April 08, 2010


Do you know, what is Hinduism and Islamism? Very Simple both are the opposite side of a coin and having the similar principle of love and riotousness, if they are different that is only their language, Hinduism is written in Sanskrit while Islamism is in Arabic. Lord Krishan told In Bhagwat that “In every age I will come, to destroy the sins of sinner and establish righteousness" so God came in Islamism too and delivered his holy speech. In this way Hinduism showing the existence of Islamism while according Islamism” Before Prophet Mohammad 1 lakh,24 thousand “Ambiya, Ekaram and Nabi”(messenger of God) came to the world” and this words proving the existence of Hinduism, Lord Rama and Krishna. You see the world “AUM” and “ALLAH” both is written in same format than read the “GAYTRI MANTRA” and AL-HAMDU SARIF”, You will find out 99% similarity in meaning. Now come to the word “PAAP and PUNIYA” and “SAJA and JAJA” both having the similar meaning and saying the same thing that the reward of good deeds and bad deeds, we have to face in the world. Than come to the word “HRID” which is written holy Quran and the word “HRIDAM” which is written in Bhagwat Gita having the similar meaning that is “The hottest fire of hail” which burns in the heart of human being .
The word “Om Namha Shivaya” and; “La-ilaha-illala” both having the similar meaning “wahid Alaha ke siwa kuch nahe hai” means every thing is God and God is every thing. In Bhagwat Lord Krishna told that "Addi mai hu ant ma mai ho or madhya ma vi mai ho" while Holy Quran saying the same thing "Aowal ma mai ho akhir mai ho, jaheer ma mai ho, battin mai ho" means God is every where . Now come to creation of universe both Hinduism & Islamism is saying the same thing that we people are children of “Adam and Eva”, than how can we different from each other and  what you will say yourself Hindu or Musalman ? Its  you to decide!
At last I would like to say that at fist we should make our self a human being than its come Hindu or Musalman or any thing else so please behave like a human being to leave our animal instinct which we are showing to fight in the name of religion, I think this only way to become a Hindu or Musalman and nothing else.


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    allah = 0, creation = +1, realization = -1