India Won ICC World Cup 2011, The Dream Came True In Wonderful Way

Today I have written this post before world cup final that "Who Will Win World Cup 2011? India Or Srilanka! In this post I predicted that India will win world cup and India won the ICC World Cup 2011 in style after defeating Srilanka by six wicket so I would like to congratulate Captain Dhoni, Indian team and every Indian for winning world cup.

UbiSlate 7Ci (commercia​l version of Aakash2) ready for delivery

DATAWIND is offering commercial version of Aakash2 for general public at Price of Rs. 4229 only. As you already aware Aakash2 was launched and offered for educational use only at price of Rs. 1130. Any Students from India can book and have this low cost tablet at Rs. 1130 price. But if general public like me want to have it than we need to pay Rs. 4229.

Mahindra XUV 500 Launched in India at a Price tag Between Rs 10.80 lakhs to Rs 12.88 lakhs

Now you can convert your dreams in reality because ” Mahindra and Mahindra, India’s leading manufacturer of utility vehicles on Thursday launched its new global sport utility vehicle Mahindra XUV 500 priced between Rs 10.80 lakhs to Rs 12.88 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) available in seven attractive colors.

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Price, Review, Release date, First Look, Specifications, Features, Mileage and Picture Gallery

Japanese auto maker, Mitsubishi has beautifully combined hybrid and luxury with next generation technology and crafted the world’s first production plug-in hybrid SUV, 2014 Outlander PHEV which which debuted at 2012 Paris Auto Show.

Microsoft Lunches The Best Operating System Window 8

To give you a fester, smarter and beautiful life Microsoft has launched The king of all operating system, the all new Window 8, the world’s best-selling computer operating system for the touchscreen age..

July 30, 2010

China-Devastating flood has swept thousands of barrels of explosive chemicals in a river

The outbreak of crude oil in Daalian port, Beijing, resulted a new threat to environment in China. Devastating flood has swept thousands of barrels of explosive chemicals in a river. Soangjiyang river flowing into China and Russia to get the chemicals out wide campaign has been launched. Because of fear of being poisoned water of the river in Jilin city water supply has been stopped. Heavy rains and landslides in the country getting more than a thousand people already have lost lives. TV footage hundreds of people were flowing into the river while trying to figure out the chemical is shown. Officials close to a thousand barrels have been extracted from the river chemistry. Officials in river flows in each of seven thousand container was 170 kg chemicals. These containers Shinchiaang Jilin chemical plant was located, close to the plant because of the flowing river were swept away in floods. China also having an examle of camical dester in November 2005 after the blast in a petrochemical plant in the same river had found dangerous chemicals killed thousands fish.

July 29, 2010

159 People killed in Pakistan plane Crash

On of the worst plane crash in Pakistan's history which killed all the passengers on 28th july 2010,Wednesday morning In Pakistan's capital Islamabad in between Mrgalah Hills area , the A-320 plane crashed due to heavy rains killed all 159 people.
Cerbloo Flight 202 was coming from Turkey Karachi via Islamabad. 9:45 pm local time this morning from the airport lost contact with air. Mrgalah Hills resort near the popular Adaamankaoha crashed. Witnesses said the A -320 aircraft was flying at very low altitude. Bacaokarmiyoan the relief work is very difficult. Vehicles can not reach the crash site is inaccessible and there. Aircraft wreckage was spread far enough on either side of the valley. Army has been called for rescue operations and emergency services in hospitals has been announced.
Civil Aviation Department spokesman Pervez George said all sorts of weather and technical investigations were allowed to fly the plane. Aircraft flew to Islamabad from Karachi in the morning 9:45 am local time from the airport lost contact.
"Geo News" quoted an official of the Capital Development Authority said the four bodies recovered so far from the crash site. The plane crashed area is covered with forest & military's numerous inquiries posts. Benazir Bhutto International airport official said passengers were worried relatives have gathered at the airport. Islamabad was raining at the time of the accident and was heavy fog. Probably due to bad weather the crash happened.

July 25, 2010

Politicians are corrupted or citizens?

It's so easy to say politicians are corrupted did we ever thought how corrupted we are? you see how dishonesty we are? who is doing Electricity theft, who is a tax defaulter & loan defaulter? Misusing public property, it's our habit & showing dishonesty in our work our duty. If I am lying than look up at yourself I think you will get the answer. you see in market nothing is pure we people are selling duplicate products just like duplicate dairy products, duplicate cold drinks , duplicate cosmetics, even if the vegetables & fruits we are eating they are also duplicate means every thing is duplicate on the other hand you see the condition of our public properties like school, collage, parks, monuments & visiting places, you will get to know how we are utilizing it. where is honesty on the other hand you see the behavior of common men how they are behaving on the road, it's equivalent to an animal we ready to fight for coin, I think you all have seen such dirty sights on the road, how we are breaking the traffic rules . We are equivalent to a illiterate or you can say in Hindi "Padh likha gawar" means literate but a fool.
I think it's very much familiar to you & every day we are looking the news of our dishonesty in media. If we are not honest than why we are always expecting our leader will be a sent when we are dishonest. the dishonest citizens always gets a dishonest leader because they are also the part of our society.
At last I would like to say that everybody want to change the society but nobody wants to change himself". This is the main reason behind the corruption in society & politics. As the mater fact we have no right to blame, complain & criticize on politicians because we people are responsible of their wrong deeds as given are precious votes to such leaders & we have elected them to rule our nation & state. As the mater fact they are doing their duty, we forgotten our duty.
So please please cat your votes to the right candidate rather than the corrupted leaders. This is the only solution to corruption & in this way only we can make a corruption free & crime free society.

Who is great Mulidharan, Shane Warne or Anil kumble?

If someone ask you this question, who is great Mulidharan, Shane Warne or Anil kumble? Than what will be your answer I thing it is one of the toughest question to answer but not impossible to answer. Let’s find out who is really great in between them. If we will go through wickets taken by bowlers than Murli is no 1 with 800 wickets, Warne is 2nd with more than 700 hundred wicket while Kumle is 3rd with more than 6 hundred wickets but if you will go through match winning performance as well as good performance in unfavorable condition than ranking goes like this 1st Warne, 2nd Kumble & 3rd Murli than you will must ask me how! This is because Murli taken his 75% wicket in his nation while 25% in abroad, he performed well only in Indian sub continent which is said be the Paradise of spin bowling & hell for pace bowling so he performed only in the favorable condition on the other hand when Murli has started his carrier he is the only good bowler from the Srilakan side so use to bowels 40 to 50 over in every innings so he is getting maximum no of wickets in every match this is reason Murli holds the 40% wicket s & 60% holds the other Srilankan bowlers. Now come to the bowling action, the way Murli started bowling, which is against of cricketing law but thanks to reformation in law which allowed such bowling action. This al about Murli Now come to Anil Kumle when he joined Indian team Indian team don’t know the meaning of Victory but this player who taught us how to win through his single handed best performance, I have seen him through out his carrier that when he performed well India won & if not than we lost on other hand Kumble not performed well in Indian sub continent but also in abroad specially in the fast track where spinners don’t like to bowl, Kumble also equivalent to Murli because he is the only good bowler from Indian side so he is getting most no of wickets always. Now come to the best Shane Warne, why I ranked him no 1 in world cricket because he taken 75% of his wickets in unfavorable condition means in the fast wickets which is hell for spinners & paradise for fats bowlers but this legend performed his best in the hell of spin bowling & shown the magic of his finger after spinning the bowl in 60 degree angle which is almost impossible to do. Warne is different from Murli & Kumble because Warne belongs to Australia which is one of the best bowling attack of world cricket, he always got tough competition from the best bowlers like Mcgrath, Gilspi, Bread Hog, Jonsen & many more. Before Warne Spin bowling is the assert of Indian sub continent while Warne is only foreign player shown his greatness in spin bowling. So I am giving 100 out of 100 to Shane Warne he is the best spinner of world cricket & best bowler of the era for his extraordinary performance in world cricket.
At last I would like to say that Murlidharan is great but Kumble is greater & Shane Warne is the greatest.

Murlidharan The Great

I think you al know that Sachin is the God of cricket But I am saying Murlidharan is the God of spin bowling & the best spin bowler or you can say the best bowler of this era in world cricket who became a miracle when he achieved the target of 800 wickets in his last test in a filmy style & taken his retirement when he is in 3rd position in ICC bowlers world ranking. The target Murli has given to achieve the new generation is almost impossible to achieve due to the popularity of 20-20 cricket so we can say that it’s an unbreakable record. The legends like Shen Warn & Anil Kumle told that he is genius & the record he achieved no one can break it no doubt about it, it’s truth while Murli told only Harbhajan Singh is going to break it but the mater fact Harbhajan Singh is nearly Half way behind him & struggling to get his line & length, I don’t think he is the right person to achieve the target of 800 wickets in world cricket.
At last I would like to say that Mulidharan is a miracle of world cricket & his record is also a miracle so there is none like Murlidharan. He is really great. What he did for his nation that none of the player ever did for his nation? Without any hesitation I am saying that he is the reformer of Srilankan cricket & he taught Srlankan team how to win because Murli has taken 40% wickets of Srlankan history while whole Srlankan Bowlers taken 60%. This figure shows clearly that he is the greatest player of Srilankan Team & best bowler of the world cricket.
As Alexander the great now Murli the great

July 24, 2010

BCCI helped Murlidharan to complete 800 wicket?

BCCI(Board of Control for Cricket in India) helped Murlidharan to complete 800 wicket? I know this question is difficult to answer but as far as I concern BCCI given has given 100% to assist Murlidharan to set the world record for the world. Now question arise how? Just see the beginning of Srilanka tour, how BCCI has selected the team, when we have world class bowlers like Nehra & Praween, BCCI selected the players like Isant & Sreesanth, see after the injury of Zaheer & Sreesanth, they selected the replacement as Abhimanu Mithun & Munaf Patel, which totally stupidity so as expected Indian poor bowling line up with Ishant & Mithun performed their waste & Indian Team lost the 1se test by 10 wicket, Srilankan teams crushed Indian bowling line up & set a huge target & Indian team lost shamefully & all credit goes to our poor bowlers. Nothing gone in fever of Indian team due to the poor selection comity BCCI. They have selected poor bowlers to help Murli to achieved the world record. I think you all have seen the hooding of Murli & also seen the t-shirts written 800 wicket from the beginning of the match. We Indian are always famous to help other to make world record that's what BCCI has done this time.Great Job Keep it up.

July 23, 2010

Muttiah Muralidaran retired like a lion

muralitharan on top

Iconic spinner spent record 214 Tests and 1,711 days in number-one spot.

See Human sacrifices sight of Pre-Columbian civilisation

An ancient ceremonial ground used by a Pre-Columbian civilisation for human sacrifices has been uncovered on Peru's northern coast, archaeologists said.

The discovery appears to reinforce prevailing theories about a ceremony known as ``the presentation'' that was carried out by the Moche people, an agricultural civilization that flourished between 100BC and 800AD.

Carlos Wester La Torre, director of the Bruning Museum in Peru and a leader of the dig, said the ceremonial site likely hosted ritual killings of prisoners of war.

Photographs taken at the site show more than half a dozen skeletons on the floor of the hall.

``There was a great ceremonial hall or passage integrated into the rest of the architecture that establishes the presence of certain figures of the Moche elite and also the practice of complex rituals such as human sacrifice,'' Wester told Reuters.

His team uncovered a 60-meter-long corridor opening up to face three equidistant porticos and five thrones on the archaeological site's main pyramid.

The remnants of a mural found within the corridor depict three high priests whose ornamentation confirms the involvement of the culture's political leadership in the ceremony, he said.

Peru is believed to be one of the places in the world where agriculture first developed and has hundreds of ancient archaeological sites, including the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.

Watch Indian politicians in action

See the ugly face of Indian politics & politicians, after watching this sight you can say that politics is only a dirty game & politicians are the part of dirt.
They looks law-breakers more then law makers.Such violent scenes are not new in Vidhan Sabha and even Lok-Sabha of this country.
Look this women is throwing flower pot and what message she wants to convey and observe her attitude...
Are they Managers of this country or Damagers ?
The word “Vidhan” means Niyam/quaeda/law...and Sabha..derived from Sabhya...does she looks like that?
Many leaders of almost all parties are behaving in public and in “House”[may be not in their own] in this manner,knowing the truth very well that the whole Nation is watching them “live” in camera.
The question arises “To Whom They Represents ?
At last I would like to say that we people are responsible for such ugly sight because we have only selected such leaders to rule our nation so we need to correct our error rather than blaming them because they are doing their duty. I think we forgotten our duty being an Indian its are duty to cast our vote to the right person.
So please please cast your precious vote to the right leader.

July 16, 2010

Now Indian Rupee will sign in the world

In keeping with India’s growing economic might and its status as a major investment destination, the hitherto humble rupee is all set to get a distinct identity in the form of a new symbol. The Union Cabinet on Thursday gave its approval to the symbol which combines the Roman letter ‘R’ with the Devnagri ‘Ra’ .

The symbol will catapult the rupee into the company of four ‘elite’ currencies which have similarly distinct identities — the US dollar, euro, yen and British pound.

The symbol has been designed by D Udaya Kumar, an IIT Bombay post-graduate , who has just joined as a teacher at IIT Guwahati. Kumar will receive a prize money of Rs 2.5 lakh for his efforts. The symbol will standardize the expression for the Indian rupee in different languages, both within and outside the country.

‘‘ It’s a big statement on the Indian currency. It would distinguish the rupee from those countries whose currencies are also designated as rupee or rupiah, such as Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia,’’ I&B minister Ambika Soni said after the Cabinet meeting. The symbol, she added, would reflect the strength and robustness of the Indian economy.

Till now, the Indian currency was simply denoted by Rs or INR. Kumar’s symbol was chosen after a public competition was held among resident Indian citizens inviting entries for a symbol which ‘‘ reflects and captures the Indian ethos and culture’’ .

Over 3,000 entries were received. These were evaluated by a jury headed by the RBI deputy governor , which included experts from reputed art and design institutes.

‘‘ The entries were presented to the jury in such a manner that the identity of the competitors was not revealed to the jury members . The jury selected five final entries and also gave its evaluation of these five entries to the government to take a final decision,’’ said Soni.
At last I would like to say that this sign of rupee is looking like Hindi alpha bat "Ra" & D Udaya kumar has not designed any thing especial if I am wrong than look the symbol properly you will find out that latter "Ra" with a bar in its middle. I don't thing he really done a good job. He done a very simple work which any one can do it.
Indian Rupee deserves some extraordinary symbol like $ & USD.

The Mystery of Octopus Pole

The God of soccer Octopus Pole, the only Super star of fifa world cup 2010 because people are more interested in his predication rather than games & now world is fighting to get Octopus Pole who decided the fate of thirty two nation after predicting eight out eight correctly. In spite of Pole only Sakira & Spain did some brilliant job while rest of all unable rich close to them.
Just see the winner of Fifa world cup 2010 Spain which contains Sakira, Paul in Beginning & they only got popularity including Spain. As the mater of fact Paul faded the popularity of fifa world cup 2010 because of his extraordinary power. As the popular new channels are showing the live coverage of Paul's prediction. Due to the Paul's correct prediction every one is talking about Paul & nothing else So the new super star is getting show many offers from the world.
At last I would like to ask you a question that "Is Paul having some extraordinary power to predict the winner?" & as many people told & from the media report Paul having some extraordinary power but as far as I concern This is all about only random luck & nothing else baecsue choosing a winner in between to two team not a great thing, I think any body can do it, if Paul did the prediction before the fifa world cup 2010 than It can be said or If Paul have to choose the winner team among the thirty two team than we can say that Paul having some extraordinary power other wise not.
So the mystery of Paul is nothing but a random luck

July 15, 2010

Now Waka-Waka in Common Wealth Games 2010

Shakira the pop queen almost shacked the world with her electrifying performance in center field of the Soccer City Stadium at the opening & closing ceremony of 2010 FIFA World Cup in Johannesburg, South Africa. Besides being wowed by Shakira’s performance which was backed by local fusion band Freshlyground, the soccer mania packed into the huge stadium were also treated with colorful safari scenes which were provided by giant projectors. Bollywood stars Shahrukh Khan including many business tycoon were their to watch the grand final of FIFA World Cup 2010.

OH! What a memorable closing ceremony to FIFA World Cup 2010.
Common Wealth Games 2010 round the corner in Oct. this year in New Delhi (India) will see another mega sports event of the year.
The famous Rehman, the winner of Grammy and Oscar is tipped to create musical novelty for the CWG. Will he be able to create another ‘Jai ho’ and some thing like ‘Waka Waka’ to enthrall the sports lovers of the world over is yet to be seen. On one has any doubt but on lookers are keeping their fingers crossed. Hoping that Bollywood queen Katrina Kaif will do the work of Sakira & bring smiler popularity.

The sporting event being organized in New Delhi will be watched over by billions of people across the globe provide opportunities of unimaginable magnitude for the Indians.
India is getting ready for the show………

July 10, 2010

Delhi:-The Cultural Desert

The Heart & the capital of India Delhi which going to host Common Wealth Game 2010. I am very sorry to say this heart is also desert of culture. You can say that Delhiities don’t know the meaning of culture, do you know why? This is because Delhi doesn’t having an independent culture like all the state having like Bhiar, Orissa, Punjab, Haryana & Rajasthan etc. Most of the people are from the other states like Bihar, Haryana, Orissa, Punjab, Rajesthan & U.P OR from south India so Delhi having a cocktail of culture & the mater fact cocktail never be good. This is the main reason behind delhiites poor culture. I have done my schooling from Orissa & I am giving you the great example of this state’s culture that I have never seen woman traveling without seat in a bus or a train, it’s culture that gives respect to women society & it’s my child habit I always offer my seat to women or any one who is needful so when I came to Delhi 5 year back, I behaved according to my culture but I faced criticism & also got some useful advice from the Delhiites that “Gandhi Badi chod the ager Delhi me rahana chata hai” You see this is the culture of Delhi, you travel in a train, bus or metro, you will easily find out the shameless creature sitting on the reserved seats of Ladies, seiner citizens or physically handicap & don’t ready to offer their seats to the deserving person, if you will argue with them they will ready to fight with you what you will address them “Padha likha gawar” or what?
On the other hand traffic rules are useless for Delhiites as they get habituated not to follow the traffic rules. If I am lying than come to Delhi you will watch out the complete movie, I am only showing you the trailer.
According to the survey of Delhi govt 90% women are unsafe in Delhi particularly the public places like Bus stops, metros, shopping malls, parks, markets, schools or collages means none of the place is safe for women on the other hand crime is increasing as the day progressing not only sex related crime but also murder, theft, Robbery & corruption. Now a days, It’s difficult to find want a honest & well cultured person as I already spent 5 year in Delhi I never came across a honest & wise man, I am saying the bitter truth about Delhiites, as far as I concern 99% people from Delhi are corrupted & cheaters. You can’t dare to trust on them.
This is the culture of Delhi
I don’t know what type of impression our behavior will put on other nation & what they will think about Indians when they will come to India ironically which is going to host in Delhi. I think govt should start public awareness programs to teach the A, B, and C of culture to the Delhiites or strict rules should be bring in to act for the uncultured persons. This is the only solution to the pollution of Delhi.

Afzal Guru is the Son-in-law of congress?

B.J.P. Chief Nitin Gadkari said while addressing to media that “Afzal Guru is the Son-in-law of congress” which became headline of every news channels & news papers, in revert of that congress asked Gadkari to bag apology while Gadkari denied to bag apology & defended himself saying that “he is not wrong” & asked congress to bag apology to the nation for not hanging Afzal from 6 year. Now we have to decide that Gadkari is right or wrong? Answer will come yes he is 100% correct, he is saying the bitter truth not doing any publicity stunt which I heard in media. Gadkari’s statement is not a political opinion but the voice of common men. I think every Indian heart will ask the same question to UPA govt that why Afjal Guru is still alive after 6 year of his sin & why Kasab is alive after 1 year of his sin. Why not fast truck court for them? Why govt is spending millions of rupees behind them which is the assert of nation not the assert of political parties.
I think govt want to celebrate the silver juggle & Golden juggle of their sin as already we have a great example of Bhopal Gas Tragedy that after 16 year of the greatest industrial disaster victims are still fighting for the compensation & govt is silent while Warren Anderson already paid $470 million compensation amount 26 year back. Is this the work of a govt? Where citizens are suffering & culprits are moving freely or enjoying the luxurious life behind the bars. Inflation reached to double digit figure, if UPA govt will continue than that day is not far when inflation will touch to triple digit. Common is suffering from rocket high inflation, our govt spending millions rupees behind games saying that common men should cut their pocket for games & development on the other hand our govt increased the salary of MPs from 16k to 80 k means increment is approximately 6 time of the salary. Now come to the development, this is the slogan of our govt, the first rain of Manson shown the clear picture of development as floods in Punjab, heavy water logging in Delhi & Mumbai & the roads caves in due to rain, every year similar situation created every where not only in Delhi or Mumbai on the other hand still we are facing power cuts & water scarcity in summer. This is the story of our capital & our cities.
Is this development? Please think over it, if it is development than what is backwardness? I think India will never develop till our politicians will not stop their dirty politics. I am sure if our politicians will correct themselves we will be the best in the world.
So please please change yourself rather than nation

Kasmir is burning, who is culprit?

The heaven of world Kasmir now turned into a hail due to violence; this is the fifth day of curfew in the valley. Violence broke out in kasmir while Home minister P. Chtambram was in Pakistan for Indo-Pak peace project, as 30k protesters came on the road to protest against solders many civilians & BSF solders lost their life in Violence? Later Huriyat Leader arrested for making conspiracy against nation & Hizb-ul-mujahidin also behind this violence
Now question arises who is culprit? Citizens, Pakistan, India, Huriyat or Solders? Let’s check out first come to the citizens, As I have read a news paper survey that only 10% people want to stay in Indian, 10% in Pakistan & 80% want to stay independent means the citizens are the main culprit who don’t want to be part of India that’s why they are protesting openly & playing with law &order.
The violence between BSF & citizens results the death of many Kasmiri citizens & later they are blaming BSF for death now question arises if 30k people will through stones on a troop than what they will do to save their life? Every one will do the same thing what BSF did; now point to be note out what is the need of going out of house during curfew? Curfew means shoot at sight than risking their own life behind an impossible thing. I think Kasmir people should understand that Kasmir is the head of India & with out head a human being doesn’t exit like without Kasmir India will not exit so Kasmir people should forget about independent statues of Kasmir not talk about inclusion in Pakistan,
At last I would like to say that if Kasmir people are breathing openly & safe in home this is the blessing of India & BSF other wise they will face the similar situation what Pakistanis are facing in Pakistan as the mater fact Kasmir is not safe with Pakistan or Independently, Kasmir is safe with India & only India so as quickly Kasmir people will learn the lesson that is better for their future. What India can give you none can give you so don’t be a fool behind your leaders, be an Indian & keep up the sprite, Keep saying Jia Bharat, Jai Hind.
Proud to be an Indian

The poverty of Politics

A famous proverb about Politics that “Politics is a dirty game” & no doubt about that polities is a dirty game as corruption & politics is linked together you can say that corruption & politics are opposite side of a coin & they will never exit differently. You see, now days 99% politicians are corrupted doesn’t mater its India or other nation. I would like to rewind you some corrupted leaders name as Myawati, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lalu Yadav, Shibu Soren, Narshimaha RAO, Arjun Singh, Bal Thackeray, A.Raja, Sajan Kumar &many more if I will right their name than I have to right a book which I don’t want. Mayawati & Mulayam Singh both of them started their carrier being a teacher but now they are turned into a milliner. An Mp whose official salary is 16k how he or she became a milliner? I will give you the answer later. Now come to Former Railway Minster who is the prime accuse of “Chara Ghotala”, scam amount 400 cr, moving freely with z class security, I think this is the only way which will make a teacher into a milliner & nothing else. As the mater fact there is no short cut towards success & the short cut way is nothing but only corruption. As I have seen practically in my life one of a person in my locality assembly fought election & became a word counselor, you know with in a month he won his house, car & business, what made him richer do you know he was involved in a scam now he is moving freely & living happily & investigation is on from 5 year. Now come to Shibu Soren former Chief Minister of Jharkhand accuse of a three murder case got clean chit & moving freely with z class security. Now come to Sajan Kumar who is prime accuse of 1984 Sikh riots, still investigation is on & he is moving freely similarly Jagdish Titler & Narendera Modi moving freely as their name came for rioting. Now come to Sarad Pawer & Sashi Tharoor, their name came with IPL connection both of them denying publicly that they are innocent while avidness not proving their innocence.
At last I would like to say that Gandhi Jee wore “Khadi” to serve humanity & nation but modern leaders are wearing Kahadi to became a milliner, this is the irony & poverty of politics.

July 09, 2010

Octopus Paul :-The God of Football

Watch in action the The God of Football
The world know the God of cricket Sachin, You might be thinking God of football Marodona no not Marodona, than who is the God of football? Answer is none other than the miracle of modern age "Octopus Paul :-The God of Football" now question arise how a an animal became the God of football? You see Octopus Paul prediction, so far Paul predicted 12 times & out of 12, Paul predicted 11 correctly & Today he predicted that Spain will be the winner of Fifa world cup 2010, Holland & Germany will be 2nd & 3rd respectably.
Paul's correct prediction created allots of fans around the world as well enemy too. as many football lovers want to kill Octopus Paul as their team lost in the world cup.
I think it's known to you that Octopus Paul predicted correctly in last world cup but in final he failed to predict correctly now question arise why he failed in final? Is this the sign of match fixing or conspiracy of bookies? God knows batter as people are thinking that Octopus Paul might be fail to predict correctly if he fails than bookies will get benefit, let's See what hidden in future if Octopus Paul will fail to predict correctly than no doubt it will be a conspiracy of bookies. Let's see what happening on Sunday
On that other hand if you go through science animals don't have the power to recognize colors while according to media report Octopus Paul predicting to see the colors of flags this also creating the greatest suspicion about Octopus Paul's work.
At last I would like to say that God is great so any thing is possible in this world, hope in that Octopus Paul will be the hero of Fifa world cup 2010 if Spain will win Fifa world cup 2010.
Enjoy the final of Fifa world cup 2010 on Sunday.

July 06, 2010

Hinduism is lost & Islamism is alive ?

In modern age Hinduism is lost from the heart of Hindu community, they are only doing the drama of devotion, people are totally forgotten our culture, we are only Hindu by name not by deeds. I think you all have seen in moves & in the reality show or comedy show where we Hindu are insulting our god & goddess making fun over them especially on Ramayana or Maharat, not only the young people but also children are doing the same thing this is really shameful for Hindu community. Being a Hindu I feel ashamed of my self when a Hindu insults Hinduism & beliefs. Today’s people reached to lowest level of their animal instinct as they are making fun over our Gods & Goddess. Some people are hanging the posters of our god & goddess on their wall to prevent people not to urine their, people are throwing the holy images of our ideals on the road & people are going over them. We people are going towards destruction due to our work, the crime; corruption in our society is the great example of our destruction. Today children are not respecting their elders this because of the death of Hinduism from our heart parents are not ready give them good culture which is the foundation of character & bright future. They are only interested to give them good education & in old age they are getting their reward when an uncultured children leaving them in Anath Asram or any religious place in miserable condition. Hinduism is the best religion of the world & world knows it so wake up Hindus for the shake of your bright future; teach your children, what is Hinduism? If he will understand that he will never disrespect you or never face setback in life. You see we Hindus are fighting to make a shrine in Aoyadgya on the other hand insulting publicly Hinduism, what we will do to make a temple when we don’t know to respect our religion. Hinduism not about making temples but to follow its beliefs, I think this is drama of Hindu community on the name of religion.
At last I would lie to say that I really appreciate Muslims because of their devotion & respect towards Islam, if some one raise a voice against Islam or trying to insult Islam & Prophet Mohammad millions of people are ready to protest against them. The world is addressing them as narrow minded but I love & respect their feelings & sentiments with Islam. The quality Muslim people kept we Hindus are far way from them needs to go long distance to reach them. Very strange We Hindus became advance after insulting our god, goddess& religion on the other hand Muslims became backward to respect their religion & prophet than I love this backwardness which comes to respect my religion & Ideals. You know my blood started to boil when some on insult Hinduism & our god & goddesses publicly, this is the shine of a real Hindu & that’s what we have to bring in our heart to save Hinduism as well as world other wise the last day is waiting for us as calamity of nature. When some don’t know to respect the creator he has no right to leave &nature is doing the justice as earth quack, floods, storms, draughts, Tsunami etc.
So its request of mine to all Hindus to respect Hinduism & its belief, if you don’t want to respect then you have no right to insult it. So please, please stop your dirty work & spare Hinduism.

No solution to Inflation?

Politicians are good speakers, the world knows about it, so see the great example of our PM, It’s known to you that PM Manmohan Singh addressed a press conference during eve of UPA 2nd 1 year promised to solve 5 main problem of India including Inflation. I would like to rewind you again what PM told about Inflation? Its known to you that “ PM promised that Inflation will be reach 5% to 6% percent by December 2010 but no shine of fulfillment promise but situation going waste as the day progressing as Inflation reached to the double digit figure while food inflation is already near to 20%. Its saying that “every black having a sliver lining” but for common men silver lining is night mare which is never going to be fulfilled, no respite for common men as we are already struggling to survive in rocket high inflation & our govt done another blunder to hike the fuel prices, At fast CNG which results the increase in Auto & Taxi fare & Now petrol Rs 3.50, Diesel 2 rupee, Kerosene 3 rupee & cooking gas 35 rupee respectively as the mater fact fuel price always effects market no doubt with in week we people will here the good news of fare price hike as well as food material & others too. Great Job Indian Govt as I have heard from one of the political leaders saying that why we will give subsidy to common men, my replay to him you people are not giving subsidy from your pocket. During election you are asking for Votes that time we people will give the similar answer that “Why we will give you votes so wait & watch for our turn”. The way price is raising day by day that day is not far when we will see triple digit inflation rate that time 50% people will die due to Inflation & that’s what our govt want, kill common men & rule for ever. There cruel development programs giving the indication of their mentality. You see our govt spent million of rupees behind games but when its turn for common man, it’s cutting down on basics like petrol & cooking gas. Due to govt’s poor plane rich going richer while poor & middle class is struggling to survive. According to TOI( 25 JUNE 2010, P-15)that 120k rich Indians holds a third of national income, This figure saying clearly that this govt is not for the common man but for only rich peoples.
At last I would like to say that this govt don’t want rule again in India that’s why they have started such programs to earn money once, I think this is our fault that we have casted our votes to them, they are doing their work, Keep it up, well done.

Common Wealth Game OR Common Man?

I am asking this question to every Indian that which is important for us Common Wealth Game or Common Man? No doubt every heart will give the same answer, answer will nothing but common man but our govt gives more priority to the Common wealth Game rather than common man. You see the irony of our democracy that common men who elected a leader for the bright future of nation & citizens, they are ignored by their leaders. India is really great.
I would like you to rewind you the last year statement of Delhi CM Shila dixit that “Common men cut your pocket for development” than she again told the same thing that “common men should pay for common wealth game”. Every time govt is ready to crush common men for their need & greed. You see the rocket high inflation where common men is struggling to fulfill their basic needs our govt hiked the fuel prices & fuel price plays most impotent role in inflation, as a result fuel price hike leads to fare hike. Just see the cruelty of Govt. How cruel they are to the common men every time during crises they are crushing common men on the other hand you see the salary hike of MPs, now MPs will get 80k in place of 16k. My question is that why every time common men will compromise why not the political leaders? Why political leaders will not cut their pocket for development & common wealth game?
Govt is investing millions of rupees in games but when it’s a turn for common man, they are cutting the basics like petrol & cooking gas means games are more important than citizens, why this is? Is this because games will give you money in return & common men can’t do it for them. Great nation & great leaders but you forgotten that in every 5 year we are getting a chance to elect our leader, I think this time common men drown a great lesson & they will not repeat the same mistake to cast their votes to the corrupted leaders. Wake up Indians other wise it’s too late when our political leaders will sell our nation for the greed of money & profit than what you will do?
I am sure Indians will not repeat same mistake again, come on India get up and treat the political leaders as they treated us.

Indo- Pak Peace Project is a drama or Reality?

I think it’s known to every one that PM Manmohan Singh promised to whole nation to establish peace between Indo-Pak while addressing to a press conference. Now question arise that is Indo-Pak peace is possible or our PM is trying to do an impossible thing? Let’s check out what is the fact..
As far as I concern our govt is trying to do an impossible thing into possible, you see our history is the great example that when ever our nation starched his hand for friendship every time Pakistan given bomb in our hand. You see the Mastermind of 26/11 Hafiz Saeed, who is moving freely in Pakistan while Indian govt given enough evidence regarding his crime but Pak Supreme Court freed him saying that due to lack of evidence we are giving clean chit to Saeed. This is not the first time when Pakistan guilty but every time when ever a bomb blast took place in India, its root is always connected to Pakistan. On the other hand violence in the border is very much common; in every week or month you will find news about firing in Boarder & no of BSF jawen are giving their life in LOC. You see this time when Home Minister P.Chitambram went to Pak for peace talk & violence broke out in Kashmir & finally in gun point peace established in Kashmir but I don’t know why our govt always going for friendship? Might be some politics is going on behind this.
I would like to ask you question when the Great leaders like Gandhi & Nehru failed to establish peace between Indo-Pak , why our govt is trying to do it, which no more than mirage in desert or it’s a political agenda of Indian govt which is never going to be solved. I must want to rewind you the statement of Parweez Musarf, the former President of Pakistan that “If I want you rule in Pakistan than I bound to raise the Kashmir issue”, this statement clearly showing that Indo-Pak peace is nothing but a political agenda which is never going to be solved& none govt is ready to solve it, you see in every Indo-Pak meting both nation are raising different issue, when India is talking about Terrorism Pak is talking about Kashmir Issue that means its drama of both nations to establish peace due to US pressure but the mater of fact no one likes peace.
Do you know why? This is because if this agenda will get solved than how both nations will blame each other, how they will hide their weakness in front of the world. Finally no solution to Indo-Pak peace project,
Keep up the spirit, Keep Fighting

Injustice with Nehra & Parween?

If you go to find out the best fast bowlers in Indian cricket than you will definitely came across the players like Srinath, Zaheer Khan, Asish Nehra & Praween Kumar who played the most important to in the success of Indian cricket but the players like Nehra who helped India to reach in the world cup final always got bad treatment from BCCI & Now Praween Kumar facing the similar problem. Srinath & Zaheer are the lucky fast bowlers who enjoyed the favor of BCCI & Captain but Nehra & Praween said be the most talented swing bowlers from our side never got helping hand from BCCI or Captain as the performing very well from a long time. You see the excluding of Nehra & Praween from Srilanka test series & including of Isant & Sreesanth on the other hand Dhoni & BCCI is saying that “we are planning to make team for world cup”. Is this your future plan? Where best bowlers are sitting out side & waste are playing in team. If you will plane in the similar Faison no doubt Indian team will replay the history of 2007 world cup when we lost to Bangladesh & done our shameful exit from world cup.
At last I would like to say that Nehra & Parween are the best fast bowlers from our side & they need to play in the three version of game either its 20-20, Test & ODI cricket, if you really want to win the world cup or want to make a best bowling line up like our batting line up. Our bowlers are not consistence in world cricket like our batsmen this is because we changing our bowlers regularly & selecting different bowlers for 20-20, Test & ODI cricket. In this way they will never get their self confidence & never perform their best forget about the pressure games & big events like world cups so BCCI should promote the single bowling line up in every format of the game for the bright future of Indian cricket as well as our bowlers. Keep Nehra & Praween in team regularly & win world cup & to became no 1 in 20-20, Test & ODI cricket.

BCCI The murderer of Indian bowling line up

India, The World no 1 team in Test cricket & 2nd in ODI having a best batting line up world cricket also famous for their waste bowling attack in world cricket. You see BCCI spending millions of rupees behind cricket but failed to find a good bowler who can perform consistently for India.
Do you know who is responsible for this? You will never believe this! But this is a bitter truth; culprit is no one other than BCCI who is the murderer of bowling line up. As Former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi addressed BCCI as “khaf Panchayat”, he is 100% person right, BCCI don’t know the ABC of selection, you see the selection of players in Srilanka Test series specially bowlers, The bowlers like Nehra, Praween who performed their best to help India to win Asia cup & from a long time they are performing their best but when it’s a turn for test cricket they called Isant Sharma & Sreesanth who performed their waste recently. The inform bowlers excluded & out of form included, this is the policy of BCCI. Why different bowlers for test & ODI? The selection of Yubraj Singh & Murli Bijay also a controversial selection when Rohit sharma & Dinesh Kartik like inform bats man are on the line than why Yubraj & Bijay similarly Rabindra Aswain who said be the discovery of Zimbabwe Tour, performed best than Pragya Ojha & Amit Mishra not got chance in Asia Cup & Yusuf Pathan who is the best all-rounder of Indian ODI team batted better than other players like Raina, Bijay & Kartik & bowled better than our specialist bowlers like Dinda, Navin Kumar,Mishra, Ojha in Zimbabwe Tour but excluded from Team. I think Yusuf will play very well I upper order but he never promoted by captain, in 6th down he is always coming to bat & always got a do or die situation so playing a big innings in such condition so difficult task, As the mater fact Yusuf is on of the best player in Indian cricket & if he will get a chance to play in up order he will definitely make a difference but BCCI axed him saying that non-performer will be axed than why you have selected Isant & Sreesanth & Bijay who are the great example of no-performer.
Above all acts of BCCI saying that “BCCI is nothing but a board of politics who is playing dirty game on the name of selection”.
At last I would like to say that BCCI needs reformation for their dirty work & poor selection process & players like Sunil Gavasker, Kapil Dev, and Ravi Shastri should be replaced as BCCI chief selectors. I think these players can make a fare & honest selection committee for the bright future of Indian cricket.

Taliban in New Delhi?

See the cruel work of Taliban in Delhi. Monica, Khooshboo & Kuldeep, who lived in Wazirpur New Delhi, who were the culprit for doing inter cast marriage, they were killed by their brothers named Mandeep, Ankit & Nakul while victims uncle said addressing to Media that “Samaj Ke liye yeh murder Zaroori tha……is kaam se in larkon ne sahi me ek achcha udaharan pesh kiya hain”(you may consider killing of an individual wrong but so for society, it was necessary. These young sters have set a good example.) With in 48 hours three honor killing in a raw shacked the law & order of capital as well as raised a question mark on human rights & our democracy that a person got death sentence from the society because of their love. You can say that these people are eqvalent to Talibanians who are playing the game of blood for their false ego & respect in society. Is their any honor their family got after killing Monica, Khooshboo & Kuldeep? But situation turned more complicated & the world is watching their family drama & criticizing their work. Three brothers Mandeep, Ankit & Nakul are now in jail enjoying the fruit of their deeds & his uncle also arrested by police for his cruel statement.
Is this honor? Where the future of their family resting behind the bars & waiting for their dark future saying that we killed them because local used to taunt them, now see which is good their taunt or jail. Come on India grow up, don’t kill your life because of your false ego, respect & society. Today’s people have no work, they only know to criticize, complain & blame, and these are the work of foolish people why are you destroying your future behind them.
At last I would like to say that in Delhi might be honor killing surprised every one & its media who played sea tanker role to high light these issue & culprits got their reward but what about other states where media is not active like our capital as I have seen in the states like Orissa, Bihar & UP where people are that much narrow minded that if some one commented on a female of their family they are not worrying about their future & ready to kill the culprit so no body dares to do inter cast marriage here & those who trying this always getting death sentence from society.
This is India my dear
Honor killing is a incurable disease in India as the mater of fact our development is a theory our mentality is still like those illiterate people who living in jungle & don’t know the meaning of civilization. I think the culprits of honor killing are eqvalent Talibanians, they should be treated like terrorists, hang them publicly & the world will draw the lesson & no one dare to do this in future. I think this is the only way to mend the society.

Why the Bhopal Gas Victims still didn’t get their compensation?

Do you know - Why the Bhopal Gas Victims still didn’t get their compensation? While UCIL is already paid the compensation of $ 470 million 26 year back, while only part of it distributed to the victims, what about the rest amount? If you will keep the same amount in bank for 26 year the amount will be increase to 5 time of the original amount means that compensation amount is now $ 2350 million. The victims deserve the $ 2350 million as compensation not the original amount, who will pay the interest of 26 year? No doubt govt have to pay the amount but see the govt’s enhanced compensation package for the gas victims only 1265.56 cr which is one third of the original amount.
I think our govt planning to delay more 25 year to pay the victims compensation to double the amount from $2350 million to $4700 million. Great thinking & great politics.
Bhopal Gass Tragedy which affected more than six lakh people & killed -, 26 year back while the victims are still fighting for their compensation & the group of ministry, leading by the Home Minster P. Chitambram doing the drama in front of the common people for giving justice with in 10 days while the prime accuse is Congress senior leader Arjun Singh who caught red handed in camera while helping Warren Anderson to flew away from India why not punishment to seiner congress leader Arjun Singh who betrayed our nation for money as Wren Anderson given 4 cr to his NGO. He is also a terrorist, why govt is silent on this mater? Why our govt kept silent for 26 year? Why only apart of compensation distributed to the victims? Why Warren Anderson got freedom? Above all questions giving the clear indication that every one is a culprit of Bhopal Gas Victims in the ruling govt either its state govt or central govt & they must be punished for their devilish work.
At last I would like say common people should understand the dirty game of politics to see the drama of politicians so please cast your precious votes to the right person rather than the dishonest & corrupt politicians. This is the only solution to Bhopal Gas Tragedy & to prevent such deadly incident in our nation.

Fatwa on Dogs is an insult of Islam?

It’s known to every one that Darud-ul-Walima issued a series of fatwa on women community first for modeling than for working but this time fatwa is not issued on women & Darud-ul-Walima is not the culprit for issuing fatwa.
According to Javan Daily, An Iranian cleric Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi issued a fatwa on dogs saying that "Dog’s are unclean & should not be kept as pets, he also added that friendship with dog’s is a blind imitation of the west, there are lots of people in the west who love their dog’s more than wives & children". On the other hand dogs are said to be the most honest animal & Islamic religious books Hadith saying that "we can learn imandari & wafadari from dogs" which is a jewelry of pure Musalman. You see dogs are never harming common people, I am talking about street dogs, and they are protecting our home from thieves & always obeying his master. Now compare dogs with human being now a days human being are said be the most dishonest creature they don’t know the meaning of honesty & trustworthiness, they are cheating & killing is other for the greed of money, after watching the acts of human being around the world you can say that they are worst than animals so how far its justified to saying that dogs are unclean & keeping them as pets is against of Islam. I think Fatwa should be issued over human being for their dishonesty & cruel nature.
At last I would like to say that issuing such fatwa is the insult of Fatwa as well as Islam so please think no of times while issuing a fatwa over anything, it’s my personal request to all of you who misusing their power to issue such foolish fatwa & insulting Islam.

July 05, 2010

Saina's Mission No 1 Is on........

Saina's mission no 1 is on & Saina's back-to-back title triumphs at the India Open Grand Prix and the Singapore Open Super Series respectively helped her to reach world no 3 I am sure soon she will be no 1 her hard labour & determination along with consistent best performance giving the clear indication of its future.

I really appreciate that she has given all credit to his coach Sir Gopi Chand for her achievement & also told still she is not perfect this is the shine of a great player who keeps cool every time.
Thank God that she changed her mind & concentrated on her game as her previous statement that she like acting & wants act really bad for future as the matter fact she is not fit for Bollywood & this thinking is nothing but bring destruction for her.
Now Harayana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda offered DSP post to Sania Nehwal for her achievement, which is looking like big jock or nothing else. A sports person who serving her nation honestly why she will became a DSP as the mater fact police department is symbol of dishonesty.
Sania has to understand that Badminton is her foundation which brought her on that stage taht she is getting such offers from Bollywood or Police department or from IPL team so she must think about her foundation rather than building. Badminton is her sign not Bollywood , Police or IPL so must carry on as sports person & bring pride for nation.
I think she has draw lesson from Sania Mirza how she destroyed her carrier due to bollywood influence. Keep away from Bollywood if you want to No 1.

July 04, 2010

Dhoni started his new innings with Sakshi

This is the girl who has stolen the heart of Indian captain Dhoni
I think its known to you that Bollybood beauties like Deepika Padukon, Assin, Bipasha's name came with Dhoni through the media but finally The typical Indian beauty Sakshi Rawat won the game & captain cool lost his cool & decided to marry her.
Today Indian captain Mr cool Dhoni going to start his new innings in his life as he going to marry SakShi Rawat in Deharadoon who is a Hotel management student & good friend of Dhoni since school days in D.A.V. Public School. Surprisingly Yesterday Dhoni exchanged rings & today decided to marry her & his reception will be take place in Mumbai on the eve of his 29th birth day on 7th July what a great coincidence. Dhoni's best Friend Bipasha & John will going to organise reception ceremony for the newly married couple in Mumbai.
John Abhraham, Harbhajan Singh, Suresh Raina, Ashish Nehra and R.P. Singh have already reached Dehradoon to attend their Captain's Marriage.
All the news channels & news papers confirmed news about Dhoni's Marriage and marriage ceremony will take place at 8:16 (Shubh Muhurat). Well indeed that's the biggest surprise of the year so far and we Congratulate MS Dhoni and Sakshi Singh Rawat and wish them a wonderful Married life ahead.
Wish you A Happy Marriage Life