conflict, 6-Shahid & karina, Salman & Ash, John & Bipasa, Saif & Kareena, Salman & Katrina’s love affair, 7- Rakhi & Mika kissing conflict, 8- Now Shahrukh & sena conflict.
Film stars are highlighting their personal relationship also for publicity. According to a famous saying"Act like you are living & live like you are acting”, I think film stars are following this saying in reality & living a life like they are acting. I am rewinding the statement of Super star Amitav Bachan that “Being an actor I forgotten, where to act or where to show my emotions” means to say became emotionless due to their profession. I am not convince with Big B because a human being never forgets his originality, doesn’t mater what ever he is by profession, in fact he knows what to do & how to do but shows knows nothing.
At last I would like to say, every one knows this bloody money & publicity made you emotionless not your profession so please don’t blame this noble profession. My suggestion to you “Life is not to act, life is to live while caring others emotions.”

February 13, 2010


“Science is blind without religion & religion is lamb with out science”. I think science is really blind without religion, now question arises how? While science is challenging to make a brain like human being, anti aging formula, mission mars etc., & their giving such statement is foolishness but I would like to show the reality of my statement. You see if you go through science still many puzzles are unsolved like the height of sky, creation of universe, creation of life in earth, the mystery of birth & death, the counting of stars, the distance of universe, why air is present in earth, the discipline of nature, climate change & its calamity etc. I am asking some question to justify my statement
  • (1):- According to Big Bang theory, due to the collision of two stars, one star divided in to several peaces & they became planets while the another star is the sun, in this way our galaxy created. Now question arises why not they collided with each other again? Why they started to move in a discipline way?
  • (2):-If chimpanzee is our in sister than why it is not possible to transplant their blood & organs in human body?
  • (3):-Why the river Ganga water is pear? According to science this is because it’s originated from Himalayas & the presence of medicinal plants in Himalayas makes its water pear than why the other rivers water is not pear while they originated from Himalayas?
  • (4):- According to science reincarnation or rebirth is superstition but on the other hand science clarifies that “In this world nothing destroys completely, its changes its stat only” than why rebirth is not possible?
  • (5):-Why all matters having their own characteristics? My question is why liquid flows from higher to lower reason? According to science answer is “this is characteristic of liquid”. How high the sky is? Infinitive, Is this the satisfactory answer, no, this is passing bulk only & nothing else.
If you go through religion you will find all the answer correctly-
  • (1):-According to the holy Quran, “A day will come, when human being will invent a machine, which will talk & misguide them”. You see the invention of TV & cinema.
  • (2):- According to holy Quran “A day will come when man will marry a man & woman to women”. You see the example of homosexuals & lesbians.
  • (3):- According to holy Quran “A day will come when human being will rule on water, air, earth & space through his mind”, you see the invention of aeroplane, ship, space craft, train, bus etc.
  • (4):- In modern age, we came to know how life starts in a mothers womb but these things are already written in holy Quran as exactly.
  • (5):- According to holy Quran “God has created every thing separately & at the same time”, I think this answer is justified & satisfactory.
  • (6)According to Quran “sooar haram hai” means eating pork strictly forbidden. You see people started to eat pork, as red meat & deadly “swine flue” is in front of us & whole world is worried to find out the solution.
  • (7):-You see Hindu community worships Banyan tree & Tulsi, from the ancient time because of its quality, while science says now, its gives us oxygen all time & purifies the air more than other tree.
  • (8):- According to holy Quran “Akhirat”, the last day of the world, when life will finish from earth & now the scientist are saying about this while these things are written millions of year ago.
According to Elbert Einstein “This beautiful universe is the creation of master mind”& while Indian Scientist A.P.J.Abul Kalam said "The power of prayer is greater than the power of missile" above those statements proves the blindness of science.
At last I would like to say that every rule of religion is based on science & science accepts religion as characteristics, so both are the opposite side of coin & dependent on each other, individually they have no identity. I think "where science ends religion begins" so we can able to correct science through religion.

February 12, 2010


The controversy over Ruchika molestation case spreading like a wild fire, the protest from the public to give justice to Ruchika & Supreme Court ordered for CBI investigation, it’s looking like a main agenda of India while no of criminals; murderers, rapists & terrorist are moving freely in India. Who far it’s justified to charge Rathore for encouraging to suicide case & giving more punishment in place of one year imprisonment & 1000/- penalty. I would like to ask you that Is Rathore deserves to be hanged or capital punishment for Ruchika molestation case? You have no right to charge any one, which crime he hasn’t done. Due to largest democracy & poor law & order, rap, murder, robbery is very much common in India while the culprits of mass killing like riots & terrorist attacks are moving freely, how far it’s justified to give Rathore maximum punishment. As example you abused some one & that person committed suicide after hearing your hot word, now I am asking you, is it possible to charge you in murder case? Not possible because due to zero tolerance power, he committed suicide, you have not encouraged him to suicide. I think charging Rathore for harassing his family could be justified & being a keeper of law, he deserves to be punished for misusing his power.
At last I would like to say that India is 2nd most populated country in the world with more than 100million population & crime rate is equally high according to the population. I think our poor law & order plays the most important role to encourage the criminal activities, where our judicial process needs 20 years of time to punish a culprit, who is the accuse of molesting a girl not for terrorist attack, murder, rap or robbery. To resolve a simple molestation case our judiciary system takes 20 year long time than to resolve the murder case, rap case, robbery case & terrorist attack case, how much time they will take? I think it will take more than 100 year or not possible to predict when it will resolve. You see the example of Arushi murder case, Jasica lal case & terrorist Ajmal Kasab case, its unsolved puzzle. Now whom you will blame for Ruchika suicide case? Either its Rathore or our judicial process, no doubt answer will come, our judicial process is responsible for Ruchik’s suicide not Rathore. So please protest against our poor judicial process.

February 11, 2010


The king of Bollywood Shahrukh Sher Khan was talking like a lion when he was in US regarding promotion for his up coming movie “My name is Khan”. At first he showed his soft corner for Pakistani cricketers playing in IPL session three which is going to be held on Mumbai & than criticized Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray for their ban on Australian to play in India in relation to racist attack on Indian down under. In response to that Sena & MNS called a ban on SRK movies in Mumbai & added that this boycott will continue till SRK will not bag apology publicly, again SRK replied like a lion “why I will bag apology, I am not wrong”. In revert of his statement Sena , MNS & RSS jointly protested in front of SRK home with banner written “Shahrukh khan Pakistan jao” but still SRK denied to bag apology. Now the story takes U-turn who a lion turns to rat, just see, when SRK boarded in Mumbai airport, he told to media that “he never criticized Bala Sahab or Sena & blamed media for miscommunication & added that I will go to Matto Sree, if Bala sahib call me”. Suddenly a lion turned in to Rat, do you know why? This is because it’s a publicity stunt; at first create a controversy than bag apology publicly to rectify the mistake. This is a most popular funda of Bollywood stars & directors for publicity & SRK did the same thing like other actors are doing in their respective movie.
At last I would like to say that to see Shahrukh Khan roaring like lion, I became a big fan of SRK but when he surrendered in front of the Sena & MNS like a culprit, I realized that what ever he told earlier that is not his braveness but a publicity stunt.

February 10, 2010


Now a day it’s become a Fashion of Indians to go abroad for yearning a lot of money, Muslim community loves to go golf countries while Hindu community or others loves to go eastern countries like US, UK, Australia etc. Indians believes to follow the shortest way to becoming richer that’s why they are going foreign countries to ear money in short time, as the mater of fact “there is no short cut towards success” . In spite of working in our country people are going other countries for the greed of money & due to their greed, Indians are suffering in abroad. This greed turned to disgrace for an Indian named Habib Husain from Jaipur who went to Saudi Arabia to earn money. According to Habib “I don’t get a penny from my employer, when ever we asked for our pass port s, we were kicked & thrashed and to work for 14-18 hour a day”. Habib claimed that “Indian laborers were sold like cattle in Saudi Arabia, he also told “I was better of earning Rs-80/- a day & feeding my family rather than living on promise of 15000/- to 20000/- and not getting a paisa”. This is all about Habib only but still no of Indians are facing same problem in abroad & unable to return India due to entrapped by agent trick. Let’s see how Indian agents are playing game with common innocent men & destroying their future; I am talking about on of friend who went to a golf country to earn money after paying more than 1lakh rupees, agent promised him that “he will get 30k to 40k per month & he will get a reputed job their” but what happen you know when he reached their found a daily wager job & people forced him to work for 15 to 16 hour per day, he worked their for one week & finally returned due to his political back ground & through the help of his some relatives those are staying in Golf. When I meet him he told me that “he is very lucky that he escaped form their, still no of Indians are suffering their leaving in measurable condition in side the rode or under the bridge”. Now I am talking the true story of a tailor who belongs to my town & he is a famous business man, he told me how became rich, he started like this “I belong to poor family, so I borrowed 30k from a person In interest & given to an agent than he sent me Dubai In a ship along with a group of Indians & no one having a passport or visa. After a week of journey we reached to Dubai, we are immediately sent in to a factory & ordered not to go out of the factory in condition. I worked for 5 year in that company & earned a lot of money their & came back to India through a ship after five year, in this way I became a rich man”. I think only lucky people are earning money in abroad while most of them are suffering. You see the racist attacks on Indians in Australia, some of them injured badly while some lost their life but Australian govt & Indian govt is still silence so Indians should understand that foreign countries are never safe for Indians.
At last I would like to say that Indian govt should not allow Indians to work in other nation while they are completing their education in India. I think this act is equivalent to a shoulder that takes training in Indian army & fights for other nation. They are the betrayer who cheats his nation for money & his self development. Govt also take strong action against those agents who provides main power to the foreign companies after taking a huge amount from Indians. This is for every Indians who loves to work in abroad that being an Indian its our duty to serve our nation like a true patriot & when we will work untidily for the development of our nation soon India become a development country like US, UK & Australia . So please think it over! “keyoki apne ghar ma vi hai roti”.