January 24, 2011

Dhoni Captain Cool Or Fool???

Do know who is the most successful captain of Indian cricket? He is known other than captain cool M.S.Dhoni.

But the day progressing Mr cool losing his coolness and showing his foolishness in the field and cleverness in Advertisement. Now a days captain cool is busy in his out of field performance rather than in field. He gives little time in field and more time in advertisement.
Is this the sign of a best captain? After every defeat he is always blaming bats men or bowlers and never blamed himself for his poor performance. This is not enough caption cool always taking foolish decisions while selecting a team. At first you see the players like Yusuf Pathan, Munaf Patel, Aswin and Parthiv Patel never got helping hand from captain Dhoni, but it's fortune that given them chance and they proved their talent. First the injury of Praveen Kumar promoted Munaf and than Sachin promoted Yusuf. If they didn't get chance in South Africa,

I am sure India will loose the ODI series by 5-0. Now come to the players like Murli Vijay, Rohit Sharma and Pyush Chowla who got uncountable chance to prove themselves but each time they failed but Mr Dhoni never failed while selecting them. Is this the sign of a best caption.
At last I would like to say especially to Dhoni please stop dirty politics in cricketing field and concentrate on your batting rather than earning money from Advertisement. If you really want to win World Cup 2011 than please please correct yourself and promote the talented players rather than duffers. 
Caption Dhoni you are really a great cricketer and captain but the glamor and money faded your greatness. I am requesting you on be half of every Indian please wake up and win world cup for us. We know you can do it, when you can win 20-20 world cup for us than why not 50-50 world cup 2011.
Go on Dhoni, you can do it.



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  3. Aswain you see apart from World cup final Dhoni played every match so poorly. Now come to the selection procedure, He tried his label best to make us looser, Just see the selection of Piyus Chawla and Pathan in place of Aswain, Raina respectively. when selectors interfered than he included Aswin and he performed superbly in both games and we won from Australia than again Dhoni dropped him and denied him semis and final.
    I think, It's God and Pakistan team helped India to win World cup because Sachin was playing his last world cup.
    Dhoni's Chawala and Yusuf love is the biggest foolishness. God is really Great