India Won ICC World Cup 2011, The Dream Came True In Wonderful Way

Today I have written this post before world cup final that "Who Will Win World Cup 2011? India Or Srilanka! In this post I predicted that India will win world cup and India won the ICC World Cup 2011 in style after defeating Srilanka by six wicket so I would like to congratulate Captain Dhoni, Indian team and every Indian for winning world cup.

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2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Price, Review, Release date, First Look, Specifications, Features, Mileage and Picture Gallery

Japanese auto maker, Mitsubishi has beautifully combined hybrid and luxury with next generation technology and crafted the world’s first production plug-in hybrid SUV, 2014 Outlander PHEV which which debuted at 2012 Paris Auto Show.

Microsoft Lunches The Best Operating System Window 8

To give you a fester, smarter and beautiful life Microsoft has launched The king of all operating system, the all new Window 8, the world’s best-selling computer operating system for the touchscreen age..

August 30, 2010

The Dark cloud of Fixing in world cricket

"Paisa khuda to nehe lakin khuda ke kasam khuda se kam vi nahe"(Money is not God but not less than God), Once, I heard this word from a stranger & laughed alot but now I realized that he is saying the bitter truth of cricket. You see the Match fixer Majhar Majeed who became the news of the world after claiming that he manged 10 Pakistani players in match fixing, their defeat against Australia & England was preplanned. Majeed also claimed that " alots of Pakistani cricketers are just looking for money, women & food". This is not the first time when Pakistani cricketers came under scanner for match fixing but always come across them why do you? If their a fire than smoke comes other wise not it's universal truth, It means, I am not blaming only Pakistani cricketers but I would like to high light the corruption of cricket in front of the people. The performance of cricketers & teams in world cricketer also giving the clear indication of match fixing. You see how Indian team performed in the recent Srlankan tri series where Indian team failed to achieve 250 mark in the tournament & In spite of Sehwag all players failed & performed their waste & helped India to face a shameful defeat. Is this money making players to betray with their nation, if so than cricketers are equivalent to the terrorist & betrayers who cheats his nation for the greed of money.
At last I would like to say that the cricketers who involved in match fixing their are equivalent to a terrorist & should be treated like a terrorist, life time ban is not the solution to this problem. They should be hanged like terrorist & betrayers, that's all.

August 25, 2010

Ushoshi Sengupta :-The biggest looser of Indian History

Great News for Indians, Miss India Ushoshi Sengupta, achieved the 38th position & surprised the world. Sengupta’s father is an Indian Air Force official and she completed her education from K.V.Ballygunje and St. Xavier’s College. Her height is 172 cm and she looks gorgeous with black eyes and hair. Sengupta’s weight is 52.5 kg but unfortunately she couldn’t win 59th edition of the pageant.
She said to be the biggest looser of Indian History as she failed to attract judges and audience throughout the beauty pageant. This is the first time when Indian beauty performed so poorly while Indian beauties almost won all the titles including Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Asia Pacific and others.
Indian beauties Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra, Yukta Mukhey and Diya Mirza, who won the world titles while in recent years no Indian won any title. What is the reason behind it? We haven't beautiful and talented ladies or Is it a corrupted selection procedure which giving chance to the duffers & they are destroying the pride of India. I ma sure, India still has beautiful and talented ladies, only the corruption which is not allowing such beautiful & talented ladies to participate in the world title.
At last I would like to say that if we really want to win such beauty pageant than we have to select the candidates honestly other wise, India will be poorest in the world.

August 24, 2010

Jimena Navarreta :-Most Beautiful women of the Universe

At first I would like to Congratulate Mexican brunette beauty Jimena Navarreta for winning Miss Universe 2010 pageant at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. This is the 59the addition of Miss Universe pageant, It was hosted by Bret Michaels and Natalie Morales. The 22year old beauty has dominated the show from the word go on Monday evening in Las Vegas & crowned Miss Universe 2010 after her 1st Runner-up, Jamaica - Yendi Phillipps, 2nd Runner-up, Australia - Jesinta Campbell, 3rd Runner-up, Ukraine - Anna Poslavska, 4th Runner-up, Philippines - Venus Raj & on the other hand Great News for Indians, Indian beauty , the biggest looser , placed 38th position in the contest.

At last I would like to say that after Ashwariya Roy, Sushmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, India never got a suitable candidate for winning the Miss Universe Pageant. The poor performance of Indian beauty in world beauty contest is the sign of corruption or we don't have beauty to win the contest? God knows better but as far as I concern their must be some politics is going on behind the selection procedure that's why we are failing to win the contest & till we will not select the candidates through fair selection procedure, we can compete others & our poor show will be on like this.

August 23, 2010


At first I would like to wish a happy marriage life to Shashi Tharoor & Sunanda. The former external affair minister's external affeir turn in to legal affair as Tharror exchanged weeding vows with Sunanda at his 200-year-old ancestral home, Plakkad, Kerala on 22nd Aug, 2010. This marriage is totally a typical Malayalam traditional marriage. Modest reception will be on Aug 23 in his constituency Thiruvananthapuram and a 'final reception' in Delhi Sep 3.
Only some of the close friends got invitation so you can say it a quiet family affair. I think to avoid media Tharoor decided to merry in his native town, the way media highlighted his personal relationship publicly this is really shame full act of media.
At last I would like to say that Tharoor taken good design to merry in his home town.
Wishing You a Happy marriage Life.

August 22, 2010

The rebirth of sacred river yamuna & floods in Delhi?

Delhi Monsoon 2010
Flood Alert in Delhi

Due to the rebirth of sacred river, heavy rains & water released from Hathnikunad barrage water level of Yamuna is consistently rising & Friday its crossed the danger level mark & reached to 205.02 meter. the government has alerted the coastal areas due to rise in water level.
To deal with any emergency arrangements are all kinds. Stations falling in coastal areas through the local inhabitants to go away from the river banks have been saying. According to Central Water Commission, the danger mark of 204.83 meters Jamuna in the capital have been fixed. Within the last two days elephant Kund Barrage 251 358 cusecs of water has dropped. Heavy rains caused the river water has increased. Time, the water level of Yamuna has crossed the danger mark. Because of this, all areas located along the Yamuna flood has come under threat. Basegdhimondu from administration, Usmanapur, screaming, Badarpur, Akjuri particular, Okhla, Jamia Nagar, Batlah Zggiaan House and surrounding area have been alert.
Wajirabad the ravine area of the Okhla barrage is almost drowned. Most of the ravine area have been evacuated. People are still stranded in some areas, which bring out the work in progress. Khader families living in various places along the Yamuna imposed by removing 97 tents and some public schools have been placed.
Yamuna Bank-fringe areas and those living in slums have been warned. Well as all police stations to deal with any emergency situation is said to be ready. Boat, rescue and relief team, relief tents for camping, water board have been preparing for the tanker. To deal with any situation Moatarbotoan 56 boats and has been deployed.
DP Singh, SDM flood control related to the respect that any situation has made full preparations to cope with. All personnel of the department's duty night shift has been applied. In addition, vacation leave canceled for all personnel on duty have been recalled.

Eastern District Commissioner's responsibility to handle flood control department said SS Hannekrot Saturday night comes and water if it can increase the risk of flooding in Delhi.
Outer Delhi, Zasan: Yamuna river crossed the danger mark in Delhi external water has entered several low areas. Engaged in farm crops have been ruined because of this. Given the rising water level of flood risk on residential areas has come under.

Burarie outside Delhi, Netthoopura, Jagatpur, lapel, Zingolah Yamuna water in many areas, including farm has entered Friday night. Local people said that prepares vegetable crops have been destroyed.
At last I would like to say that the rebirth of Yamuna has created flood like situation in Delhi but also brought good news for Delhiites for future.

August 17, 2010

Indian Team is totally dependent on Jai & Viru for victory

Indian Team is totally dependent on Jai & Viru for victory & without them India is still a big zero I think you must want to know who is Viru & who is Jai in Indian team.Answer is Virendra Sehwag is Viru & Sachin is Jai & without them India is still a law ranked team. If India is in no1 spot in Test cricket & 2nd in ODI, this is because of them. Indian team is totally handicap without them I think you all have seen the shameful performance in 20-20 world cup & Zimbabwe ODI series where India lost to Zimbabwe twice & failed to rich in the final. This is all about ODI now come to Test cricket here also Sehwag, Sachin, Laxman & Dravid are the key players. Our young guns still learning how to handle the pressure & continuing their poor performance. Players like Murli Vijay, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohili are unfit in the Indian scrod, looking like they are the visitors not players. God knows better what will be Indian team future after Sachin, Sehwag, Laxman & Dravid. No doubt the future is dark because Indian team don't have any replacement option for these great players.
At last I would like to say that BCCI need to select the players through fair selection prosier rather than selecting the duffers because of politics for the bright future of Indian cricket.

"Corruption, corruption, corruption is the law of life"

"Corruption, corruption, corruption is the law of life", If I am lying to you than just see every where you will get only corruption & nothing else, doesn't mater which sector it is, either it's religious, social, political, education or sports every where you will find out this 10 latter demon "Corruption". Now question arise how we will fight with this demon? How we will protect humanity from this demon? As the day progressing "Corruption" spreading each & every pat of our society & we people failed to find out the solution to stop "Corruption", like we failed to fight with the calamity of nature. Is corruption & calamity of nature linked together? Are we suffering because of corruption? God knows better but as far as I concern the calamity of nature is nothing but the result of corruption & calamity of nature giving us an indication of our future. You see every where how nature is behaving, uncountable people lost their life due to flood, earth quack, Tsunami, wild fire, land slide, cloud blast, Volcanic ass, global warming.

At last I would like to say that corruption is totally against of human nature but people forgotten it & nature is giving us warning to correct the error so as soon as we correct our self that's better for us other wise no one is going help & dark future is waiting for us.

August 11, 2010

China land slide killed 1117 people & 627 are missing

Tibetan-dominated region in northwestern China landslide death toll sharply reached to 1117 while 627 people still missing. Due to the Layers of the soil and rocks safe guards are facing potential difficulty in searching of survivors.
Northwestern China's Gansu province, local officials said the Zoanchjo area death toll from the disaster, where 702 were yesterday, while today it's reached to 1117, where 627 people are still missing. Provincial civil affairs bureau said in a statement that the 567 survivors have been treated and 64 serious people have been hospitalized.
Vice Premier Li said the authorities Mrirhasakalne Cekiyang the places have stepped up relief and rescue work. Li said that China improve its capabilities for disaster prevention and to ensure the safety of life and property of people will try more.
Northwestern China, a 50-year-old man rescued from a hotel after three days of the landslide. He was removed after 81 hours of searching. Over 10 thousand soldiers & safe guards are engaged in search of servivers in the mountain.
Due to torrential rains at Zochjo since Saturday night landslide happened & resulted a huge damage.

1700 people killed so far in Pakistan flood

Pakistan is facing the most devastating flood of world history, The death toll has reached to 1700.This flood is more deadly then Hathy's earth quack, India's Tsunami. Due to the fears of flood north - west Pakistan was declared High alert.
Worst-hit area are Khyber & Pekhtunakwa province. Indus and Chenab rivers in central Pakistan are flowing above the danger mark so thousands of people left Muzaffargadh.
According to United Nations 1.40 million people have been affected by floods. If these 60 million are children. 18 million people have been displaced. Pak Army has saved 1.75 million people.
57 army helicopters are engaged in relief work. More than 9 thousand tons of food in relief camps are delivered. In affected areas, 15 military hospitals and 100 mobile clinics are engaged to treat people.
At last I am Praying to God to save Pakistan & it's people.

August 08, 2010

The devastating cloud burst killed people mercilessly at Leh

Due to the devastating cloud burst at Leh Ladakh, floods cut off from rest of India to continue relief operations special Indian Air Force transport plane has reached to Leh.

So far this calamity of nature killed 150 people including 31 jawans & more than 600 people are missing. As efforts continue to pull out people trapped under the debris, there are fears that casualties may rise.
A special flight from India BSNL leh soon bring the communication device to connect Leh with India. Leh present administration has sent two satellite phones on the planes. Interestingly, since the flood of Leh has been cut off completely from the rest of the country significantly hamper relief work is coming.

Airforce Special transport planes with relief workers and medical relief material sent in bulk so that injured people in emergency treatment can be provided. Delhi local doctors to help a special group of doctors has also reached Leh.
According to Defense Department so far 150 bodies have been recovered. Army link Leh airport Friday after the hard struggle succeeded in turn connected to the country in terms of which Leh is very important. Since the flood completely stopped all road traffic and air traffic only from Leh can be reached.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressed grief over the loss of life and property in the flash floods in Leh and announced an ex-gratia relief of one lakh each to the kin of the deceased and 50,000 each to the seriously injured.
"The Prime Minister is grieved to learn about the loss of life and property in the flash floods which hit Leh after a cloud burst" last night, a PMO statement said.Control rooms have been set up to monitor the flow of information.
Control Room Numbers:

9906990613, 9906990833, 9906990807, 9906983544, 9906990748, 9906990835, 990699078
Satellite Phone Number:
00870 7636 13623

India won the battle against 14 member Srilankan Team

One of the best cricket match I have ever seen my life, the greatest team of the world cricket India registered a great win against Srilanka in third test. Do you know why I am saying it great victory, because India won the battle against the 14 member Srilankan team , 11 players & 3 umpires. I have seen the complete match & find out the bitter truth that world is against Indian team no one likes India will retain the no 1 spot in test cricket. One of the waste umpiring I have ever seen in my life in a test match. Three umpires were given their best to help Srilankan team to win the series but thank God we have very very special Laxman who snatched the victory from the Srlankan team through his classical unbeatable century. He has played all the shots correctly & not given a single chance to Srlankan bowlers & umpires to got him out so Dhoni told "That's why he is called very very special Laxman, he has always come up with a innings that has a huge bearing on the game" & Sachin told "Laxman again bated superbly", indeed he always bats superbly especially in need just remember the kolkata test against Australia & against South Africa. You will find out the answer how great Laxman is.
No doubt it's great victory when you are fighting with a 14 member team but Srlankan captain Sangakkara said "Sri Lanka is better side in test series. I know this statement is a clear sign of frustration as they failed to win the series.
I am remembering the words of Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita that "victory always comes with truth" & Indian team proved it correctly to level the series 1-1.
Great job Indian Team, Keep it up.

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August 04, 2010

Be careful Children are watching porn sites

Internet the greatest innovation of human being & the main source of globalization. Internet a blessing for humanity but turn in to a cure because of the misuse of this best technology. No question arise how? Because of the nudity in internet & it's greatest threat to humanity. I am not saying anything I read in the book or news channels but I have seen from own eyes that the children below 10 year not below 18, watching porn sites & the cafe owner playing with the future of children for the greed of money. This is the greatest irony of technology. The technology that invented to serve the humanity turn in to a curse & destroying the future of the young generation.
As the mater fact, Internet
is the necessity for human being which would negate the society to take back the years. In India, people are beginning to feel that Internet is the need of every class. That is why high-class than middle class people now are beginning to use the internet fiercely. Those who do not have Internet facilities, they are beginning to turn to cyber cafes. Middle-class girls in Bihar feel free cyber cafes now are drained. Filled with a wealth of information in the Internet - has had any information you want, just click me - as details information. Now let's go, toward the negative aspect. There are thousands of such sites, which are impacting negatively on teenagers. There are millions of parents who use the Internet to their children has given free hand. Teen of the twelve years that the 'porn site' has learned to open, not only the 'porn video' too sees. So parental responsibility that he himself in front of the children used the Internet to Allow. Even when you leave office in computers 'passwords' must be put. Children are the future of the country, it is very important that this monitoring. Children want to know everything, they see things wrong in the absence of such knowledge in reverse - make direct actions. Many parents in this community's head is bowed. Station recorded cases show that in fourteen years teens are accused of molestation remanded into custody and sent home too. Now just look at examining the effect of internet on youth Farmaana required. Cultured young people are most worried about the future because some of these remains to be a spirit. If a young up 'porn site' to see if he Addiction laid his studies - makes writing ruined. Parents do not understand what his son was infected? Currently 'Call Girls' email and mobile also have begun to woo customers. So these are more young victims. Many young men in prison because of wrong actions have to eat air. Then talk to their parents is understandable, when is too late. Police diary says that molestation and rape cases has increased. Many police officers preferred to say that young people do not mind spoiling the internet. Bihar's newspapers are printed in the daily reports of absconding lover with lover. The police are fed up with the event. The inspiration these movies somewhere, is getting to the internet.
At last I would like to say that parents should be careful about their childern' s activity & govt should take strong step to stop the cyber crime for their bright future of nation. This is the only way to stop

August 02, 2010

The reality of Development & common wealth games

I think you all have heard the dialog of our politicians that " Our motto is development" & also heard the statement of Delhi CM Shila Dixit last year that " Common man should cut their pocket for development & this year she told "common men should pay for games" when Delhi govt increased the fare price & fuel price. Finally comman man paid a huge amount after price rise but still development is far away from us & Common wealth game going towards the dark future after so many missed deadline complete the game Vance, Every thing is incomplete or poorly constructed. The beginning of the rainy season shown of the clear picture of development as most part of the Delhi facing water logging & roads are caving every where. Now Govt & MCD blaming CWG games for water logging & road caving while the mater of fact this is the story of every rainy season we are facing the similar problem every year during rain. Common man always gets Excuses Excuses Excuses nothing else on behalf of poor development & corruption.
At last I would like to say only honesty can make us development but our Politicians are far away from honesty. So development is nothing but looking like mirage which will disappear after the twinkling of eyes. I think Only God can make us develop.

August 01, 2010

Chelsea Clinton:-"Wedding of the Century."

Wedding of the Century

The daughter of former US President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
, Chelsea, 30, who is Methodist, is to marry her hedge fund manager beau Marc Mezvinsky, 32, a Conservative Jew, in a three million dollar (approximate cost) wedding in Rhinebeck, a quaint rural weekend getaway in New York's Hudson Valley.
In a floor-length gown with a bejeweled, shimmering waist-band, Chelsea Clinton exchanged wedding vow's with Mezvinsky. She was looking like fairytale Cinderella in white dress.
Only 450 lucky guests attended the ceremony, surprisingly President Obma is unlucky as he didn't received invitation. A majority of US people told it "wedding of the century".
Chatwal, the only Indian who witness the ceremony told ANI on phone that a very select group of people have been invited to Chelsea's marriage, he also added that cell phones and Blackberrys have been banned at the wedding reception.
At last I would like to wish a happy marriage life to Chelsea & Marc