India Won ICC World Cup 2011, The Dream Came True In Wonderful Way

Today I have written this post before world cup final that "Who Will Win World Cup 2011? India Or Srilanka! In this post I predicted that India will win world cup and India won the ICC World Cup 2011 in style after defeating Srilanka by six wicket so I would like to congratulate Captain Dhoni, Indian team and every Indian for winning world cup.

UbiSlate 7Ci (commercia​l version of Aakash2) ready for delivery

DATAWIND is offering commercial version of Aakash2 for general public at Price of Rs. 4229 only. As you already aware Aakash2 was launched and offered for educational use only at price of Rs. 1130. Any Students from India can book and have this low cost tablet at Rs. 1130 price. But if general public like me want to have it than we need to pay Rs. 4229.

Mahindra XUV 500 Launched in India at a Price tag Between Rs 10.80 lakhs to Rs 12.88 lakhs

Now you can convert your dreams in reality because ” Mahindra and Mahindra, India’s leading manufacturer of utility vehicles on Thursday launched its new global sport utility vehicle Mahindra XUV 500 priced between Rs 10.80 lakhs to Rs 12.88 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) available in seven attractive colors.

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Price, Review, Release date, First Look, Specifications, Features, Mileage and Picture Gallery

Japanese auto maker, Mitsubishi has beautifully combined hybrid and luxury with next generation technology and crafted the world’s first production plug-in hybrid SUV, 2014 Outlander PHEV which which debuted at 2012 Paris Auto Show.

Microsoft Lunches The Best Operating System Window 8

To give you a fester, smarter and beautiful life Microsoft has launched The king of all operating system, the all new Window 8, the world’s best-selling computer operating system for the touchscreen age..

November 30, 2010

Our Leaders are Good, Bad or Corrupt?

Our Leaders are Good, Bad or Corrupt? I think everyone will say our leaders are bad, bad & corrupt as the matter of fact goodness is far away from them. According to a famous proverb" Power tents to corrupt" so our powerful leaders are corrupt but I am not agreed with this statement still we have good leaders like Nitish Kumar who reformed the Bihar & turned into a Heaven while other political leaders are busy in corruption or too busy to solve it, nobody really cares about citizen & country's development.
Do you know it's character of person which makes him corrupt as it known to every body that "if you want to judge a person than place him authority" & after placing the leaders in authority we are always getting he becomes corrupt which is a very bad for our future. I think we are responsible for that because we are casting our precious votes to the criminals. If I am lying than go through all political leaders back ground, you will find out that 90% having criminal back ground or involve in corruption.
At last I would like to say please understand the power of democracy & Human rights. Just how Bihar entered into the golden era this is because they elected the leaders like Nitish Kumar so if you want that our every state will get similar development & wish our nation be like US & UK then we have to cast our votes to the right candidates rather than corrupted leaders. I am sure, if we will get an honest leader in central Govt, no doubt India will be the best & most develop country in the world.
So please please wake up, it's my request to every Indian other wise it's too late when our leaders will sell our nation for the greed of money.

November 29, 2010

US:-Wikileaks documents release will put many lives at risk ?

Wikileaks created a sensation around the world after hacking US secret documents. Their initial release shed light on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which includes allegations of torture by Iraqi forces and reports that suggested 15,000 additional civilian deaths in Iraq but now they are claiming that new release is bigger the the past release.
Julian Assange the founder of Wikileaks said that US authorities are afraid of this release because The latest leak is expected to include documents covering US dealings and diplomats' confidential views of countries including Australia, Britain, Canada, Israel, Russia and Turkey.
Mr Assange told reporters by video link on Sunday that "The material that we are about to release covers essentially every major issue in every country in the world".
Wikileaks already released 90,000 secret US records of US military incidents about the war in Afghanistan and 400,000 similar documents on Iraq & also posted video showing US helicopter killing 12 people - including two journalists - in Baghdad in 2007.
Wikileaks earlier this week said that its next release of documents would be nearly seven times larger than the nearly 400,000 Pentagon documents relating to the Iraq war.
The US government has written to Mr Assange, urging him not release the documents because The US state department has said the release will put many lives at risk so Mr Koh demanded that Wikileaks return official documents to the US government. According to BBC NEWS.
At last I would like to say that no doubt this release will put many life in danger but it's necessary for the world to get aware of the reality of the cold war.

November 28, 2010

After making history in CWG, India made History in Asian Games 2010

I think it’s known to you that India has made history in CWG(common wealth games) & finished with a record haul of 101 medal including 38 gold, 27 silver and 36 bronze medals, the best-ever harvest for the country in the Games history, helped India climb to the record-high second position.
Now again India made a history in Asian games history after finishing 6th in Asian games 2010, with a record haul of 64 medals including 14 gold, 17 silver & 33 bronze while the previous best was 57 medals in Delhi. Its haul of 14 gold is so close to the 1st Games (Delhi 1951) when India got 15.
Kabaddi men and women live up to top seedings. Men’s team beats Iran 37-20, grabs sixth consecutive gold,Bhiwani Bomber Olympic bronze winner Vijender Singh blanks out reigning world champ Abbos Atoev of Uzbekistan 7-0. Atoev had beaten Singh at the World Championship semis last year. Boxing haul of 9 medals, including 2 gold, India’s best at Asiad.
Ashwini Akkunji, Sini Jose, Manjeet Kaur and Mandeep Kaur made history in women’s 4X400m running.
While India’s new tennis sensation & the successor of Paes & Bhupati none other than Somdev Barman who won the first Gold in tennis signals in Asian Games on the other hand Sania Mirza’s bronze also given a good indication for future.
Unfortunately our shooter team disappointed us with only gold, I think it’s the extra pressure on them which created the situation like this.
Most disappointment thing for Indians that Badminton Queens Sania Nehwal, Jwala Gupta lost poorly. I think it’s a result of media’s publicity.
We missed world champion wrestler Sushil Kumar in action due to his injury other wise our one gold sure from him, finally all well that end s well & India created another history in games.
At last I would like to say that this performance is the beginning of golden era in Indian sports & hope in that our sports person will always perform in same style & make history after history.
Well done India, keep it up, Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

November 24, 2010

The best Chief Minster of the era:-Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar the best Chief Minster of the era? No doubt about it, Nitish is the best Chief Minister, The way he changed the future of Bihar only a best leader can do it.
Now the word, I am going to say not a false appreciation & buttering but a bitter truth, he is the Modern Gandhi of Bihar who brought good law & order as well as freedom to the citizen while Before Nitish, law & order was the toy of criminals & citizens were enslaved by them.
As I have done higher education Bihar & spent almost 10 year their so I have seen the condition of Bihar before CM Nitish. Do you know why I left Bihar & forced to shift in Delhi? This is the gift of "Gunda Raj(Poor law & order)" which forced us to shift in Delhi.
Murder, Robbery, Kidnapping & asking ransom was the sign of Bihar & criminals were moving freely on the road with gun & common man are living like animals not to talk about education, development. Life was totally unsafe, when a bullet will hit you nobody knows so people prefer to stay in home after sunrise. I think hail is better than Bihar that time, This is the sad history of Bihar during Lalu Yadav Chief Ministry. During Lalu, Bihari word was like a jock but now people are saying 'proud to be Bihari".
At last I would like to say that what CM Nitish has done for Bihar none of the political leader done for India after Gandhi Jee. In modern age, if I respect any leader from my heart that is none other than CM Nitish Kumar because he proved that still people love honesty & good work , politics is not about only corruption & scams but to serve the nation honestly. I am sure, what CM Nitish done for Bihar, if any Prime Minister has done the same thing for our nation than no doubt India will be the most developed in the world.
My salute to the great leader Nitish Kumar, Jai ho Nitish ki, proud to be a Bihari.

The Gorgeous Olympic Tower of 2016 at Rio de Janeiro

The Gorgeous Olympic Tower of 2016 at Rio- de -Janeiro, can really make you crazy because this beautiful tower is placed in Cotonduba Island. This tower is an observation & welcome sign for the visitors who will come by air or by sea to attend the Olympic Games 2016.
This tower is a indication of Olympic Games 2016 success, Hope in for the best.

See The calamity of mother nature

Mother nature is the another name of patience & caring, she is serving her children from millions & millions years ago but her children forgotten blessing & dept of nature & started to play with nature resulting The calamity of mother nature. See how mother nature shows her anger & what will be the result.

November 22, 2010

Don't make Slum dog millionaire make them educated

"Kaun Banega Crorepati" who gives every Indian to became a millionaire after answering only 20 question correctly. Now question arise that who don't want to be a millionaire? In fact everybody want to be millionaire. The making of famous movie "Slum-dog-Millionaire" made a millionaire kike "Azhar & Rubina", who live in slum before this movie & now living in A/C room. It's nice to see them happiness but what about the other slum people, who still living in slums like animals & not getting their basic need. I think nobody care about it. When "Kaun Banega Crorepati" makes a millionaire, director & channel earns billion of rupees.
According to Yahoo news "A 37-year-old woman, Rahat Tasleem, who earns a living out of running a stitching center in Jharkhand is the first ever person in season four and the first ever woman across all seasons of Kaun Banega Crorepati to win Rs 1 crore. After the win, Bollywood icon and the host of KBC Amitabh Bachchan said that if women are given opportunities, they can prove their talents."
I am very pleased to see another millionaire but my heart is saying, Please don't make Slum dogs millionaires make them educated & through education, they will be millionaire by their won.
At last I would like to say that the reality show like "Kaun Banega Crorepati" is a biggest threat to our society because it's making our new generation lazy & corrupt. After watching millionaire like Rahat Tasleem, every one want be a millionaire in short time & the mater fact their is no short cut towards success on the other hand every one is not lucky like Rahat.
In spite of "Kaun Banega Crorepati" other shortest ways are non other than the way to crime so govt should ban such reality shows who puts a wrong impression to our new generation.
What you think? please must give your valuable comment...

November 21, 2010

Mind blowing Rock House in Burma (Myanmar)

I am sure after watching this picture you must be thinking that it's a trick photography or photoshoped but I would like to tell you the fact,This house is a reality built into an island rock tower, is allegedly somewhere off the coast of Burma (Myanmar).

Mysterious woman Tree? God is really great...

Mysterious woman tree must be puzzled you, but don't get puzzled enjoy the beauty & miracle of nature. God is really great...

Anti ageing formula can extend your life by 10 years!

Anti ageing formula a dream of human being seems to turn into reality as A Harvard Medical School professor believes that the day is not far when just popping a pill could make you live longer and healthier.

Associate Professor of Pathology David Sinclair said his work to activate the sirtuin genes, which control ageing "could expand lifespan by five to 10 healthy years."

It wouldn't stop you getting old, he said, but instead would push back the point at which you become impaired before "hopefully, [you] immediately drop dead," reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

He suggested that activating the sirtuins increases memory and endurance but also slow ageing and alleviate the impact of a high-fat diet.

"If the animal studies are borne out in humans, you would have a pill for arthritis that would prevent Alzheimer's, cardiac arrest, would slow down heart disease and even protect you against cataracts," Sinclair said.

"Within scientific circles this is as cutting edge as stem cell research," he added.

Sinclair also pioneered the use of resveratrol - and now synthetic compounds up to 10,000 times more potent - which have been shown to slow the aging process and prevent the onset of many diseases in animals.

However, he admitted that there was a risk because the effects of long-term doses in humans were not known, but no side effects in either animals or humans had been found. (ANI)

At last I would like to say that Anti ageing formula is a direct challenge to God, but what hidden in future nobody knows, hope for the best. As far as I concern nobody can challenge God's creation those who claiming, they are fooling us & themselves.

November 20, 2010

1,639 illegal colonies in Delhi, who is culprit?

The emerging power of the world economy & the fastest growing economy of the world, India. Do you know very strange thing about India's capital Delhi, their are 1,639 illegal colonies in Delhi, who made it possible? who is the real culprit? Govt, citizen, MCD(Municipal corporation of Delhi), property dealers or Delhi police? Let's find out
I think it's known to you that 65 people killed & 86 injured in Laxmi nager building collapse. Justify FullDelhi Urban Development Minister A K Walia yesterday said "The five-storey building collapsed as its foundation had weakened due to water seepage in its basement during monsoon when the Yamuna breached its banks. While CM Shiela Dixit said" we will investigate the incidence". As I have seen through out my life that when ever a tragic incidence occurs politicians always give the smiler statement & later totally forgetting every thing. As the mater of fact if we will probe the incidence honestly than we will find out that the real culprit is govt because every one follows the govt order & after govt, culprit no 2:-MCD(Municipal corporation of Delhi), culprit no 3:-Delhi police, culprit no 4:-property dealers & the last culprit citizen. You see last year Supreme Court ordered to demolish the illegal colonies but MCD has taken & kept silent to save the vote banks of govt & resulted, 65 people lost their life. On the other hand property dealers are & Delhi police together created these 1,639 illegal colonies & still their work is on & nobody is ready to take any action, even if people are making home inside the drain.
If am laying than come to the area like Nagoli, Vikash Nager the back side of Uttam nager, you will find out that property dealers were illegally occupied a lots of land & selling it the people with help of police. Every day I am watching this drama from my own eyes, I don't know what our govt is doing?
At last I would like to say that these illegal colonies are the gift of govt's poor policy & real culprit is our govt & culprit must be punished now question aeries who will punish our govt? than answer is citizen. Citizen needs punish the culprit govt to boycott the govt in coming election.
This is the only solution to save our life because we only a vote bank for the govt & otherwise our life is worthless. So please please wake up to punish the govt & cast your vote to the right candidate.

Ping Ping, the smallest man of the world with Svetlana

This is not a baby, this is the picture of a man, He is Ping Ping, the smallest man of the world and the woman with the longest legs in the world, Svetlana Pankratova, get together in London this morning.
Svetlana is 6ft 7 inch while the tallest women of the world, Yao Defen, who stands 7ft 9in.
The 20-year-old had jetted in from his home in northern China to help launch the latest edition of the Guinness World Records Book in Trafalgar Square, Central London.

See the anger of mother nature

See the anger of mother nature & what see can do if she wants, just see the picture given below..

This sinkhole posted to the Guatemalan Government’s Flickr appeared last sunday in a street intersection in Zone 2 of Guatemala City. The cause: Massive underground water torrents created by tropical storm Agatha.

5 Headed Giant Snakes Are Stile Alive?

In ancient time people believe that 5 headed giant snakes are living in water bodies & killing people. I think you must aware of the story of Lord Krishna who fought with Kali the five headed snake in river Yamuna to protect the humanity than come to the Lord Sesh Nag who also having 5 heads. On the other hand, it's known to you that " nothing is impossible in this world" and nature is another name of uncertainty so you can't dare to deny the certainty.
Now question arise 5 headed giant snakes are stile alive? Let's check out...

Must leave your comment these 5 headed snakes are fake or real?

Enter the world of Amazing 3D paintings..

"Robots will replace human being in future?

The future is Mystery nobody knows what hidden in future but the influence of science in our life forcing us to think that "Robots will replace human being in future? Who knows whether robots are dangerous or not. What is for sure is that humans, being the curious beings, will develop new advanced generations of robots.

It happens so that people and robots go together in this life side by side, in some spheres of life they are even interchangeable and who knows into what this opposition “Human and Robots” will translate. Robots and humans that live and prosper together…Or robots will realize they don’t need that much…

Human Robots Future

For now it is up to out fantasy to express what we think will happen in human-robot relations in the future. This is a collection of 3d computer generated images of various creative 3d artists that shows their vision. The level of detail of these computer graphics shows that our technology will lead us to the point where these fantastic photographs will be the reality.

Personal Robot 04, Author: Franz Steiner (software: 3ds max)

Human Robots Future

Who will win in this game of chess? When there is the opposition of the mechanical creature and the human intellect it is not easy to predict the outcome of the game. You can make books, but you will never be sure about the results, they are unpredictable.

Personal Robot 08, Author: Franz Steiner (software: 3ds max)

Human Robots Future

Human Robots Future

I’m not sure that it is more pleasant to work in the company of robots, but it definitely has certain advantages. One of the main is the high efficiency of the process of work, furthermore not a lot of time is spent for the idle talks, spreading silly rumors and gossiping.
At last I would like to say that the way technology & machine influencing our life, we became addicted of machine & we are started fell that technology is life. Simply you see the use of computer in our life, now a days without computer life is almost impossible so this addiction is greatest threat for humanity & no doubt it that "Robots will replace human being in future".