December 01, 2010

Elisany Silva:- The Tallest Model Of The World

The world is full of amazing facts & God is the mastermind who can do anything, just see the miracle of nature.
A 14 year old girl & her height is 6 fit 9 inch
. Do you believe it? Yes now you have to believe it.

Elisany Silva a 14 year old girl from Brazil who is suffering from rare disease which has caused her extreme height, now she is the tallest girl of the world with unbelievable height of 6 fit 9 inch. Do you know how sad her childhood story? Because of her extreme height she was forced to quit school as she is too big for the bus. According to an old saying " Every black cloud has a silver lining". Now her disgrace tuned in to a boon & she became a Model. Elisany now hopes to exploit her height and become a fashion model.
God is really great who turn her digress into boon. Now she is so happy to became a model & She said: 'I want to be a model very much. I think She is the tallest model of the world.
At last I would like to May God bless her & fulfill her dreams, Best of luck for a successful life.


  1. People have lost sight of what a model is. A model is a replica of something else. Not something we are supposed to replicate.

  2. Nice thought I completely agree with you