February 03, 2011

Proud To say we are corrupted !!! Please Don't Say Our Leaders Are Corrupted

 It's so easy to say that our leaders are corrupted but did we ever looked on ourselves how corrupted we are? you see now a days every part of our society is corrupted doesn't matter it's Education, Religious, Politics, Media, Defense, Sports, Judaical System, Agriculture, Healthcare, Police, Bollywood etc. Starting from a Auto driver to IAS officer every one is corrupted. A common man who gets very rare chance for doing corruption but when ever he gets a chance he is doing this work so greatly. For example Electricity theft, Lone default, Misuse of public property, Disobeying traffic rules, Misusing power, Dishonesty in work, offering bribe and many more.
You know the leaders of thieves always be a thief, when we are corrupted how can we expect our leader will be saint.
Do you know why our leaders are corrupted because in spite of correcting themselves they want to correct society and we people are doing the same thing while trying to correct the politicians.
We idiot people are electing the wrong candidate always and expecting honesty from the rascals is really greatest foolishness. As far as I concern the real culprit is citizen not politicians because "As you sow so you reap"".Kiyoki Babul Ke ped pe kabhi Angur Nahe ugte" In fact politicians are doing their duty, we people forgotten our duty during election and given our precious votes blindly to the wrong person. Now they are doing their work honestly than we people are shouting politicians are corrupted. Is this fare ti say that?
Please please don't blame our Politicians, they are choice of Indians.
Proud to say we are corrupted because we Indian only know to shout and nothing else. We don't want to do anything, we only know to complain, Blame and criticize as the matter fact these are the sign of a fool.
At last I would like to say that If we really want a corruption free society than follow the words of Mahatma Gandhi "Be the change you wish to see in the world" means correct yourself before correcting the society. This is the only solution to corruption. 
So let's take oath together to follow honesty and say no to corruption.


  1. You're imagination on corruption is utterly right my friend. Blaming politician is useless due to their selection is solely based on our vote. So, we do not ethical right for blaming them.

  2. Thanks alot for coming on the page and getting the right concept