India Won ICC World Cup 2011, The Dream Came True In Wonderful Way

Today I have written this post before world cup final that "Who Will Win World Cup 2011? India Or Srilanka! In this post I predicted that India will win world cup and India won the ICC World Cup 2011 in style after defeating Srilanka by six wicket so I would like to congratulate Captain Dhoni, Indian team and every Indian for winning world cup.

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Mahindra XUV 500 Launched in India at a Price tag Between Rs 10.80 lakhs to Rs 12.88 lakhs

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2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Price, Review, Release date, First Look, Specifications, Features, Mileage and Picture Gallery

Japanese auto maker, Mitsubishi has beautifully combined hybrid and luxury with next generation technology and crafted the world’s first production plug-in hybrid SUV, 2014 Outlander PHEV which which debuted at 2012 Paris Auto Show.

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January 30, 2010


I think "Shiv Sena & Maharashtra Navnirman Sena(MNS)" are the most powerful in India because even our govt never dared to speak against them what to talk about action. You see the threat by Shiv Sena & MNS to the Pakistani players & Australian players but our Govt is unable to take any action against them. Shiv Sena threaten Australians to play in India in relation for racist attacks on Indians down under. When Knight Rider co-owner Sharukh khan supported Pakistani players to play in IPL, In reaction of that MNS Chief Raj Thackeray's statement that "Himat hai to Pakistani players ko khila ke dekha" means If you have the power, let the Pakistani player play" & govt is still silence. This is not the first time when they threaten Pakistani team to play in India but Its history when Sena dogged the wanakheda stadium, Mumbai in reaction & series called off by BCCI due to security reason. That time also govt did nothing against them. I would like to rewind you the statement of Sena chief that "Bihariya ko lat mar ke nekalunga" means he will kick out the north Indians from Maharashtra& he did it practically no of deadly attacks on north Indians in Maharashtra proves it. That time also govt kept silence.
Now their drama to oppose Australian players against racist attack on Indians in Australia. I think Its a clear indication political drama because Sena did the same treatment with north Indians what Australians doing with Indians. The attack on north Indians also racism so you are equivalent to them so you have no right to go against them because of the similar principle of treating people. You see govt is still silence.
At last I would like to say that Indian govt is following the rule of "Bura mat dekho, Bura mat kaho & Bura mat suno" means don't speak, listen & watch evil. That's why Indian Govt is still silence. Go on India & shame on our democracy.

January 29, 2010


A woman who torturing Indians from a long time. Do you know about which woman I am talking about? She is known other than director & producer of Balaji Telefilm Ltd. Miss Ekta Kapoor, she is the only woman who is torturing us from a long time through her third grade TV serials like" Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi , Ghar ghar ki khani, Kahe to hoga, Kasam se, Dulahan, Kitni Mohabbat hai, Kaswati Zindagi Ki, Tujh sang preet lagae Sajna, Pabitra rista, Bairi piya" etc. Not only Ekta Kapoor but also most of the serial directors having the same script If you don't believe just see the others serials like " Bidaai, Ye rishta kya kehlata, Utaran, choti bahu, Karol Baag" etc. I don't know how our Information & broadcasting minister allowing such serials to the TV viewers. I think every one will agree with me that those serials having a poor script as well as giving wrong lessons to the viewers. Most of the serials representing the evil character of women & who a women making conspiracy against a women as well as torturing them. You see, Our govt is talking about " women Empowerment" on the other hand allowing such serials to broadcast for TV viewers, Its shows the dark side of Indian govt. These serials also giving wrong lessons to the women society which is a big obstacle in the women progress. I think these serials are the great example of women backwardness so women society needs to boycott such serials rather than watching it in vast majority.
At last I would like to say that Govt should take strong action against such serial directors because of their third grade serials. Govt shouldn't allow to broadcast such serials which represents the bad image of women because women play the most impotent role in development of a nation so shake of the nation please stop viewing such serials.


As "Burkha" is baned in France by President Eric , Muslim community protested all over the world against the decision of France govt. Is it a good move by France govt to ban "Burkha"?. If you judge it scientifically than Its a great move by France govt to ban "Burkha" because the country like France , US, UK & USSR are having cold climatic condition & their basking at the sun is very much essential to the human body & Burkha restricts sun rays to fall on our body as it is a full covered dress of woman. Which leads to skin disease or any other conical disease because sun rays contains vitamin D & Its plays most impotent role for the growth of body.
I think the protest from the Muslim community over the decision of France govt is totally foolishness because the dressing concept of every religion based on science & climatic condition. You see Hindu community are wearing dhoti & Saree because India is a hot ccountry & The Lamas are wearing a black full covered dress made by woolen & bathing once in month due to the cold climatic condition in Tibet. Christians are wearing coat, paint & tie because the country like US, UK & USSR having a cold climatic condition. Similarly the Muslims are wearing full covered dress like burkha & paijama kurta along with pagdi made by cotton due to the hot climatic condition of Golf. This dress protects them from hot sunshine & sand Storm. They are bathing once a week due to the scarcity of water in golf. If Hindues wear dhoti & sharee and Muslims wear burkha & Paijama kurta in the cold countries like US, UK & USSR, They can't survive their. Similarly Lamas wear full covered woolen dress & Christians wear coat, paint & tai in the hot countries like India , Africa & golf, They can't survive their.
At last I would like to say that he laws of every religion are based on science & according to the environment condition. So we should understand that "Burkha" is not the symbol of Islam & ban on "Burkha" is not against of Islamism. Burkha is used by the women of Golf countries to protect themselves from the hot sunshine & sand Storm from the beginning of Islam. Now a days criminals & terrorists are using "Burkha" as a weapon in criminal activities & terrorist attacks, It may be another reason to ban it. So please understand the reality of banning Burkha, Its only to protect the Muslim women from Its side effect or to protect humanity from the devils not to harm your religious belief.

January 28, 2010


"Aman ki asha", I think you all know about this joint campaign of Indian & Pakistani singers to establish peace in between Indo & Pak. The result comes nothing but the situation turned more complicated after their campaign for peace due to the IPL gaint controversy. Do you really think "Aman ki asha " make any difference to establish peace in between Indo & Pak? I don't think so, In reality nothing can bring peace in between Indo & Pak till our political leaders won't take any initative because this conflict is totally a political issue nowhere the citizens involved in it. So your "Aman ki asha" is totally useless in spite of awakening the citizens of Indo & Pak, You should sing in front of the political leaders of both nation to establish peace because they can only fulfill your expectation & no one can.
You see the statement of Former Pakistani President Parwaz Musharaf that "If I want be in President post than I am bound to raise the Kashmir issue". It shows clearly that Its a political agenda & political leaders don't want to solve this because this conflict giving them a chance to hide their incapability to fight against terrorism & how can they blame each other for their own mistakes if issue will be solved. Its known to everyone , what going on in between Indo & Pak means your " Aman ki asha" is not for the search of peace but to get popularity & publicity on the name of peace. You actors & singers having the same motto of living, Its "publicity ke liye kuch vi karega" means your every act is a publicity stunt.
At last I would like to say that peace is not a expectation from others but the nature of human being & violence is against of humanity so we should act like a human being to establish peace in the world what is the use of " Aman ki asha".


When I came to Delhi, I asked this question to a stranger that "How to become a rich man in Delhi?". He answered me smilingly that"sabji becho amir ban jaoge" means sell vegetables if you want to be rich. That time I thought that he must be joking. When the big companies like Reliance fresh & Big Apple get into this business, I realized that person was not joking but telling the truth five years ago. If you don't believe, please see the profit below you will get,

VEGETABLES/ Farmer sells it/ Dealer sells it/ Consumers pays
--------------- ------------- -------------- ----------------
Cauliflower :-3.3 ------ 5.0 ----- - 25
Radish :-1.0 -------1.2 ---------10
Methi :- 4.0-------6.5 ---------16
Spinach :-3.0 -------10.0 ------- -40

You see this chart shows clearly, how you can earn the 10 time of your investment.
According TOI when they investigated from mandi to farmer that"there is not shortage of food items in the wholesale market. As a mater of fact rates have been dropping in the past two month. The effect of delayed monsoon was over & any shortage made by local producers. But the local vendors are doubling their profit & claiming supply from farms effected.' You see how black marketing affecting farmers & common people as well as our economy.
At last I would like to say that this situation is created by Govt and nothing else. If govt will take strong action against the black marketing no one has the power to do it. Finally all credit goes to Indian govt for this condition. My advice to you that" sell vegetables to grow rich".


I think Its a great move of HRD ministry to de-recognize the 44 deemed universities because such universities are threat to India's future. You see most of the students want to be a Doctor, Engineer, Lecturer or MBA & It is not possible that every one can fulfill their dream legally. So those students falling to get good rank in entrance test they are moving towards the deemed universities to fulfill their dream while they are not qualified. To utilize the money power they are getting admission in such universities & soon become a Doctor, Engineer, Lecturer or MBA . A poor student getting a degree or diploma because of money & became a poor Doctor,Engineer, Teacher or MBA. Which is a great threat to the India's future.
You know Doctors, Engineers & Teachers are the back bone of a nation when they will become weak, It can destroy the nation. As example one of my friend given joint entrance of Med & Eng five times & failed to get a good rank than she taken admission in a deemed university in south after paying a huge amount & completed MBBS with more than 80% mark. Now she is a doctor in a reputed hospital. Another example one of my friend completed physiotherapist from a deemed university in 1st division, very strange his English is very poor & having a poor academic back ground. While I asked him, how you did this miracle, he told me that"exam me notes milta hai" means they are getting help in exam. Recently he opened his clinic, I think such type of doctors are killing the innocent patients to treat them. Like this a poor engineer can result a mass killing, If he makes any mistake while constructing a fly over , bridge or building & poor teacher can destroy the future of students. Its a mater to worry for Indians & govt, what happening in India because of money & deemed universities are playing major role behind it.
At last I would like to say that Deemed universities are the greatest threat for India's future so govt should ban such universities for the shake of our nation as well as for the golden future of India.

January 26, 2010


The Sunday Times London reported that"US army is training a crack unit to seal off and neutralize Pakistan's nuclear weapons". I think Its great move from US to protect humanity from Taliban. On the other hand the Pakistan foreign office rubbished the claims as "outlandish and a figment of imagination. We are very much confident about our nuclear weapons capability & our custodial controls." Foreign officer Abdul Basit was quoted that "such propagandist reports don't serve any purpose except unnecessarily keep Pakistan's nuclear weapon program in focus." In reaction quoted several security experts expressing worry about the nuclear arsenal falling in to the wrong hand. A former CIA officer Rolf Mowatt-Larssen said "what you have in Pakistan is nuclear weapons mixed with the highest no of extremist in the world so we have the right to be concerned."
The clarification given by Pakistan regarding the safety of nuclear weapons is totally ridiculous because since 2007, three attacks on the N-site of Pakistan proves that N-site are not safe from Taliban.
At last I would like to say that US must seal off & neutralize Pakistan nuclear weapons because once Taliban get control over the nuclear weapons means the beginning of nuclear war. No doubt the nuclear war is the destruction of humanity. So Pakistan needs to cooperate with US for the safety of Pakistan as well as humanity.


Maoists, The biggest threat to India's freedom. You see our security agencies came across the Maoists innovative skills last week when CRPF team busted an arm manufacturing unit in forest close to Gobardha village in Chatra district in Jharkhand & recovered a number of "duplicate AK 47 & AK 57 " rifles of high stander-ed. The CRPF also sized as many as 59 different types of instruments which are used to manufacture & assemble these rifles and various type of pistols. Its mater to worry for Indians because we are thinking that Maoists are mainly depended on weapons looted from armories but now they have developed the expertise to clone sophisticated weapons like AK-47 & AK-57. This act is showing that they are planning for a big gamble. If govt will not stop them than the day will not far when the situation like Pakistan will be created in India. You see, Initially Pakistan taken "Taliban" so lightly that's why they are suffering now a days. Approximately Taliban has destroyed Pakistan & India is doing the same mistake while deal in with Maoists.
At last I would like to say Indian govt should take quick & strong action against Maoists because now they are developing their power for a big gamble. I think this is the right time to restrict their development as well as to destroy them from the root label. Delay in action against Maoists means the distraction like Pakistan in India. So Indian govt must take strong initiative against the Maoists to finish them from India.

January 24, 2010


Recently HRD ministry has decided to De-recognize 44 deemed universities. Because of this decision three govt sponsored Institutes on list & 2 lakh students future is uncertain. Is it a good move by HRD ministry to De-recognize the deemed universities? Who is the real culprit, students, universities or HRD ministry? I think every one is culprit.
You see how students are responsible for their dark future. When students are getting admission in a reputed university or Institute due to their average mark most of the students moving towards the deemed universities to fulfill their dreams because they are getting assurance of passing with good marks from the universities . As example no of some of the students(whom I know personally) has given PhD, MAT, CAT, B.Ed, Joint entrance for Medical & Engineering respectively. When they failed to pass the entrance test they moved towards the deemed universities & paid a huge amount for admission. Now most of them fulfilled their dreams & working in govt sector as well as private sector with handsome salary. Once I have seen practically that I went to a management Institute they given me 100% guaranty of passing with 1st division, If I will take admission. 2nd time I went a technical Institute, They given be the assurance of passing & promised me to enroll in the final semester of electrical engineering, If I will pay the fees together. Now understand that universities are also responsible that because they are playing with the future of students & nation on the other hand such universities are making a poor doctor,engineer,MBA etc. I think such universities should be baned by govt. De-recolonization is not the solution to stop their dirty work. As the HRD minister Mr Kapil Sibal emphasized that the effected students would be taken care & on the other hand HRD ministry is also responsible because such universities are running all over the India from a long & govt came into sense now. The delay in action against deemed universities shows the dishonesty of HRD ministry.
At last I would like to say this situation is created by students, universities & HRD ministry so they should be punished. So at the end what ever result will come that's justified because no one is innocent.

January 23, 2010


At fist former Australian cricketer, Mr Greg Chappell's statement that "India can't retain the no 1 post in test fro long time" & also told India having a poor bowling attack. Now former New Zeland cricketer, Sir Richard Hadlee's statement that "Indian doesn't deserve no 1 post". I don't know, why the Foreign players stomach aching when Indian players performs good in international cricket. When India failed to reach in the twenty-twenty world cup, Australian captain Ricky Pointing's statement that "Dhoni's honeymoon period is over". Its shows their jealousy from Indian team's success.
You see how Australian players blamed Harbhajan Singh & Murlidharan as a "choker"to see the good performance against them & later ICC given them clean shit from choking. As Greg Chappell told that" Indian having a poor bowling attack". I am totally against of his statement because a team needs a balance side with good batsmen & good bowlers to achieve the No 1 spot in world cricket & Indian bowlers like Anil Kumle, Jaheer Khan, Harbhajan Singh etc. already proved it through their consistence good performance that we are having a good bowling attack also. This No 1 spot is not a luck or chance but the hard work & consistence good performance of Indian cricketers in world cricket. Indian captain MS Dhoni is the only captain in who is unbeatable in test cricket & Indian team has beaten almost every cricketing nation in their home under his captaincy. This figure shows India is the No 1 & most deserving than others. I think foreign cricketers should understand that their honeymoon period is over & accept the greatness of Indian team as well as players openheartedly. As the mater fact,You can't change the reality to criticize it & I think according to their age their thoughts also got older.
At last I would like to rewind you the saying of Mahatma Gandhi that"Labor never goes in vain" & Indian cricketers proved it reality because this No 1 spot is the sweet reward of hard work done by Indian cricketers. The day is not far when India will be the best side in both version of the game either its Test Cricket or ODI Cricket. East or West, North or South, India is the best.

January 19, 2010


Now a days people are started to compare "Islam-ism with Terrorism" because most of the terrorist belongs to Islamic country like Pakistan, Afghanistan,Iraq etc. Every were the terrorist are created situation like that a man with beard & look like a Muslim suspected as a terrorist. I would like to say "a religion & It's follower never be wrong because every religion lids to the same goal & their motto is same. Its only righteousness & non-violence. Religion never separates people, It always unities us. I think terrorism is nothing but violence in the name of religion which Islam never permits to anyone. Violence is totally against of Islam. As the terrorist are saying that "Its Jihad", No, Its not Jihad. Jihad is a holy war. According to Prophet Mohammad that "Apne nafs se jihad karo" means a war against our own desires. Jihad means the victory of righteousness over evil. So terrorism is against of Islam-ism as well as humanity.Justify FullNo doubt Islam is the best religion & Its spread all over the world due to Its simplicity & good laws. As I have seen the simplicity of Islam practically in my life. I born in a Hindu family & having a eagerness to know Islam-ism from my childhood so once I get into a mosque. I offered prayer in a different way so one of the people asked that " what is your name?". I told my name with fear "Shyam Jaiswal". You know what happened after that all people from the mosque hugged me & appreciated me. After that they offered me to eat with them without discriminating the cast, creed & religion. From that moment I have a great respect for Islam-ism as well as to the followers. Another Incidence from the Hadith(Islamic religious book)" During the time of Prophet a person get into the "Masjid-ul-Haram" & done stinza(call of nature) their to see this Prophet told him kindly that " This is not the place for stinza, this is the place for prayer". To see the kind act of Prophet he & his follower converted to Islam-ism. In reality this is Islam & Its act.
At last I would like to say those who are the part of terrorism. They are never be a part of Islam-ism. Please don't blame the best religion by your cruel act. You people also know that we people are the children of Adam & Eve than don't kill your brother in the name of religion. Love every one like your brother because "Love is the law of life".

January 17, 2010


Why security check is an issue to VIPs in India? This is because of our poor law & order of India. Particularly in India none of the VIPs like political leaders, Film stars & Famous people don't like to go through security check as they were habituated to brake the security brier to show their power, position, money as well as name & fame. According to them only common people needs security check & security check is against their prestige & status. As the mater of fact such mentality of VIPs gives chance to the terrorists & criminals to commit crime. The country like USA, UK & China never compromise with security. They are treating every one in the same manner that's why they are safe from Terrorist attack. For example, you see after 1993 so many terrorist attack in India but after 9/11 no terrorist attack in USA. Its shows clearly that our poor security system responsible for such attacks. I think you all have seen & heard about former President APJ Abul Kalam , Film star Shahrukh Khan & Salman Khan's controversy over security check in USA. I think the reaction of President Kalam is justified but Shahrukh & Salman's reaction is baseless. They reacted in media that US is planned to insult & torture them through security check & our stupid media also highlighted the issue through their headline as "Rastrapati ka apman, Shahrukh khan ka apman & Salman kahn ka apman" means the Insult of President Kalam, film star Shahrukh khan & Salman Khan. I don't know, what media want to prove through this? I think they have to understand it, this is not an insult but Its a law to protect our nation from terrorist attack & criminal activity. I think every one needs to follow this rule as a true citizen for the shake of nation & Its people.
At last I would like to say, we people started to think like that, Its a formality but we have to understand it deeply because Indian Govt is investing 75% of economy behind defense for our safety than what is the use of it? This is because we people leave safely & happily in our nation. So we need to follow this rule like true patriot & worthy citizen without thinking our post,status as well as name fame in society. This is the only way to protect our nation from devils.


Failing in every big occasion, It became the style of Indian team. You see the performance of Indian team in world cup or any big tournament. No of times Indian team lost the final while they are so close to the win. Its a famous dialog of cricket lovers that" jit te jit te harna Indian team ki pahchan hai" means "loosing while so close to win". Only 20-20 world cup is exceptional when Indian team won the final & excluding it, Indian team lost final 99 times out of 100. Its become a habit of Indian team to perform their wost in final game & loosing it shamelessly. They are always performing their best in league matches & wost in final while we have a great bating attack in the world as well as good bowlers. Recently you have seen the birth day knock of Yuvraj Singh how he performed like a genius. Yuvraj is not only the example but every Indian bats performs his best on his birth day. Its shows clearly that Indian players are so talented & having power to change the game in any condition then question arises, Why a talented team fails in final? Is it a will issue or skill issue?. I think no one can put question mark on their skill & talent that means Its a will issue not a skill issue. If they are loosing willingly means they are involved in match fixing. I think you all have seen the laughing face of cricketers after loosing final games. This also puts a question mark on their honesty because the cricketers like Md Azharuddin, Ajay Jadeja, Nekhil Chopra & Nayan Mongia are already charged in match fixing & banned by BCCI.
At last I would like to say BCCI needs to investigate properly on match fixing issue of Indian Team. If investigation giving them clean chit from match fixing means Indian players unable to handle the pressure that why they are loosing in final game. I think Indian team needs a psychiatrist which will help them to handle the pressure of final game as well as win the final.

January 15, 2010


I am talking about famous film star, the king of Bollywood, the king khan, Mr Shahrukh khan who said to be grate Hockey lover after acting in "Chak De India"(a movie based on Indian Hockey). You know how he has shown his Hockey love when Hockey players protested to fulfill their demands. He did nothing only written in his blog about them, Is this your Hockey love?. Mr khan please see the work of Pakistani actress Salma Aga how she came forward to help Indian Hockey which forced Indian Hockey Federation as well as Indian govt to fulfill their demands of Indian hockey players. Being an Indian & a well wisher of Indian Hockey, I really appreciate her work.I think she having a grate heart compare to Indian actors because what she did, I think you can also do it for Indian Hockey. Its a mater of shame for you because did nothing, you know how to talk only. This time you are a zero Mr khan. You may be the king of Bollywood or king khan but not the king by heart. Your this act really hearten your fans because what you did that's not a work of a hero.
At last I would like to say to Mr Khan that "well done is better than well said" so being a king you must believe to do rather than speaking.


You see no of time question raised on Indian police honesty due to their evil act. When a keeper of law plays with laws its really shameful act as well as a threat to the humanity & society. I think you know about the fake encounter of Sahrabudin on 26th Nov 2005, by the Gujarat cops with the help of Andhra Pradesh police calming that he was planning to kill Chief Minister Modi & on 29th Nov 2005, his wife(Kasuserbi) killed & body destroyed. To innocent people killed by the law keepers five year ago & govt is unable to take action against the culprits still investigation is on from CBI. This is really shameful. This is not only case where police shown their evil act but you see the fake encounter of an MBA student by Jaipur police, fake encounter of three students by Bihar police & the molestation case of Haryana IG SPS Rathore. These are the shameful act of Indian police & that's why police are nicknamed as "Wardiwala Gunda" means "a criminal in police dress". As I have seen the evil act of Indian police in my life, what happened a thief caught red-handed by police during a snatching with me. Both of us taken to the nearest police station, when police come to know the snatcher is son of retired police inspector, in spite of charging him they started to beat me & forced to pay rs 2000/- as a penalty & threaten me to charge in murder case in case of not paying penalty. I paid the money & came out safely from the bloody hands of law keepers. From that moment I hate police & don't want to see their bloody face.
At last I would like to say the evil act of Indian police responsible for crime, Maoist & terrorism in India because when person loses his trust on law & order as well as justice then he takes law in his hand & become a criminal, Maoist & terrorist to take his revenge & find justice.So till Indian police won't correct themselves crime can't reduce from India.

January 14, 2010


As I am dreaming from childhood days to be a part of Indian defense because I thought that our defense sector is the only sector which is out of corruption but when I come to know about Major General P.C.Sen, Military Secretary Lt General Awadhesh Prakash and Lt Gen P K Rath, 11 Corps Commander Lt Gen Ramesh Halgali & their involvement in corruption broken my dream & trust. I always respect the shoulders from my depth of heart because of their selfless service to the nation but people like Mr Sen, Mr Praksh, Mr Ramesh & Mr Rath are the black spot on the name of shoulder. I think, Its better to open a grocery shop for them in spite of working in defense for money. The life of a shoulder is to serve the nation honestly not to earn money. A shoulder is a grate patriot who scarifies his life willingly for his nation, Its a noble profession. So please don't blame the shoulders to show your evil deeds for the greed of money.
At last I would like to say the corrupted people like Mr Sen, Mr Praksh, Mr Ramesh & Mr Rath should be hanged or given life time imprisonment for their terrorist like act. You see the Army Chief Deepak Kapoor's decision to take only"administrative action rather than harsher "disciplinary action" in the shape of court martial against them which is not good for Indian defense. They shouldn't be treated lightly in punishment because this will encourage others for corruption. You know the corruption in defense means a question mark on India's security system so take it lightly. Shoulders are to protect our nation, If they get corrupted then who will save us from enemies so Indian govt should take strong action against them & keep the defense corruption free for the bright future of India.