India Won ICC World Cup 2011, The Dream Came True In Wonderful Way

Today I have written this post before world cup final that "Who Will Win World Cup 2011? India Or Srilanka! In this post I predicted that India will win world cup and India won the ICC World Cup 2011 in style after defeating Srilanka by six wicket so I would like to congratulate Captain Dhoni, Indian team and every Indian for winning world cup.

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2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Price, Review, Release date, First Look, Specifications, Features, Mileage and Picture Gallery

Japanese auto maker, Mitsubishi has beautifully combined hybrid and luxury with next generation technology and crafted the world’s first production plug-in hybrid SUV, 2014 Outlander PHEV which which debuted at 2012 Paris Auto Show.

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December 26, 2009


Bollywood and crime connection is just like two side of coin. Directly or indirectly no of film stars & directors name come through the media shows their involvement in crime. Recently famous director Mahesh Bhatt's son name came to us. This is not the only example but the film stars like Sanjay dutt, Salman Khan, Prity Zinta, Monika Bedi, Govinda, Imran Hasmi, Kangana etc. are already charged for crime connection. What exactly don't know. You see the increase in crime after the development of Bollywood. As far as I concern & every one will give the same opinion that indirectly Bollywood plays a main role in crime. Now question is how? You see most of the crime committed as shown in the movie & some of the criminals given their statement that their inspiration is Bollywood. To see the actors & movies children started to play with guns.what will be their future, do you imagine that. Now a days every children want to become an actor like Shahrukh khan, Slaman khan, Amir khan, Amitabv bachan etc. As they are playing the character of don or criminal. How don is playing with law & order and committing crime, Its inspires them.On the other hand you see the growth in sex related crime is nothing but the vulgarity shown in Bollywood movies.
At last I would like to say sensor board as well as govt needs to action against film directors & film stars. If their act is anti social. I think, Govt should ban Bollywood to reduce crime as well as for our better future.


Now a days celebrities & controversies linked together. I think ,Its a policy to get famous quickly. You see the controversy created by the politicians & film stars to become famous. Its a steal from college days, During our college election , one of the political leader come to me and ask me to fight in the collage election from his party. I told him that nobody knows me how can I win. He told me smilingly create a controversy like fight with your lecturer or friend for publicity. You become famous & known to every one. His statement surprised me. I thought If It is politics then I don't want to be a part of politics. Most of my friends are good business man because they have good political back ground due to participation in active politics on the other hand I faced no of setbacks in business due to my disinterest shown in politics. Finally I realized without political you cannot run a good business. Now come to the point , I think you all heard the statement of singer Mika that "media ka daal roti chalti rahe isleye mai controversy create karta hoo,maina Rakhi ko ek bar kis kiya or media na esa 1000 baar dekhaya." means"I create controversy for media as I kissed Rakhi once but media shown It 1000 times.
At last I would like to say indirectly is also responsible for such controversy by celebrities as well as politicians.Media is always showing their controversies like heroic see result of the famous controversy of Rakih Sawant & Mika how in a day Rakhi became the popular star due to the highlight of media.Without any investment she became the headline of every news channels & news papers.They are creating such controversy because we fool people are showing our interest in it. So please understand their policy.

December 25, 2009


Through this article I would like to show the reality of Indian cricket & cricketers. At first I am asking a question that "Is film star better than a cricketer". Lets see......
I think every one has seen the participation of film stars in reality show & for charity also. Through the reality show they are searching the talent & giving chance to the common people to perform with them to become a successful star. The example of Azher & Rubina, how their life changed after working in " Slum dog milliner" & another example of some common people like Rakhi samant, Abhijeet samant, Raja, Md Salman,Poonam,Vaishali, etc. How their life changed after participating in the reality show. I think this help is better than charity, which gives a platform to common man to show their talent & get success on the other hand cricketers as well as BCCI never been seen in such initiation to find out the talent from the common people.As BCCI started IPL which is not good for Indian cricket, its only for money. IPL is useless for the youngsters on the other hand BCCI never given any platform to common people to come in the international cricket. You see most of the cricketers are belong to the metro cities. None of the cricketer ever come from village or without source. Being a good fast bowler from my district, I never got a chance to play for my state what to talk about he international. Those cricketers are getting chance, those having good political back ground or source in the state cricket board. It shows the corruption in cricket.
At last I would like to say film stars are better than cricketers & Indian cricket is more corrupted than Bollywood.

December 24, 2009


I think you all have seen the film star Katrina Kaif's visit to the Ajmer shrine this year. How she appeared in "Burkha"(A fully covered dress of woman) & given her statement that " Burkha is the shine of women purity". I am asking this question to Katrina , Is she forgotten this during his first visit to the shrine when she appeared in short skirt & created a controversy. I know you are unable to answer it because this is all about for the publicity. You see before this controversy no body knows her as a popular star but through this act see got the popularity. Now come to the u turn of Katrina that she appeared in Burkha replacing short skirt. You know , why it is? This is because she heard that" Burkha" is banned by France Govt. Now she got a chance to create a another controversy to bring publicity. As exactly she visited the Ajmer shrine with fully covered dress(Burkha) & given his statement against the France Govt. Our media given her a front page publicity like a saint absolutely free. In this way she got the eye catching of Muslim community as well as others.
At last I would like to say please spare the religious shrine & don't play with the emotion of common people in the name of religion. This is to you Katrina, If you really respect women & purity than you never be a part of Bollywood.


According to Gandhi ji "A man who wants to be good and good in all circumstances must not hold power". It means a powerful man is never good & one who is good never holds the power. You see the example of Vivek Singh the son of BSP MLA from Sardana,Chnadravan singh. He was arrested due to allegedly open fire in an upscale bar south Delhi on Wednesday. This incidence brought back the memories of Jasica Lal murder. I think such incidence are common in India where a famous or powerful person misuses his power & breaks the law & order openly. Its proving that law & order are only for the common people. In modern era, I never seen a powerful person involved in social service. Now they are become the symbol of corruption. You see most of the politicians are involved corruption as they are in authority.
At last I would like to say God has given us power to serve the humanity not to misuse it. You see the history one who misused his power never been a good end. As example Ravana, Kansha, Duriyodhana, Hitler & now Sadam Hussain. If you want good end you must use your power to serve humanity.


According to the statement of CM Shila Dhikshit that " I should be nervous ,you are nervous when there is a big event in your family but I am sure we will manage it.....2009 went well ......I am looking forward to 2010". This statement indicates the poor arrangement of common wealth game. which is going to be held on 2010 means next year. I think you heard this old saying " hurry spoils the curry ". Its proving in reality , you see Delhi govt,s promise that before common wealth game low floor buses will replace old buses & Delhi metro will connect every part of Delhi as well as NCR. But no of mishaps in DMRC construction sites & fire in low floor buses rising question on the arrangement for common wealth game. Do you know this mishaps are result of govt pressure to DMRC & TATA company. If you want quality then you have to give them time. You cannot expect quality in short time from any one. Please realize what will be our reputation in front of the world when such incidence will happen during common wealth game.
At last I would like to say one who given his best to his work he never be nervous in any condition. Lets see what hidden in 2010. "Hope for the best" & also prepare for the wost. Because this is not a private function which you will manage it but this is the mater of our nations pride in front of the world.


Is Ruchika killed by our poor law & order? I think "yes". Through this article I would like to show the injustice with Ruchika as well as replying to MP Santaram Naik. According to Mr Naik that"women are responsible for sex related crime". You see the example Hariyana IG SPS Rathore who molested Ruchika at Lawn Tennis Association office on Aug 12, 1990 & on Aug 18nth complained resisted with police inquiry find Rathore guilty then begins the harassment, Ruchika expelled from his school & brother arrested in car theft cash. On Dec 29nth 1993 drawn to desperation Ruchika committed suicide & justice came on, Dec 21st 2009 court convicts Rathore gives him 6 month RI & fines him 1000/-. Rathore comes out smilingly and says "he will appeal against rap. Please realize the helplessness of Ruchika. In reality she committed suicide due to delay in justice & poor law & order. Indirectly Rathore killed Ruchika and got the simple punishment of 6 month imprisonment & fine 1000/-.This is the main resin which encourages people to commit such crime.
At last I would like to say Ruchika murder cash proving that the delay in justice & poor law & order responsible for sex related crime not women. So Mr Naik , please think over it, I am right or wrong.

December 22, 2009


IS OUTSOURCING EFFECTING OUR ECONOMY? I think yes. The outsourcing of MN Cs in India is serious mater to think as our Indian companies are taking the help of MN Cs to grow & our govt also allowing them to trade in India because of the huge money they are getting from them as well as to provide to solve unemployment problem in India. But they forgotten how outsourcing our economy. Due to the 2nd largest populated country in the world , India is the target of every nation to trade. You see, If a company gets only one rupee profit from every Indian then its yearly income is more then 100 million rupees. In this way every year millions of rupees goes to foreign countries & in return we are getting equivalent to nothing. Our companies are inviting them for their growth but the MN Cs are developing so fast as the day progresses.
Lets discus the another resin for permitting the outsourcing that is employment. Its good for Indians that MN Cs are providing jobs to us. But in this way they are outsourcing honest & talented employees to their nation. You see per year thousand of employees sent to the foreign country to work. Our talented employees are working for foreign countries rather then India. How development is possible through outsourcing. Did you ever realized what will happen to Indian companies & the employees when they will finish their collaboration after" looting "India. I think you never realized it because you people are only looking the present & the money behind it.
At last I would like to say " Development never comes from others help, Its comes from our own effort". So in spit of promoting MN Cs to tread in India, Indian companies need to grow itself. If govt will not stop the outsourcing of MN Cs , then day is not far when they will over take our Indian companies & control our economy.


According to the statement of Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee while presenting the white paper in Lok shbha on Friday that" Lalu prasad claims of having turned around Indian Railways, saying it was a "statistical illusion". May be she & his white paper is right but what we have seen that no one can wrong it. You see the history of Indian Railway , every year since my childhood , I used to heard from every Railway Minister during budget session that "Indian Railway is in loss", I don't know how its happening when passengers are paying money not taking from it.
Now come to the topic, In the history of Indian Railway first time a the only minister who told in budget that" Indian Railway is in profit". He is none other then former Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav. Not looking in to his back ground, being a chief minister of Bihar, what he has done for his state & about "chara gotala",because every person is like a moon & its own dark side.But I really appreciate his work to being a Railway Minister. The infrastructure of Indian Railway stations & conditions trains as well as facility provided to the passengers improved beyond expectation. As a mater of fact I use to visit Railway stations without platform ticket since my childhood but first time I given penalty during Mr Yadev's ministry.Before him Indian Railway looking like ugly beggar but Mr Yadev made Indian Railway in to a handsome rich man.
At last I would like to say starting no of trains like ladies special , youth special etc. cannot bring the development of Indian Railway but to improve the condition of trains & roots as well as facility. So respected Railway Minister in spite of concentrating on the "White paper" or Lalu Prasad Yadev, you need to concentrate on "The Development of Indian Railway".

December 21, 2009


The famous slogan of India "jai jawan jai kishan" means "farmers & solders are the back bone of India". But the condition of farmers & solders so miserable in India. According to the political parties waving off the farmers loan brighten their future. Do you really think loan waving off is the solution to improve the condition of farmers?. You see ,since the British rule this problem is still their. That time farmers asking to wave off "lagan(tax)" & now to wave off their loan, just see the similarity.
As I belong to Orissa, 60% of its population leaves on farming & I have seen their leaving condition so closely. Only they are farming in the Rainy session & rest of their year sitting like unemployment person. This is because the lake of irrigation system & shortage of water. Now you see a person who works only three month & rest of the month only eats, doing nothing. How can his condition will improve as well as his country. In India 60% farmers using their fields for three month & rest of the month its useless for them. This is the main reason for price hike & scarcity of food products. As the day progressing the inflation increasing day by day.
Now come to another mater, as I have seen some of the farmers never using the loan money for farming. They are wasting the money in personal use. Some how they are also responsible for their miserable condition .
At last I would like to say giving loan & waving off the loan is not the solution to improve the farmers condition because still in many parts of India farmers are using bullocks for ploughing. Now see where we are & what is our development. So Govt should take step to provide them better facilities for farming, like teach them "mixed farming" , providing better seeds & fertilizers, tractors for ploughing with proper irrigation system through out the year. This is the only solution to improve farmers condition & our country as well as the most critical problem "inflation".


I think every citizen of the world is familiar to this popular dialogue " ham santi chate hai" means " we want peace . But see ever peace established in this world , never. The cold war is still going on in between ever nation. As Indo- pak, indo-china, USA-Afghanistan, USA-Iraq, USA-South Korea etc. These are great example of cold war . In front of the world they are sowing cease fire but cold war is still on . Ever development nation giving their 60% economy behind his defense rater then development of nation.
I would like to say all of you " barood ke dher pe baith ke , shanti ki baat karne kaha tak samjdari hai" means " sitting on explosives & talking about peace , is it wisesness? Not only the developed nation but also every nation is trying to make their defence stronger then others. So it is not possible to establish peace in this world till we will not change our policy.
At last I would like to say war is the nature of human being they cant leave without war. You see the world history, uncountable wars are fought by human being. So peace is against the nature of human being then how can be " peace will establish".


According to the statement of Chief IPL commissioner Lalit Modi that" Bollywood stars are here to stay .....Its all about bringing more glamour in cricket."I am asking this question to all of you that is cricket the game of glamour or nations pride? I think our answer must be come, its the game of pride for nation. Mr Modi do you ever understand it, the spots man are representing their nation in front of the world than how its became game of glamour ? Please think it over, I am right or wrong.
In reality cricket is the another name glamour , I think no need of extra glamour in it. The film stars are not their for glamorizing cricket but only for publicity & money. Mr Modi you are missing greatly to think like this. You see the poor performance of Indian players in IPL, This is the example of poor future of Indian cricket . As film stars are acting for money & publicity ,cricketers also playing for money not for nation & they started to think that if they will not succeed as a cricketer then they will try in Bollywood. You see the example of " Vinod kambli, Ajay Jedeja ,Salil Ankola, Irfan Pathan & now Sreesanth is intreased in it. Now a days some of the famose player showing their intreset in reality shows also like Sehwag , Harbhajan Singh, Yousuf pathan , Irfan pathan etc . As a mater of fact "cricket & acting "they are not made for each other because a cricketer plays for his nations pride & an actor acts for money & publicity. The interest of film stars in cricket is only for publicity as cricket is the most popular game in India & cricketers are respected as God in India, so easiest way to get popularity to connect with cricket. it will bring them popularity & popularity always brings money, this is their main motto.
At last I would like to say Bollywood connection with cricket is the sign of poor future of Indian cricket. As you have seen already, none of the indian crickters performed well in IPL. This due to the Bollywood influence. So for the better future BCCI needs to take step to keep the Boolywood out of cricket other wise the day is not far when every cricketer will dance & fight like Sreesanth in cricket field.

December 20, 2009


The saturation of Indian business industries in the world market is nothing but due to our old tradition which our new generation following. As example "A person purchased a lend or company by his hard earn money & their children started to fight with each other for the owner ship , results the partisan of the property. They don't believe to make their own or to work unitedly for the growth."This tradition of India, which stops the growth of people as well as nation. You see the great example of "Reliance Industry". How Late Dhiru Bhai Ambani established Reliance along with his partners & became the most developed industry in India. Other nations started to know India through Reliance group. But what happened after his death? we all know better. Ambani brothers started to fight with each other for ownership, It results the partisan of a big company in to two parts. After getting their sear still they were fighting with each other. At last Indian govt interrupted in their fight & advised them to stop fighting for the development of nation then they finished their drama . Is this the nature of human being? We all know " Unity is strength"& diversity destroy us but why are we fighting? Please understand the power of unity.
At last I would like to say if Indian industries want to grow, they have to work unitedly for the development of their company as well as the nation. If they will break the old tradition with mutual understanding , than that day is not far when Indian companies will set up their different branches in foreign country like USA, UK, CHINA, USSR, AFRICA & AUSTRALIA. So please don't fight with each other, understand the power of unity. The unity we are lacking that's why we are backward. Unitedly we become the most powerful & developed nation in the world.


Now a days corruption is the law of society. Its so easier to say politicians are corrupted & film stars are corrupted. Do we ever realized? How corrupted we are? I think never, as none of the road is dirty we people are making it. How a politician will do corruption if we will not put him in authority, going behind the false promises of political leaders we are electing the criminals & illiterate people. The fact about the good people, they will never come to you & say I am good people give me vote. In spite of this we have to go their & ask him to sit on authority. for example former President APJ Abul klam denied the candidature for President post in last election. This is our foolishness & on the other hand a good person never want to be a part of active politics because of the corruption in it. Rather than fighting election to finish corruption , a good person remains silent. This cowardliness of good people gives an opportunity to the devil people to govern our country.
Now come to the point how corruption is in ever sector of society & how we are involved in it? Lets see..How a common man is involved in corruption, When no one is watching him..
(1) Theft of Electricity (2) Utilizing the breaks,cement & send to make their home.(3) Breaking the traffic rules.(4) Traveling without ticket. (5) Making the public place untidy.(6) Misuse of public properties.(7) Not following the rules for safety(8) Showing their approach & money for a simple work.(9) Casting their votes to the criminals for benefit.(10) Not helping each other need like a person is dying inside the rode helplessly.(11) Exploiting a weak people.(12) Misuse of power.(13) Misbehave with women & not getting from public.(14) Demanding bribe in marriage & as well as for other works.(15) Dishonesty in work.
Above all actions shows the common men contribution in crime & the small crime lids to the bigger crime in future. so where citizens are corrupted how they are expecting their leader be a Saint.
At last I would like to say common people must be mend upon them self then expecting from others. According to the famous saying that" Every body wants to change the society but no body wants to change themselves". If we will change our-self society will be automatically get change.


Do you know the most deadly disease in India is "Cancer "not" Swine flue'. Annually its effects up to 8 lakh & kills about 5 lacs but no one or govt ever raised this problem in front of media in spite of Swine flue. So far H1N1 effected 21,929 till Dec & causes deaths 670. The death due to Swine flue is negligible in front of the death in cancer. While the treatment is also so costly in compare to Swine flue. But Indian govt never taken his initiative to solve this problem. Not to talk about the Indian govt , our govt is shameless because they responsible for Cancer. Lets discus what causes Cancer & how can we protect us from it.
(A)-What causes Cancer ?:- 1-Ultra violet & ionizing radiation ,2- Asbestos & tobacco smoke 3- Infection by viruses (liver Cancer from hepatitis B),bacteria(H pylori causes gastric Cancer) & parasites ( Schistosomiasis) causes bladder Cancer 4- Food contamination by toxins 5- Smoking acquire one new gene-mutation for every 15 cigarettes 5-some mutation hit the target for Cancer & trigger disease.
(B) Protection from Cancer:- By quitting smoking cancer risks falls as damaged lungs cell are replaced with healthy cells.
At last I would like to say we can able to save us from this deadly disease by quitting smoking. Don't expect any help from govt because govt getting most of profit by selling tobacco products. Only writing "tobacco causes cancer" on the products , their duty is over.In fact our govt is responsible for Cancer , you see 80% cancer causes due to tobacco products. So "Self help is the best help" by quitting smoking we can fight with deadly Cancer.

December 19, 2009


According to a popular saying"money is the root all evil". Now a days every act of human being is money oriented or for publicity. I would like to ask this question to all of you "Is the poster of Haagen-Dazs a publicity stunt? Lets see as you know,recently an international ice-cream brand "Haagen -Dazes "opened his first outlet in south Delhi ,Dec 10.At the eve of grand opening they greeted Indians with a huge poster written that"Access restricted only to holder of international passport". Directly its mean "Indians are not allowed". Intensely can any foreign company dare it in India.As India is the largest market in the world for trading followed by more then 100 million people. Is it possible to sustain for a company in Indian market to allow the foreigners only? Most impotent thing , can Indian Govt allow them to do it? No never.
At last I would like to say this poster is nothing but the publicity stunt to get famous in Indian market. You see later the confession of Anindo Mukherji ,the managing directer of General Mills that"a significant miss communication". I think you all have seen that how at first Bollywood stars are creating controversy in their movie & later confessing their fault for publicity. Like this their trick worked out like a magic & in day they became popular in Indian market. Without any investment they got the publicity & the focus of media. In spit of getting their trick, we Indian are reacting like a emotional fool. Please understand it.

December 18, 2009


Finally after the end of the Copenhagen submit brought the conclusion"Every nation should cut emission to save the world from climate change. Do you think this will help to save us from climate change? lets see..........The only way that can save us that is....
"Save tree to save the world".I think every one know & heard this popular slogan from our childhood days but those who participated in Copenhagen submit they didn't know about this.
I learned in my school days ,how impotent role trees play in Eco system & how through planting trees we can solve the problem like global warming, floods, storms, climate change, increase in sea level, earth quake, droughts & pollution.
According to Copenhagen submit every nation needs to follow ....
(1)-Emission cut for all nation ( 2)-Green house gases must be declined(3)-global temp don't rise beyond 2 degree c by 2050(4)-International verification of domestic mitigation action
Do you think it is possible for us to act on those advice?I would like to discus on the point"global temp don't rise beyond 2degree c till 2050".It is not possible for us to do it till we will not understand the main resin of global worming.
In fact mostly global worming is the result of deforestation & the experiment of nuclear weapons.According to Newton's law"Every action has a opposite reaction".you know how powerful a nuclear weapon is?It can able to destroy a nation & we are experimenting on earth & in sea. Now its reaction is in front of us as Tsunami, storm & earth quake but none of the nation raised this issue in Copenhagen submit.
next about deforestation:-Trees play most impotent role to cooling the environment. The cooling of a tree equivalent to 100 air condition made by us. It also purifies the we know deforestation results floods, global warming, storm, droughts & pollution.Through afforestation we can solve these problem but none discus this topic in submit. Only they blamed each other for carbon emission.
At last I would like to say till we will not stop deforestation & the experiment of nuclear weapons,we cannot get the solution .through planting trees & banning nuclear weapons. we can able to solve the " CLIMATE CHANGE" problem, other wise no one can save us from the calamity nature.


Through this article, I would like to show the mirror to the Delhi Metro (DMRC) .In reality where they are? & what is their progress? .In front of the media their statement that "our motto is make the difference in the lives of million of commuter every day" means " to give problem free ride to every one".Is they providing us problem free ride? as every body has seen how people are traveling in Delhi metro train,no doubt its saves our time & we can able to reach our destination in time & safely.The beautiful and secure infrastructure of metro stations is really attractive to every one.Its like a moon on the sky but according to the old saying "chand maa daag hota hai"means" a black spot in the moon"like this DMRC having a poor management system which needs to be organized .
In fact we people realized Delhi never given us problem free ride. we people are traveling like animals in huge crowd . Some times due to heavy rush its became suffocating to travel in metro & some mishap due to the power failure also a mater to worry.Don't talk about the law & order inside the train every one breaking the rules like a small children breaks his toy. I think you all are familiar with this announcement in metro train"Gents are requested not to sit , the seats reserved for ladies & seiner citizen "& please don't sit on the floor of the train & offer the seat some one need"but no one is following the rules . Its a common sight in metro sitting of young man in the reserved seats like a shameless creature .Old persons & patients traveling without seat & young persons are traveling sleeping on the seats.
So said to DMRC,still they need to correct their mistakes to give us problem free ride in Delhi.
At last I would like to say DMRC should take following steps to organize their management system...
1-No of passengers never exceed the capacity of metro train.
2-Law & order should be strict in metro.
3-People sitting on reserved seats must be fined.
4-Seats should be reserved for gents also.
5-Uninterrupted power supply for metro train.
6-DMRC should keep some security persons inside the metro train to keep the law in order.
If DMRC workout in this sector, no doubt" DMRC IS THE BEST"


The controversial statement of Congress MP,Santaram Naik that "An alleged rape pf lady who moves with strangers for days together ,even beyond middle of the night is be treated in different footing."Through this statement he blames victims for rape.Mr Naik I think you may be 1% right & 99% you are focusing the dress concept ,frankness & boldness of modern women which results such crime..Do you ever thought about the poor law & order of India ,which encourages such crime .you know sex related crime are very less in golf country,this is because of their strict law & order which is equal to every one.I think you all have seen the punishment of a rapist of Afghanistan in media "how he killed by the police publicly". To see such punishment no one dares to commit such crime but in India rapist ,murderers,criminals moving freely after committing crime.This is the main resin for such sex related crime .without thinking your such statement to media shows your poor mentality & dirty politics.
The country where women are respected & worshiped as a goddess as well as the president & most powerful political leader is a lady ,their giving such statement equivalent to a crime .I think you need to be punished.
At last I would like to say Govt needs to correct the law & order apart from blaming the victims.Through strict law & order and giving sex education to the children in school ,we can able to control sex related crime. some how women needs to take care regarding their dressing concept & frankness.


As we have seen the dawn server & virus attack in CAT (Common admission test), how it effects the no of CAT aspirants life in spite of learning a lesion from this mistake ,again we are going to do a blunder like E-court. Lets discuss the E-court workout pressure ...
1-From filing to a petition to dispersal little or no paper work involved.
2-SMS alert about hearing to advocates & parties
3-Summon notice through e-mail.
4-Evidence, documents digitalized.
I think it is is a good technology. Its an Eco friendly initiative to going paperless & about about speedy Justice. Now which is a need of Indian people but the problem we have faced recently during CAT online exam. This is the main reason to worry, while none of the Indian govt sites are safe from hackers their doing such experiment like CAT exam, in the field of justice is totally foolishness . Think seriously if E-court site will get effected like CAT site then realize what will be the result of such experiment.
At last I would like to say no doubt E-court is a good technology & need of common man but before applying this technology in the field of justice, we need to be 100% sure regarding the safety of E-court site because the failure of online CAT exam effected the CAT aspirants life but the failure of E-court can destroy the law & order of India.

December 17, 2009


Dec 15nth 2009,place Rajkot where India made a history to score 414 run in ODI cricket.This score is the highest ODI total ever recorded in Indian soil.where Sachin made a world record after completing his 92 ODI half century.According to Santh jai surya statement that "India is the most dangerous side, if their confidence his high"& finally his statement turn into reality in Rajkot ODI ,how dangerously Indian batsman like Sehwag,Dhoni & Sachin treated the srilankan bowlers.I think thsi huge target of 414 run is nothing but the result of the heroic inning of sehwag's 146 runs in 102 balls.Now a days his good performance is result of his natural game.every Indian needs to play their natural game to play like him.he proved it he is the one of the best batsman after sachin.How ever in return Dilshana & Sangerkara treated Indian bowlers like sehwag & finally they they reached so close to the historic victory but due to the good bowling of Zaheer & Nehara in last two over turn the game in favor of India.I know it is a great victory but this match also highlighted the poor bowling & poor fielding attack of Indian Indian team needs to workout in his weakness to become the best side of the world.
At last I would like to say this history is the real sign of Indian cricket team.If they play their natural game & to workout on their weakness honestly.The time is not far when India will be the best side in both ODI & Test cricket.
I hope in that India will make the history which no one can achieve.

December 16, 2009


I think every one has seen in bus , Metro train ,Govt jobs ,Education sector as well as in parliament ,the rule of reserved sit for ladies .My question is to every people ,why sits are not reserved for gents ?According to our democracy both male & female has equal right of living on the other hand we are discriminating them .Forget about the education,govt jobs & parliament lets discuss about the sits reserved in bus & metro train .I think totally injustice to the every one has seen sit reserved for the ladies ,seiner citizens & for physically handicap but no one has seen sit reserved for the gents,Why?Gents have no right to sit! Did you ever seen the male person in bus or metro train,they are traveling like animals.please notice this announcement in metro that "male person are requested not to sit ,sit reserved for the ladies ".Do you ever realized, where they will sit ?As a result of that they are started to break the rules like sitting on the reserved sits or on the floor of the metro train.In fact honestly I never enjoyed a journey in a bus or metro with sit.99% time I traveled like an animal even if i went to the hospital for treatment .As i heard from the politicians that"this reservation is for the development of women".I don't think this is development,real development comes through hard work & quality not by reserving sits .
My personal experience ..... as I worked in a MNC ,you what I have seen their ,our boss is promoting beautiful girls & exploiting the talented & hard working male a result many people turned to criminals or robbers.why most of the crime committed by the male ?This is because the exploitation they are facing every were since our independence following the rule of "ladies first".
You see the example "A male slapped a Female & A Female slapped a man "in both cases we are blaming the male person.this is totally injustice & against humanity.Being a male person I don't take it in any condition.
At last I would like to say Govt needs to correct the error & sit should be reserve for the gents like ladies ,give them equal rights of living to act on this rule ..........No doubt this will make the difference for our nation & to reduce crime.


IS Sachin "THE REPLICA" of sir Don Brad-man? I think "yes", now a days he is playing like "The God of Cricket". He proved it, with his 20 years in international cricket and 17 thousand runs in one day cricket, highest run getter in test cricket and 30 thousand runs in international cricket. When sir Sachin started his carrier at the age of 16 year I was in std 5, I have seen him throughout his carrier how the genius is playing fearlessly and devotedly for his country.
Many cricketers and famous people recommended Sachin as best batsman after sir Don Brad-Man. In fact I have not seen him to play. I think sir Sachin is the replica of Sir Don Brad-Man not next to him. Why, because they never come across to each other during their carrier. So I think both are the best batsmen of their respective era.
The comment on Sachin by political leaders is totally inhuman, being a God sir has to forgive them.
At last I want to say, we should respect sir Sachin like a god because he is serving Indian cricket selflessly as a true & great patriot.
My salute to Sachin,
Jai Ho Sachin Ki

December 15, 2009


Is Barack Obama deserves the Noble prize for peace? I think answer never come positive. Who is famous in the world as great worrier against terrorism & giving him "Noble peace prize " is nothing but the buttering of other nation.A person who follows peace as way of life ,he only deserves it .
You see the example of Mahatma Gandhi , Nehru jee & Mother Teresa ,Their life is a example of peace & non-violence , through this they done the magic & given us a lesson to obey it.
Now I am asking, what is peace?peace is nothing but the another name of non-violence.violence never brings peace but non-violence can do it.our history is the best see Mahatma Gandhi given freedom to Indians & South Africans through non-violence without killing Britishers.On the other hand see the destructive result of violence in 1st & 2nd world war .God save us from 3rd world war.
At last I would like to say peace is non-violence & non-violence is truth& truth is God.That's why GANDHI JEE told during freedom fight "Truth is the only weapon I have"& through this he converted impossible to possible. only through non-violence we can establish peace as well as finish terrorism from the president Obama needs to follow this rule to finish terrorism & to deserve" Noble peace prize"


'WAR IS SOMETIME NECESSARY "This is the statement of US President Barak Obama at the Noble peace prize world function in Oslo 2009. Now my question is to every one "Is war some time necessary"?No, My dear president war is never necessary to establish peace.war always brings destruction of humanity & the world.If I am wrong, please see the world history war ever given good result or peace its given destruction or nothing.
According to history of India king Ashoka killed many innocent people to become a powerful king of the world but at the end he realized "The victory through sword is not the real victory but winning the hearts of people through love is real victory" because" hatred brings hatred "always.
So killing terrorist is not the solution to terrorism but you are planting the seeds of terrorism.Our motto should be like this "we will finish terrorism from the world".
As i have read a story of a thief "who killed by the villagers for peace but what happen his 5 children became bandit & started to kill people after robe see the result ,the war to establish peace created more complicated situation.while killing the terrorist by drone attack ,you are also killing no of innocent people ,those are never be a part of terrorism.Is this fare to do?please don't plant the seed of hatred in the innocent people's heart otherwise the whole nation will turn to terrorist nation.
At last I would like to say to killing terrorist you are doing the same mistake what the villagers done in the above story. war is never necessary for peace ,peace is only possible through love so treat them with love & see the miracle because" only love can make impossible into possible".


This article is dedicated to"Rahul Gandhi'.Not only me but every Indian think " you are the hope of India & its people.As we Indians already seen the politicians ,their promises & finally their work since our independence.After Gandhi jee,Nehru jee & Shastri jee none of the political leader ever deserved appreciation from public.its proving a good politician is never be a good example of good service.So we people are requesting you, please don't be a politician ,be a good leader of common people.
As we all have seen your work & contribution in recent election,how you brought the game in favor of Congress with your wise leadership quality.This given us a ray of hope that you will do the deference for us & our nation.but recently we heard & seen your statement addressing to the youth of UP that "How to become a good politician & why not the Muslim PM" in also broken the rule to lend your chopper in zero visibility to address the see thsi we started to think that you are also like other politicians.but still hope is their because so far you have done a single mistake. Rahul just see the history of India that ever a good leader like MAHATMA GANDHI & NEHRU JEE .They ever asked such question to the common people .Infect never .So don't break our hope & expect ion of the poor and needy people to act like a political leader.
At last I would like to say your thought are really like good leader & i think you must according to your thought not under the pressure of political party.You are not Rahul ,you are Rahul Gandhi.So follow Gandhism & see the miracle how it will change the life of common people & our country.GO............ON RAHUL GANDHI........

December 14, 2009


As we have heard & seen the statement of former Miss World Priyanka Chopra that "Miss World is not like the President of a country ,and people shouldn't expect her to be that ".I am not convince with you Priyanka, being a former miss world you must understand the dignity of this title.We know this nothing for you & you don't care about the expectation & emotion of the common people because you are thinking like celebrity.Just think like an Indian who is representing his nation in front of the world to win Miss World title for his nation.For a true Indian winning such title for his nation is a mater of pride.How you are thinking if every Cricketer,Hockey player ,Tennis player ,Athlete& Boxer will think & say "this win is not like president that every one expect to achieve it" than what will be our future? & what is the need of such activity?
At last I would like to say representing a nation is equivalent to the president .As more then 100 million of people electing a president for the bright future of nation as well as for Miss World contest we people are selecting a candidate to bring the title for our nation.This contest is not only a contest for us but the hope & expectation of 100 million people.when she wins the title, pleases the hearts of 100 million of people & when she loses brakes their hearts.So Priyanka please think like a common people or a true Indian! you will get the answer that"Miss World title is equivalent to the post of president for Indians.

December 13, 2009


As we all know, protecting humanity from the deadly disease "SWINE FLU" is the biggest problem in front of the world. So far Delhi has accounted for 50.7% of India's confirmed H1N1 cases since Dec 3. Total infected H1N1 is 21,929 till Dec 10 & caused deaths 670.
According to this report, the H1N1 cases in Delhi is a serious mater to think for Indian govt. Mostly Delhi is infected, if govt. will not take step against the spread of this deadly disease than day is not far when every state will infected like Delhi. A problem can be solved easily when it is simple but once it gets complicated difficult to handle. I think this increase in H1N1 cases is nothing but the carelessness & poor medical facility of India or some how, our dirty politics. As I am practically experienced the poor medical facility of Delhi. After completing my treatment in SIR Ganga Ram hospital, once I went to a famous govt. hospital of Delhi for check up only. As I have seen the worst condition of patients, nobody is their to attend them. Doctors left the life of patients on the God's hand & the behavior of doctors & staffs equivalent to a Butcher. To see this horrible site, I got fainted & when I came into sense one of the doctor told me" yaha keyo aa gaye, Ganga Ram to best tha" means "why you come here? From Ganga Ram". Now think it seriously, how poor our medical facility is? Even the doctor of the same hospital criticising it, not to talk about others.
In spite of developing our medical facility our Honorable Health Ministers statement that "Ridha Shaikh (the first victim of swine flue in India) has spread this H1N1 to other people". After a lot of controversy he publicly apologised for his statement. My Dear Health Minister for your kind information "Ridha never visited any H1N1 infected foreign country & H1N1 came to India through those people have history to visit of H1N1 infected country. How can you say this without thinking! At last I would like to say that this increase in H1N1 cases in India is the result of poor medical facility provided by Govt Hospitals of India. That's why no one likes to go to the Govt Hospital for treatment & this is another reason for increase in such cases. I think you politicians are indirectly involved behind this deadly condition of common people. So please please improve the medical facility of Govt Hospitals to save our India from "SWINE FLUE".


IS USA is responsible for the increase in terrorism ?The question is difficult to understand but if we think it deeply than we will get the answer. yes,USA'S policy to finish terrorism from the world is the main reason for the increase in terrorist attacks.why the terrorist are only targeting the country like Pakistan & India this is because their good relation with USA. As "enemy friend is always enemy".
You see the history violence & war never given good result in spite of example
1-the attack of USA on Iraq to kill Sadam Hussin.finally after killing no of innocent people they able to find Sdam & punished him.
2-now us is doing the same thing to kill Osama . his drone attacks on Pakistan,Afghanistan already killed number of innocent people as result terrorist are targeted Pakistan & Killing innocent people.but still Oshama is unreachable from USA.
I am asking is this the act of wiseness to killing innocent people because of a devil only. killing innocent people like this also equivalent to realize the unbearable pain of the innocent people.its working like" fuel in fire".The result is nothing but the birth of number of Osama in every part of Afghanistan, Pakistan & INDIA.That time, what US will do?
At last I would like to say please don't miss use your power only for pride to being a powerful nation. According to Gandhi jee"An eye for an eye make everybody blind". In this way, that day is not far when the whole nation will convert to "Terrorist nation", behind their cruel policy,who lost their dear ones ,Their pain is working like a training for the victims of his attacks,To become a "TERRORIST". So please please change your policy to finish terrorism, punish the culprit not the innocent common people to save the world from terrorism.

December 11, 2009


With include in another agenda in Indian politics given another chance to Indian people to protest in road. May be the time is not so far when people were address us "the country of agendas- India". Followed by no of agendas like 26/11 agenda, Ayodhya agenda etc. now the turn for separate Telangana agenda. Lets discuss it, apart from this what can do? Because every agenda is the part of politics & not giving solution to every agenda is also the great politics. But I think this issue will solve soon as our govt already did it, twice to separate states like Jharkhand from Bihar, Chatisgarh from Madhy pradesh & now the turn for Telangana from Adhra Pradesh.
As we all know already 93 MLA'S, 5 MP'S given their resignation behind this agenda. 53 from Congress, 29 from TDP & 11 from PRP. Now its a matter to save the thorn for govt so no doubt the result will bound to come any how. If Congress want to be in power than in every condition they have to give them separate state so don't worry, be happy, you people demanding separation soon you will get the solution. As you have seen already the example of Jharkhand & Chatisgarh. How quickly govt has given solution.
At last I would like to say day will not far when our political parties will divide our nation into thousand of states behind their dirty politics & save their thorn to see this separation, people belonging to every caste, creed & religion will demand for separate state may be separate nation like Pakistan. In this way India will disappear from world.
So its request of mine with bowing my head please don't go for separation, its dirty politics as "divide & rule ". Understand the power of unity. If we get united breaking the barrier of caste, creed & religion nobody has the power to separate us. Because 'unity is strength".

December 10, 2009


Is "INFLATION” is the policy to solve the problem like population growth & poverty? You know why I am asking such silly question ,this because our govt policy for "DEVELOPMENT “ You see, since our independence our govt's promise before election "mahangai dur kareange" means to say reduce in inflation .but in spit of reducing its increasing as the day progressing. Today’s inflation rate is 19.5%.the price hike in daily food product like rice, wheat, pulses & vegetables etc, hike in fuel price & hike in fare with hike in salary of doctors, engineers & govt employs. Is this fair to do? Than reducing the price of computers, cars & luxurious item, which rich can only afford? You just take an example "A daily wager who is earning Rs-100 per day .its difficult for him to arrange three time meal because of the daily use food product price hike. Govt ever thought about them how they will survive in this situation. They are only thinking according to the upper class people; in their life basic need is never be a meter for them.
Please, think about the poor people who cannot afford their basic need how can he leave.
At last I would like to ask this question to our govt "is this the policy to solve population growth & poverty? what you want do "Na garib rahega ,na garibi rahegi ,ager garib nahe rahega to desh ka 60% abadi khud-wa-khud khatm ho jayegi" that means kill the poor people to solve population growth & poverty .in this way India will become a problem free development nation.
Is this your motto behind price hike, please for god shake spare us & our nation. We people don't want such development, where poor needs to sacrifice their life for the development of the nation.
Leave us as we are, we don't want progress, we want to leave our life.