India Won ICC World Cup 2011, The Dream Came True In Wonderful Way

Today I have written this post before world cup final that "Who Will Win World Cup 2011? India Or Srilanka! In this post I predicted that India will win world cup and India won the ICC World Cup 2011 in style after defeating Srilanka by six wicket so I would like to congratulate Captain Dhoni, Indian team and every Indian for winning world cup.

UbiSlate 7Ci (commercia​l version of Aakash2) ready for delivery

DATAWIND is offering commercial version of Aakash2 for general public at Price of Rs. 4229 only. As you already aware Aakash2 was launched and offered for educational use only at price of Rs. 1130. Any Students from India can book and have this low cost tablet at Rs. 1130 price. But if general public like me want to have it than we need to pay Rs. 4229.

Mahindra XUV 500 Launched in India at a Price tag Between Rs 10.80 lakhs to Rs 12.88 lakhs

Now you can convert your dreams in reality because ” Mahindra and Mahindra, India’s leading manufacturer of utility vehicles on Thursday launched its new global sport utility vehicle Mahindra XUV 500 priced between Rs 10.80 lakhs to Rs 12.88 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) available in seven attractive colors.

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Price, Review, Release date, First Look, Specifications, Features, Mileage and Picture Gallery

Japanese auto maker, Mitsubishi has beautifully combined hybrid and luxury with next generation technology and crafted the world’s first production plug-in hybrid SUV, 2014 Outlander PHEV which which debuted at 2012 Paris Auto Show.

Microsoft Lunches The Best Operating System Window 8

To give you a fester, smarter and beautiful life Microsoft has launched The king of all operating system, the all new Window 8, the world’s best-selling computer operating system for the touchscreen age..

December 31, 2010

Emirates Palace Christmas Tree, 2010:- The Most expensive Christmas Tree cost US $11.4 million

The most merriest Christmas celebrated in 2010 at Emirates Place hotel in Abhu Dhabi. 2010 Christmas tree broken the previous record with a huge margin. The most expensive Christmas tree, Emirates Palace Christmas Tree, 2010 cost US $11.4 million while The previous best are...
  • Soo Kee Jewellery Diamond Christmas Tree, 2007 cost US $1,005,000 
  • Ginza Tanaka 24k gold Christmas Tree, 2008 cost US $1.6 million
The Emirates Palace Christmas Tree is about 3 feets in height and wonderfully designed with jewels including 181 diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones. The construction cost of this unique Christmas tree is $11.4 Million. Really mind blowing.

Chopard Blue Diamond Ring :-The Most Expensive Ring Of the World

An Unaffordable Gift
If you love giving expensive gifts than here a cool idea for you. The gift is a beautiful ring, you might be thinking it's an ordinary one but I am talking about the most expensive ring of the world, the Chopard Blue Diamond Ring, it's  a 9-carat blue diamond with diamond shoulders. The 18-carat white gold band is paved with diamonds. The price tag of this ring  is only $16.26 Million.
Now what are you thinking it's ordinary or extraordinary.

December 30, 2010

V.V.S.Laxman The Greatest Crickter Of The Era

 The God Of Indian Cricket
I think you must heard about Alexander the great, Akabar the great and Ashok the great. They are became history but a person who believes in making history also holds the same reputation and he is none other than Indian cricketer V.V.S.Laxman the great.   He also known as very very special Laxman. As far as concern he is the God of Indian cricket because as God always helps people in need that's like Laxman helps Indian team, he is the only player who loves to play in difficult situation and gives his best in unfavorable condition. You see the world class innings of Laxman at Durbun, how fearlessly he played like brave knight and given India a historic victory. 
When the God of cricket left India in miserable condition, the wall of India collapsed, the Nawab of Nazafgadh surrendered his weapon and the Caption cool lost his cool that time the God of Indian cricket Laxman the great singlehandly fought the battle against South African Team and given a memorable and almost impossible victory , this is not the first time when Laxman  performed like a God in difficult  situation,  if  you will look back, Laxman played in a similar fashion in every series  because Laxman is born to do impossible thing possible and to create history after history. That's why I nicknamed Laxman as "the God of Indian cricket", "Laxman The great" and "The man in need". 
At last I would like to say that Laxman is one of the greatest cricketer, I have ever seen my life. The passion, devotion and dedication he posses, I never found in any cricketer.I think every cricketer should learn these art  from Laxman. That's why he is the God of Indian cricket & Laxman of world cricket.   
What You think must leave your valuable comment...

December 29, 2010

Our Judicial Process & Media Serves The Power?

According to a famous saying “Powers tents to corrupt” that’s what happening in our country. Our corrupted leaders are ruling over that judicial process & Media. In paper only our judicial process & media is power full but in reality they serves power.
You see the verdict of Babri Masjid & Ram Janam Bhumi issue how poorly our judicial process given the decision, after the 50 year long run such a foolish verdict, which is not acceptable.  According to ASI(Archeological survey of India)  Babari Masjid is built  on the demolished structure of temple, than why the entire place given to Rama Temple why it equally divided  in to three parts. Through this decision judicial process is fooling the citizens. This decision clearly showing that judicial process is a proxy of govt. If verdict favors Muslim community than Govt will loose the Hindu community vote & if verdict favors Hindu community than govt will loose the Muslim community vote, if you want to rule support both of them. So under the guidelines of the govt, our judicial process given such poor decision which looking like a biggest jock of the year.   
On the other hand you see no of leaders, who belongs to ruling, their name came with scams & controversies but after CBI inquiry & followed by no of inquires, at the end they got clean sheet . Here also showing that judicial process serves the power.
Now come to Media, you will never find the miss presentation of ruling party on media. Doesn’t matter how poorly govt is ruling the nation & how corrupt the leaders are! But if a leader belongs to non ruling party ever found guilty or suspected than media is presenting him like a demon, doesn’t matter how tiny his fault is. Here also clearly showing that Media serves power.
At last I would like to say that a nation where judicial process & media is handicap that nation never be great. So I am not feeling proud being an Indian. What you are feeling, must leave your valuable comment.

December 27, 2010

The God Of Internet Google

I think it's known to you that God of cricket Sachin  and the God of Soccer Marodona but do you know the God of internet? The God of internet is none other than one and only  one "Google". As far as I concern every body will agree with my point of view. You see Google became a part of life, without it life seems to be impossible. When ever we want to know or find anything we are using Google. Every where it's home, office or education sector, Google playing a huge role. The features like Google map, Google earth and Google body browser plays the must important part in our life. 
A student, a professional or a housewife ever one using Google as a key tool to complete their work. Google is the treasure of knowledge and the true teacher who guides us in every sector of our life, either it's personal, professional or social. We became addicted of Google, but this addiction has no side effect only positive effect.
When I didn't know the use of Google, that time I have to waste so much money and time in studies but when I introduced with Google life became easier, economical and faster than before. I forgotten the use of Books, dictionary. Now I am using Google as a key tool in every sector of my life. I started blogging, this is because of Google. The introduction of Google in my life given a u-turn to my personal and professional life. Due to Google world is moving on our finger tip, a single click on Google giving solution to every problem. As God never misguides his followers Google never misguided his users so Google is the God of internet and the king of hearts.The king is ruling the world so smartly.
At last I would like to say that what Google has given the world one can ever came close to it because East or West Google is the Best.

December 26, 2010

Christmas Is Not Only For Celebration But To Understand The Message Of Jesus

At fast I would like to Wish all of you, A Merry Christmas.

I would like to spreed the message of Jesus  through this article. I think it's known to you that why we are celebrating Christmas but I love to tell you that we are celebrating Christmas because 25th of Dec is the birth date of Jesus Christ.
What other event throughout all time is more significant than the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ? It marks the arrival of Immanuel, God With Us, the Word Become Flesh, the Savior of the World—this is the most significant birth ever. It is the central event in all of history. This is the main reason we are celebrating Christmas every year on 25th Dec. 
As far as concern Christmas is not only for celebration but to understand the message of Jesus. Do you know why Jesus step down to the world? To save the humanity, to spread love & peace and to teach righteousness but people forgotten his message, now a days Christmas is all about marry making & celebration.
As We forgotten the message of Jesus that's why we people are in trouble. See The calamity of nature , every where flood, earth quack, droughts, storms, T-Sunami etc.
Check out any news paper you will find out every where Terrorism, crime, violence, corruption & hatred, people are behaving like animals. Peace, love, honesty & righteousness looking like a dream.
You see The Wikileaks founder Julain Assange who is fighting with baddies but people are addressing him as terrorist. Every nation want to punish him because he is fighting for truth. 
At last I would like to say that follow & spread the message of Jesus in this world & Celebrate Christmas around the world like a family, Forget the barrier of  caste, creed & religion because we are all the children of Jesus.

What Is The Secret Of Price Rise?

Do you know , What Is The Secret Of Price Rise? I think every one want to know the secret of rocket high inflation so I am going to tell you the top secret, hold your heart! Who is the real culprit behind this price rise? The culprits are none other than our corrupted political leaders, who at fast looted our nation on the name of scams and when they caught red handed, do you know what they did to save themselves. They increased the price of food products, Fuel price etc. to fill up the gaps. 
Just check out how much get wasted behind scams:-
  • UP food scam 2 lakh CR
  • 2G spectrum scam 176000000 corer
  • CWG scam 80000 corer
  • Adharsh scam 10000 corer
If you will count than amount will be approx 180 lakh corer, Just think from where our govt will get 180 lakh corer to adjust the loose, that's why govt found a easiest to adjust the loose and result is in front of us, a double digit inflation rate compare to single digit growth rate. Do you think a country will develop where growth rate is in single digit, inflation rate in double digit & scam rate tribal digit, No never.
At last I would like to say that inflation is the blessing of scams, corruption & dirty politics. As far as I concern the scam money 180 lakh corer is real secret behind price rise.Do you know when we will find solution to inflation? When our politicians became honest and that is impossible so no solution to Inflation.

December 25, 2010

Is This The Last Govt of UPA in Center?

Is This The Last Govt of UPA in Center? What you think? As far as I concern this is the last govt of Cong, it's almost impossible that UPA will come to power again.Now question arise why? This because, every leader of UPA is a part of corruption & scam doesn't mater he is PM, CM, MP or MLA. The leaders like Rahul Gandhi, PM Manmohan Sigh, Telecom Minister Raja, Sarad Power, HM Chitambram, Sashi Tharoor, Sajan  Kumar , Aarjun Singh, Lalu Yadev, who shamed Congress in front of the people. On the other hand you see the growth in Scam rate, Corruption rate, Crime rate, Inflation rate, Poverty rate. Is this the work of a honest Govt.The team Manmohan is failed in every sector.

I would like to rewind you that PM Manmohan Singh promised to solve five most impotent problems of India while addressing to Media on the eve of UPA govt's 1st year. The problems are 1-Maoist ,2-Inflation, 3-corruption,4- political management, 5- Indo-Pak ties/terrorism. Last year I have written about this in my article "

"PM Manmohan Singh's Five promise to the nation true or false?"

You see none of the problem solved yet, apart from solving it's becoming a puzzle, the example inflation and corruption is in front of us. 
Now come to the scams, UP Food scam, 2G scam, CWG scam, Adarsh Scam, Lavasha Scam, IPL scam. Do you know how much wasted behind these scams
  • UP food scam 2 lakh CR
  • 2G spectrum scam 176000000 corer
  • CWG scam 80000 corer
  • Adharsh scam 10000 corer
If our govt has used this money for solving the nation problems than no doubt India will be problem free & developed nation soon. 
At last I would like to show you the blender done by UPA that is the statement of Rahul Gandhi statement, according to US diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks, that radicalized Hindu groups posed a threat to India.
A country where 80% population belongs to Hindu community their giving such statement is the biggest foolishness. Do you think with such poor reputation UPA will come into power again. No not again,  "This is the end of UPA". I am sure if you are Indian than never vote again such terrorists politicians.  

Mobile Number Portability(MNP) Cost only Rs 19

Mobile Number Portability is reality not a dream. Now You can able to retain your favorite mob number through out your life, even if you are changing your operator, this will not stop you do this.
The Telecom Minister, Kapil Sibal inaugurated MNP service at Rohtak, along with the Haryana CM. The mobile network service providers like Idea, Tata Docomo & BSNL already started their campaign for MNP in Indian market & others will join this campaign by 2011.
So now, using MNP to change your operator, yet keep the same mobile phone number costs only Rs. 19. Small price to pay for getting rid of a big headache, eh?
Here are the 4 simple steps given to change your service provider through MNP:-
  •  Make sure you don't owe any payment to your current operator, nor should you be in the initial 3-month lock-in period for an already ported phone number.
  • Send an SMS (text message) with the word "PORT" to the phone number "1900". You will immediately receive your own UPC (Unique Porting Code).
  • Walk into the nearest office of your prospective/new mobile operator which you choose. Fill out the application and enter your UPC, pay the Rs. 19 number porting charge, submit the usual identity/address proof documents, and collect your new SIM card.
  • That is all. Now let your current mobile service provider, the third-party MNP back-end infrastructure operator, and your new/proposed mobile service provider work out the details. Expect 2 hours of disruption in service (notified in advance), and perhaps a few impatient days!  According to TRAI rules, number porting should be completed within a maximum of 7 working days.
At last I would like to say that MNP is gift for common man while a headache for operators.

December 24, 2010

The God Of Cricket Sachin Far Away From Godliness???

The world nicknamed Sachin as the God of cricket & many cricket experts said Sachin is better than Don Bradman, some said Sachin is the Bradman of this era while The Australian press has showered loads of compliments on this evergreen living legend by naming him “man of the century“.The Sydney Morning Herald states that :
Do you really think Sachin is the God of cricket? The highest run getter in the ODI & Test cricket in world cricket as well as scored highest ODI & Test hundreds including the first ODI double hundred & many more if I will started to write his records one by on than I have to write a book for this. No doubt these records showing he is the God of cricket but that matter fact the God of cricket Sachin is far away from Godliness. I know this statement is looking foolish in front of Sachin's achievement but you can't wrong the truth. I am saying the bitter truth of cricket. At first Sachin needs to be the God of Indian cricket than world cricket.
From my childhood Sachin is my favorite cricket but never be my best one because never played when nation needed it most. I have seen his cricketing & I never missed his single match, do you know what I observed, he is not a man of need. Whenever Indian teams needs him always failed you see the example every final game including 2003 World cup final & 1996 World cup semi-final. How God of cricket Sachin performed. 
At last I would like to say that Sachin is the greatest cricketer of the era  & having an ability to change the game at any time but lakes toughtness like Saurav Ganguly or Steve Wough. The day when Sachin will start to play for when nation need him not for records that day only he will became the God of cricket other wise not.

December 22, 2010

Conspiracy Is On Against Julain Assange.

Now a days Wikileaks & Julain Assange are the center of attraction of the world but this popularity giving sleepless nights to the culprits so they are trying their best to push Assange on back foot for example you see Apple yesterday banned an iPhone app from the App Store that help users to read the secret U.S. diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks and follow the controversial organization's Twitter feed.
As far as I concern this step of Apple is a part of political pressure as US companies including Amazon, Bank Of America, Master Card & Pay Pal freezed the Wikileaks account under US pressure.Tuesday morning, Barinov said that his app had been downloaded 4,434 times, and he would contribute $4,434 to WikiLeaks from his profit of $5,825.In revert you see the reactions of Wkileaks supporters:-
  • "It's really sad to see Apple supporting censorship like this. Like many others from his generation, Steve Jobs has completely sold out".
  • "I must agree with most of the other posters here. This action by apple amounts to censorship. As a former apple customer I won't be buying their products anymore. I know this won't hurt apple, but it will make me feel better to know that my money won't be supporting censorship. This is a truly Anti-American move on apple's part."
  • "The only crime being committed is that of the U.S government and their continuing abuse of power to try and stop the truth from being revealed. It is sad and pathetic that Apple has now bowed to pressure. They would rather sell you an app that shows sexual positions then one that reveals the truth about a corrupt governments."
  • "The big question is: Will Anonymous do anything about this? Take down the app store, perhaps? I'm betting that those hypocrits won't do a thing."
  • "Wikileaks did not commit any crime, they simply posted info from a trusted, undisclosed source, just like any newspaper does everyday".
After reading these comments I think must what you think? Must leave your valuable comment.

At last I would like to say that if the world will turn against of Wikileaks or Assange nothing is going to happened because Truth is just like light & having a power to remove darkness, doesn't matter how dense it is. Our history is the greatest example in front of us that when ever a person fought for truth, he faced a lot of problems but at the end truth wins in heroic style. Hope in that mission Assange will be on through Wikileaks till ever culprit will not exposed.
Go on Assange we are with you....................

December 19, 2010

"Google Body Browser" Will Help You To Explore The Internals Of The Human Body

Google became the most important part of Human life, doesn't matter it's personal or official. Whatever we want to know or find we are searching in Google, seems to be life without Google impossible. Especially the Google Earth & Google Map features introduced by Google playing a huge role in our life, from a long time it's helping us to reach our destination like true leader. But this time Google trying to do in a micro label, which must be amazing for you.

According to Economics Time" Google on Thursday launched tool to provide users with a layered, 3D view of the human anatomy. Called Body Browser, the new feature uses zoom and pan controls, much like those in Google Earth and Google Maps, to explore the internals of the human body.
For the Mars map, Google collaborated with NASA to get high-resolution imagery.

At last I would like to say that East or West Google is the Best because what Google can do & give you none other can.

Facebook The New Hub of Advertisers Brought $2 Million In Sales In 2010

Financial news site Bloomberg reported Thursday that the world's largest social network is expected to more than double its 2009 sales figures, which reportedly came in between $700 million and $800 million. Citing unnamed sources, Bloomberg also reported that Facebook executives were only expecting to bring in $1.5 billion in sales this year but exceeded those expectations by half a billion dollars.
According to Bloomberg " Facebook is the most attractive advertisers hub for the famous brands like Coca-Cola, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Adidas. This because at present Facebook has 550 million smiling users & it's increasing in a alarming speed.
The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was named Time's Person of the Year this week & Facebook also named as the best place to work by the users.
At last I would like to say that Facebook is the best social networking site in the world than this business not surprising because success always brings money.

A Terrorist is not a Hindu or Muslim, Our Politicians Are The Real Terrorist?

Terrorism the biggest problem of world & a threat to humanity . I think every individual should know the colour of terrorism, let's find out what is the colour of terrorism & how can we fight with them.
To give you the correct answer, I would like to sear a short story during India's freedom, once a saint came to Mahatma Gandhi & shown his eagerness to join freedom fight than Gandhi Jee told him if you really want to serve your nation than remove this "Garuwa Bastra( Safroon clothes) & wear "Khadi" & he did exactly & served nation wearing Khadi. Khadi means service to nation & it's people but know a days politicians are wearing "Khadi" to earn money & to cheat nation & citizens.
As far as I concern the terrorist are not Hindu or Muslim the real terrorist are our political leaders & their colour is white beware of them.
You see the Wkileaks cable exposed the cruelty of our political leaders as well as their dirty game with citizens. Not only US leaders are corrupted but every leaders are corrupted. Now come to India, you see 99% leaders are involved in scams, corruption & crime. They are looting the public money means indirectly they are sucking the blood of common man. A terrorist kills some people once but a corrupted leader always doing mass killing.
I think you have seen the video released by Wikileaks, how US shoulder killing civilians in Pakistan for fun. Civilians are facing torture in Kasmir by Indian Govt. On the other hand, You see the terrorist like Ajmal Kasab & Afzal Guru getting the V.I.P treatment, our govt is spending millions of rupees behind their security, do you know behind Kasab our Govt spending 31 CR monthly. Is is justified in such a country where 10% people getting only one time meal while 60% struggling to fulfill their basic needs. Above all action clarifies that terrorism, Moist, corruption & crime are the blessing of dirty politics.
Now compare a terrorist & a political leader, what you found who is more deadly, terrorist or politicians?
At last I would like to say that a terrorist is not a Muslim, Hindu or Christian but the real terrorist are our politician, so beware of them & unite to punish them. Don't cast your precious votes to the corrupted leaders, elect the right candidate. This is the only solution to fight with these white dressed terrorist.

December 18, 2010

Do You Know The Religion Of A Terrorist?

Do you know the religion of a terrorist? If anyone ask me this question than I will answer him that Terrorist have no religion, they are only terrorist & their religion is only violence & nothing else. While I heard remarks form the many political leaders, addressing terrorist as a Muslim terrorist or Hindu terrorist. I would like to rewind you the Home Minister P.Chitambram's "Safrron terrorist" remark on RSS & Now Rahul Gandhi's statement, according to US diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks, that radicalized Hindu groups posed a threat to India.

According to Sify News, In reaction BHP leader Ashok Chowgle said Rahul Gandhi's statement is a symbol of vote-bank politics which the Congress is playing. They are not asking for death penalty for terrorists like Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab, but they are casting allegations on Hindu saints and organizations.
I am completely agree with him & No doubt about that these statement is the part of dirty politics & to get the vote bank of minority.

At last I would like to say that terrorist have no religion, a terrorist never be a Hindu , Muslim or Christian, they are only terrorist, the black spot on the humanity & those who addressing them as Hindu, Muslim or Christian they are the real terrorist.

December 17, 2010

Who deserve Times Choice Person of the year, Mark Zuckerberg or Julain Assange?

As rumor on the air that Times choice person of the year will be awarded to Wikileaks Founder Julain Assange but Finally Times Choice Person of the year is announced, the winner is none other than the Founder of famous social networking site Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Recently realized Hollywood movie "Networking Sites" speaks the story of Mark that how he started his journey at the age of 19 year from Harvard University & than wrote the history of Facebook. Do you know Today Facebook has 550 million smiling users & it's growing as THE TRUTH......the day progressing, every 12th man of this planet holds the facebook account, Facebook also named as "the best place to work". I think this is the first time when Facebook came in to light for any good reason other wise Facebook always with some controversy. Well done
As far as I concern Facebook is great Networking site but some of it's terms & condition are worthless or you can say to harass the user. So many restriction to the users than what is the use of such networking site where user is not free & don't trust the site. I think Facebook must need to workout in this field because if you not please your user than dark future is ahead & that day is not far when people will say no to Facebook, you don't know when & how life will surprise you. what ever draw back Facebook has but you can't dare to avoid it because east the west Facebook is the best.

At last I would like to say that if some one will ask me, who really deserves the Times choice person of the year , Mark Zuckerberg or Julain Assange? Than I will answer, he is only the super hero Julain Assange because what he has done for this world none can ever dare to do this. He is the messenger of truth & the blessing for humanity. What you think, must leave your valuable comment....

December 16, 2010

US new Supergun can fire over 100 miles eight time faster than sound

A gun can fire over 100 miles eight time faster than sound, can you believe this?
Yes US has developed such gun which can do this miracle.
According to Daily Mail "This Supergun has been described as the most powerful in the world after tests at a U.S. Navy firing range.

The bullet would take just minutes to fire over 100 miles and would hit with pinpoint accuracy with a velocity that's impossible in conventional guns, The speed is eight time faster than sound.

Rear Admiral Nevin Carr, chief of naval research, said the gun could be aimed at a magazine on an enemy ship and ‘let his explosives be your explosives’.

Currently US war ships can fire at 13 miles away but this super gun will allow them to hit from safer distance with unbelievable pinpoint accuracy.
At last I would like to say, No doubt, This is really a great invention for US but worthless for humanity.