India Won ICC World Cup 2011, The Dream Came True In Wonderful Way

Today I have written this post before world cup final that "Who Will Win World Cup 2011? India Or Srilanka! In this post I predicted that India will win world cup and India won the ICC World Cup 2011 in style after defeating Srilanka by six wicket so I would like to congratulate Captain Dhoni, Indian team and every Indian for winning world cup.

UbiSlate 7Ci (commercia​l version of Aakash2) ready for delivery

DATAWIND is offering commercial version of Aakash2 for general public at Price of Rs. 4229 only. As you already aware Aakash2 was launched and offered for educational use only at price of Rs. 1130. Any Students from India can book and have this low cost tablet at Rs. 1130 price. But if general public like me want to have it than we need to pay Rs. 4229.

Mahindra XUV 500 Launched in India at a Price tag Between Rs 10.80 lakhs to Rs 12.88 lakhs

Now you can convert your dreams in reality because ” Mahindra and Mahindra, India’s leading manufacturer of utility vehicles on Thursday launched its new global sport utility vehicle Mahindra XUV 500 priced between Rs 10.80 lakhs to Rs 12.88 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) available in seven attractive colors.

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Price, Review, Release date, First Look, Specifications, Features, Mileage and Picture Gallery

Japanese auto maker, Mitsubishi has beautifully combined hybrid and luxury with next generation technology and crafted the world’s first production plug-in hybrid SUV, 2014 Outlander PHEV which which debuted at 2012 Paris Auto Show.

Microsoft Lunches The Best Operating System Window 8

To give you a fester, smarter and beautiful life Microsoft has launched The king of all operating system, the all new Window 8, the world’s best-selling computer operating system for the touchscreen age..

March 31, 2010

Great News, Bandra Worli Sealink Opened

Bandra Worli Sealink Now Opened, its great news for Mumbai people while who inaugurated this sea link kept an unforgettable bitter memory, I am talking about Big B Amitav Bachan, finally all well that ends well, 46 years after first being conceived and many years spent in delay, the BWSL is finally open to public. I drove there today morning and had the following observations:
- Despite being touted as an 8-lane road, the BWSL only consists of 4-lanes as of now. In fact, construction of the other 4 lanes is far from being complete as this photo of the exit at Worli clearly shows.
- Cranes are still there on the Central Tower and the two smaller towers. Work is obviously in progress here.
- Dispersal at Worli will remain a problem. Today, we had to go to the opposite end of Worli Sea Face road to take a U-turn and drive back to South Mumbai. Hopefully this arrangement is only for today and there will be a direct right turn at the exit point itself.
- Keeping the speed limit at 50kmph pretty much kills the point of such a bridge. Doubt it will be adhered to.
- Without a Worli-Haji Ali-Nariman Point link, this is just one part of the Western Freeway project. It will only benefit those who live/work around Bandra/Worli. For everyone else, they will only move faster from one traffic jam to another.
But for whatever it's worth, this is a significant event in Mumbai's creaking infrastructure saga.
At last I would like to say that this sea link not only shorten the distance between Bandra & Worli but also beautifies the infrastructure of Mumbai.


According to Maurice Strong "What pleases me most is that sustainable development is on almost everybody's agenda now" but our development is unsustainable development where 50% people are struggling to fulfill their basic needs due to rocket high "inflation" on the other hand our govt is spending 75% of our economy behind defense every year, Is this development? The word ‘Development’ means the development of every citizens and their living standard, not the development of infrastructure like roads, bridges, flyovers, buildings, parks and improve in source of communication etc. What about the slums in India and the poor people on the road without food, clothes and slather. The largest slum area of world “Dharavi” is in India & 10% of our population living on begging, to solve this problem during "Common Wealth Game 2010", our govt decided to restrict beggars from the game venues, this is our development and there, promise of development is nothing but poor people’s day dream which, I Know, won’t be fulfilled, ever.
I think you all have seen the famous movie “Slum Dog Millionaire”, the story of a slum boy of India in reality. Only polishing the capital of every state and giving opportunity to the rich people is not a development. A country where slum dwellers/common man cannot dare to be doctor, engineer and an MBA because of the unaffordable college fees which rich people can only afford it, can’t boast to be developing.
Just see the education difference in a govt. and private school. A country like India where there is a huge gap between two classes of people, upper class have a lot of money that they are keeping their dogs live in air conditioned rooms and in the lower class unable to afford their basic need like food, clothes and slather, forget about their education.
The Govt. is giving salary hike to employees and on the other hand is hiking the fair and the food product of daily use without thinking of the common man or a daily wager. In such a situation, govt. claim of development is hogwash, as the question still looms how a daily wager/commoner will survive in this scenario? And to add more to their woe a chief minister’s statement goes like this “Aam admi apna jeb dhili kare vikas ke liye” (the common man has to cut their pocket for the development), depicts the poor mentality of govt. for development.
At last I would like to say This development is only for the rich people not for the poor people, the real development is the development of every citizens and providing them equal opportunity of living in a developed society.


Lord Krishna said in Bhagwat Gita that “In every age I will come back to deliver the holy & to destroy the sin of sinners to establish righteousness” but why God is delaying to step down on earth? I think this is the right time for this holy work, just see the pathetic condition of society none of the sector is out of corruption either it’s social or religious. From the ancient time religion playing the most important role to reform the society but now days some devil people corrupted the religion through their devils work, some people using it to earn money while some using it for crime as well as money you see the works of religious preachers like Pope Benedict, who is involved in child sexual abuse in church, God men Swami Bhimanand & Swami Nityanand, both are involved in running sex react in their ashram, Maulana Imaran, who is involved in child sexual abuse in Madersa & the terrorist, who are playing the game of blood in the name of religion & naming it “Jihad”, while we are thinking that we can reform the society through religion but these devil people corrupted the religious sector that no body like to go to the religious places as well as the religious preachers due to corruption, now question arises, how can you reform the society & correct the people? As the mater of fact to see the miserable condition of the society no option remains for us, in spit of looking on the sky for the Almighty God, “o” God please help us & save us from the devils, this is not only my prayer but also the voice of every heart.
At last I would like to say that no one can reform the society in spite of God, now it’s a turn for God to step down on earth to destroy the sin of sinners & establish righteousness

March 29, 2010


A common man only knows the meaning of retirement, pension & PF (provident fund), either its private sector or Govt sector or any other sector there is provision for retirement because we people think that after 40’s or 50’s human being are starting loose their physical & mental power & after 60’s it’s a saying in India "sathiyana"means 60’s brings mental handicapness as well as physical, who had been described to me as weak-brained or hot-brained, in this stage 90% people behaves like child due to lose of memory. My question to all of you, why there is no provision of retirement in politics? If a common man is incapable for working in an organization after 60’s than how a politician is capable to rule our state or nation? Are they super human being or any thing else as they are contesting in election till the end of their life. I think this is the min reason for our backwardness & we are still far away from development because mentally handicap people are ruling our nation just the problems like inflation, population growth, unemployment problem electricity problem, water problem, illiteracy problem, these problems are still unsolved since our independence, its shows clearly they are incapable to rule our nation they should also need retirement in old age like common men.
A t last I would like to say that politicians should take retirement form the active politics after 50’s for the bright future of the nation because a person who is unable to take care of himself hoe can he take care of the nation so please take retirement form the active politics in your old age for the bright future of the nation, which will make a corruption free society as well as politics.


“Go green to save water” I think govt should start this slogan in spit of “save water to conserve it”, in fact we can‘t fight with water crises to conserve water. As I have read an article on the eve of water day in TOI, its main motto is to bring public awareness to conserve water as the ground water label dipping in alarming speed, in Delhi & NCR, ground water dipping 2m/per year on the other hand given solution to fight with water crises that (1)Rain water harvesting (2) Water conservation, I am totally disagree with TOI because we can’t fight with water crises to conserve it or harvest rain water, in fact conserving & harvesting is good idea but the best one because if we have to go through delay in monsoon, law rain fall & droughts than what we will do? Did you imagine, what will be our condition that time? Depending on rain water to fight with water crises is greatest stupidity & nothing else, this will no where going to help us to fight with water crises & stabilize under ground water. I think the only thing that will help us to fight with water crises that is “save tree & plant tree” to save water program. We people forgotten that trees & plants play the most important role to conserve & renew the under ground water, as TOI claimed that water level dipping due to over exploitation of ground water, while fact is that water level dipping to deforestation & development program, you see the states where forests they are not facing water crises & their ground water also not dipping like our metropolitan cities &towns, question arises why only the towns are facing water crises this due to anti green program for development & nothing else, if I am lying than do proper study on environment or read environmental science books, you will get the answer that how far I am true.
At last I would like to say that govt should ban deforestation & start “Go green program” like “save & plant trees” to fight with water crises & to renew the under ground water not only the govt but every citizen should take initiatives to save & plant tree with this new slogan “Go green to save water”.


“Water is life, every drop of water is precious so save water” I think this slogan is familiar to every human being as well as Indians but we Indians don’t understand the meaning of this slogan yet as I have seen the acts of Delhiites, per day they are wasting plenty of water to clean their homes, cars, vehicles & their roads too, in Delhi it’s a common site of wastage of drinking water, as Govt has given water supply to common men but that’s without any tap, only a pipe is connected with the main pipe line people are taking water & rest of time its nothing more than flowing stream for the children to play in it & in this way every day plenty of precious drinking water wasted by Delhiites, this is the condition of our capital than what to talk about the other states & their villages, it’s a serious mater to think, if we will not take precaution to save water than day is not far when India will turn in to a desert & people are dying like animals. You see as per recent World Bank report the water level in India has been going down consistently, in 1997 water level of India was around about 550 cubic km. out of this surface water was around 310 cubic km & ground water is about 240 cubic km, the level has dropped down to 480 cubic km in 2010, while in Delhi water table dipping 2 meter every year, according to TOI, the water level dipping in alarming speed & putting a question mark in our survival by the year 2050. Just see the water bodies are drying up & temp is rising as the day progresses; just see, Delhi recorded the maximum temp of 39 degree Celsius in march2010, what will be in May & June? It can’t be predicted or may be 50 degree Celsius means we people are creating t the unsustainable condition due to our carelessness & greed for example Chennai was running under water crises for decades & due to over exploitation of ground water as the result of that ground water plummeted to the crises level & unfit for human consumption, so AIADMK Govt made rain water harvesting compulsory in Chennai to fight with the water crises. I think every state should draw lesson from it & take initiatives like Chennai people to conserve the water for their bright future.
At last I would like to say that central Govt should take immediate action to conserve the ground water as well as state govt. to start public awareness program to teach them the drawbacks of water dipping & benefits of water conservation. Not only the Govt but also every citizen should take initiatives to save water, because life is not possible without water, water is life & every drop is precious.


Its famous saying about politicians that “politicians can promise to make a bridge where there is no river” because they only know how o speak, they don’t know how to do. Just see the election manifestos of political parties, its almost unchanged since our independence, during the time of Gandhi & Nehru, they promised to solve the problems like inflation, illiteracy, poverty, electricity, water, education, unemployment & bring development & after the 64 year of independence still political parties are promising the same thing to the common men during election & failing in every occasion. The election manifestos of every political party are unchanged, why? The problems like inflation, electricity & poverty are that much critical that can’t be solved or the political parties don’t want to solve them or don’t want to change their election manifestos? God knows better! I think politicians don’t want to solve these problems for their bright future because once these problems will get solved than what will be their election manifestos & what they will promise to the common men in return of their votes & how can they fool them.
At last I would like to say that these problems will never get solve till common men will not understand the dirty politics & elect the right candidate to rule our nation.


To see the growth in corruption & crime in every sector of the society either its social, political, Govt, private, spots or religious memorizing the great social reformers like Gandhi Jee, Mother Teresa, Rajram Mohan Rai, Sarojini Naido, Lord William Bantic & Binoba Bhave, who played a major role to reform the society & given equal right of living to every one, if we are alive & living happily, this is because of them but after their era our society became more corrupted, do you know why? Because after them no social reformer born in India in spit of social polluters. Now a days social service is turned a profession for earning money, you see the work of politicians, religious preachers & NGOs, their main motto is social service but now they are working for money only & nothing else, the corrupt politicians, corrupt religious preachers & blacklisted NGOs are the great example
At last I would like to say that our society needs some selfless social reformers to clean the dirt of society which is hidden the mind of the common men due to the influence of dirty politics & Bollywood. O God please send some good people in this nation to reform the society & it will be best, if you will come to reform us because situation of the society gone so worst that a human being can’t do it in spite of you so please come again as you came in every era to protect the humanity & stabiles righteousness & peace.


IPL(Indian premier league) turned into IIL(Indian Injury League) in his third season, just see the injury of famous players like Dhoni, Gambhir, Zaheer & Sehwag, last year Zaheer & Sehwag got injured during IPL & returned after a long time in international cricket & this year Gambhir & Dhoni. Do you know what the reason behind these injuries? This is not because of too much cricket in world cricket but this is the sweet reward of extra efforts & money love. You see before IPL the players like Dravid, Zaheer, Dhoni,Harbhajan & Gambhir are in injured player list but during IPL suddenly these players got fit & started to play in IPL as the mater of fact they didn’t recovered completely from their injury, the money & glamor of IPL forced the players to such great risk during their injury. I think this is the main reason for injury & another reason the extra efforts they are giving IPL matches which our players never shown in international cricket, if I am fooling you, than watch any of the IPL match you will find out every player trying to give their best either its batting, bowling or fielding, especially I would like to high light the ground fielding during IPL the insensible dives & jumps to save a boundary & single putting them in danger & it’s the another reason for injury, just remember the last IPL, how Shewag & Zaheer got injured during ground fielding & taken a long break from international cricket, to see such injury during IPL rising the fear of dark future of Indian cricket.
At last I would like to say that BCCI should not allow unfit players in IPL for the bright future of Indian cricket & players too. Every player most go through fitness test before IPL other wise day is not far when IPL will torn into Indian injury league for the Indian cricketers.

March 18, 2010


“New Delhi: Did you think a peg or two would do wonders for your heart? Unfortunately, not if you’re Indian. The largest-ever study to investigate the link between alcohol consumption and heart disease among Indians has made an interesting revelation — even small amounts of alcohol consumption harms Indians”, according to TOI & you know the harmful effects Alcohol it can give you varies diseases like brain damage, slurred vision & slurred speech, bleeding throat, heart disease, stomach ulcers, liver failure, intestine cancer or ulcer, osteoporosis etc. but now days drinking is a fashion among the youngsters, but to this news is warning bell for the youngsters who drinks only for fashion or showing his royalty or to accompany his friends. You know every month Delhi people drink 20,000000of bottle alcohol, how badly effected Delhi by this killer diseases, on the other hand in Delhi its very much common drinking & driving especially among the youngsters, according to CADD{campaign against drunken driving} 65% road accidents results due to drunken driving ,every year they killing 1500 people. Total no of drunken drivers charged in Delhi 30,000, this figure shows the poor future of India where a person risking his own life as well as others only for the world “style” can they develop? This culture is not our culture, this is totally against of our culture, to see the foreign culture we people started to follow it but we stupid people forgotten the country like US, UK & USSR are not drinking for fashion, they bound to drink because of the cold climatic condition while India is a hot country & drinking hear is nothing but putting your life on risk.
At last I would like to say all of you who drinks for fashion & style, please say no to Alcohol, for the sake you’re your heart & life because a healthy heart makes a healthy body & a wealthy person as well as a beautiful life


“Behavior is the mirror in which every body reflects his own image” and it’s absolutely right that we always judge a person by his behavior. You see Delhi is going to host the commonwealth game in 2010, but our behavior especially in public places like buses, metro and in visiting places is a serious matter for Delhi govt. to think over. We people are behaving like animals in every place. What type of moral this will set in front of the world? What we people want? Govt. needs to teach us lesson for good behavior. I am remembering the saying of Sudarsan jee Maharaj that “correct yourself otherwise everybody will kick you”. So please behave well. As I have seen the inhuman behavior of people in metros, in buses and in public places for example;
1- Young women and men sitting on seats reserved for senior citizens’ and physically handicapped people and their unwillingness to offer seat to the deserving person.
2- Sitting of a young man or a boy on seats reserved for ladies, and denying offer it, like a shameless creature.
3- Pushing each other without caring for an old man or lady to get a seat.
4- Spiting, smoking and drinking in public places.
5- Using walls, public places as open toilets.
6- Breaking the traffic rules is usual habit.
7- Beating of a cyclist, a rickshaw puller or an innocent person by the motorists is like they have no right to walk on the road.
8- Specially honking on red light. What is the use of it?
9- Misbehave with women in public place.
10- The main point, our political leaders’ behavior in parliament. If our leaders will behave in this way, how they are expecting from their citizens to behave properly. So they need to behave well first.
At last I would like to say these are the common example of our behavior in public places. Now think it, is this our image to be an Indian? No, this is not our image, we Indian are famous from the ancient times for our best culture and behavior & our slogan is "Atithi devo bhava"(guest is God) as we are hosting the common wealth game 2010 & the whole world is going to watch us. So please behave well Delhi for the sake of Bharat Mata.


Baba Ramdev told “No doubt PM Manmohan Singh is a good economist & understands perfectly the growth rate bue he didn’t understand the economics of “Dal-Roti” & common men eats bread not growth rate”, according to TOI, these are not only the words of Baba but the voice of 100 million Indian’s heart which is buried from a long time & helpless common men unable share their feelings with media because in India common men have no right to speak they are know as a vote bank & nothing else. You see the statement of PM Manmohan Singh that “our motto is development” & "I can go beyond distance for Indo- PAK peace project", he never told that "we will control inflation & poverty", A country where 50% people suffering to fulfill their basic needs due to rocket high inflation & 10% people leaving on Bagging & 10% people's permanent slather is footpath, their talking about "development' how far justified. You see our govt has restricted those beggars to get in to the game venue, during 2010 common wealth game to show our growth in front of the world, only improving the infrastructures of towns & capital or making rich people richer through their cruel policy & taking Indian sensex to the 20k mark is not the growth but growth is the another name of developed lifestyle of common men, while development is far away from our life & looking like a unfulfilled dream.
At last I would like to say that till our govt will not change their dirty policy, we can’t develop so please think about the common men rather than growth.


To see the “currency garland” of UP Chief Mayawati Baba Ramdev reacted in the media that ‘after cleaning the body and mind, he wanted to clean politics, he also planning to launch his own party in last three year, he told his party manifestos that (1) Removing illiteracy & poverty, (2) Bringing back 300 lakh corer of black money stashed in overseas, (3) Removing gaps between upper class & lower class, according to TOI, I think this manifesto is equivalent to BJP’s last year election manifestos, being an Indian I really appreciate Baba’s thought, but My question is that before this garland issue what he was doing? As you told politics is corrupt what about the Hindu religion, do you ever though that how corrupted the religion sector is, and just see the god man like Swami Bhimanand & Swami Nitayanand & their devil work, I think you need to remove corruption from the religious sector rather than politics. If you are that much honest & liberal than why are you charging so mush money in you yoga training camp, for your kind information the charge of a single ticket is 2500/- to 3000/- which only a rich can afford, poor can’t, being a yogi you are not thinking about the poor people than how can you expect the political leader will think about them. In fact when you will organize free yoga training camp for the poor than only we will realize you are the well-wisher of poor people other wise its nothing more than a dialog which every political party says during every election.
At last I would like to ask Baba Ramdev that “What exactly attracted you in politics, to removing corruption or the “currency garland” of Mayawati? God knows better!

March 16, 2010


The controversial Chief Minister of India Mayawati added another controversy in his ministry on the eve of 25 the year of BSP & 76TH birth anniversary of founder of Kashi Ram when his supporters presented her a garland strung together 1000 rupee notes and is estimated to have cost anywhere between $400,000 and $2m. In reaction over that" currency garland" issue Cong legislative party leader Pramod Tewari described it an ugly display of money power while BJP spokes person Hriday Narain Dixit said that it was “loot ka paisa” according to BBC News & TOI. BSP is already a culprit for spending 300 corer of public money in maharally & behind Ambedkar Park & birth day celebration but when it’s a turn for helping the victims of Partapgarh District of Utter Pradesh, stampede where 63 people including 26 children and 37 women have been killed and more than 400 injured, BSP chief told” I have no fund for the victims”, if they have no fund than how can they managing such expensive big rallies, birth day celebration, statues & currency garland. A state govt openly misusing the public fund but why our govt is still silent? God knows better.
At last I would like to say that it’s impossible to understand the “Maya of maya” , to she her statue love its looking like that day is not far when UP people will be replaced by the statues as govt is already given green signal to the 33% women reservation bill, if more such women leader will appear in Indian politics than no doubt India will be get in to “Stone Age”.

March 15, 2010


A doctor is regarded as God because he saves the life of a patient, but now a day these Gods are started to play with the patients’ life for the greed of money. "The Medical Council of India(MIC) has prescribed an antibiotic against such errant doctors, if doctors accepting gifts from the Pharmaceutical companies will face punishment a fine to at least one year of license suspension" According to TOI. I think its great move by MIC for the welfare of patients but how far it will go to tech the errant doctors & to make them honest towards their duty, it can’t be said because most of the doctors having good contact with the pharmaceutical companies & they are getting commission on their prescribed medicines that’s why they are prescribing only those medicines which available in the nearest medical store or their contacted companies. Now MCI has to think how such doctors will be identified because 99% doctors are involved in this business, If we are able to find out such errant doctors than no doubt we can able save some patients life as well as their money. You see recently through vaccine 2 child died & 17 suffering from serous illness.
At last I would like to say that Govt should take strict action against such errant doctors to save the life of common men as well as to make corruption free medical sector.


"IPL (Indian Premier League)" or you can say it “Indian Paisa League”, started his money gambling along with film stars like Shahrukh Khan, Preity zinta, katrina kaif, shilpa shetty etc & the business tycoons like Vijay Mallya & Mukesh Ambani etc. The world is participating in it, as a player, as a advertiser or as a viewer, looking like its not a Indian premier league but the world premier league. As I am watching the IPL session three, I am not getting the feelings of cricket match, honestly I am saying its looking like a movie of advertisements, to see the dress of IPL players with no of logos of advertisement & an advertisement in every 30 sec, we are watching advertisement more than cricket, OK, what ever happening, I don’t mind, to see the good cricket by Indian players, they are trying to give their best in every sector of cricket either its batting, bowling or fielding, first time I am watching them, playing honest cricket according to their capability, hoping that IPL will make them honest. Now come to the IPL, IPL has given a new definition to the cricket. It’s becoming so entertaining that it have given a serious competition the Movies and so many reality shows. The sensational & the fastest 100 by Yusuf Pathan, in just 37 balls against "Mumbai Indians" created an electrifying environment in IPL & With the start of "Kolkata Night Riders (KNR)" and the last time champions "Deccan Chargers" match - The real battlefield of entertainment has picked up the right start. KNR’s two win over champions has spread the smell of how tough and challenging it will become. Nobody is underperformed and over performed here. Although the team efforts are required but it is just the one man who can change the pace of the game at any point of time. For the next coming months IPL and then Twenty 20 world will give a pause to other entertaining modes. Enjoy this season of entertainment to the fullest as cricket is the name of uncertainties & also hoping that in season 3 Sreesanth will not cry & BCCI will not ban Harbhajan.
At last I would like to say that the no1 spot in the test cricket & 2nd spot in ODI is the result of IPL & the money behind it which helped Indian players to perform their best doesn’t mater its for money or any thing but they pleased the Indian through their work, great job, Be the no 1 in the world.

March 14, 2010


LinYutan told that “Show me man of violence that came to a good end & I take him for my teacher”, In fact its a reality that a man of violence never have a good end, world history is the greatest example in front us, just see the end of Ravana, Kansha & Duryadhna, Hitler, Saddam Hussain, Birappan or Pravakaran & soon you will see the end of Osama Bin Laden,but I don’t know why people believes in violence rather than peace, you see from the ancient time we are trying to establish peace but known of king, emperor or leader able to find peace in this world, what is the reason behind it? Why peace is far way from us? As the mater fact we are talking about peace always but our nature is violence than how can be peace is possible, every time we wanted peace through violence & peace can’t be possible with violence because violence always bring violence, hatred or another reason for war that’s why after a long time battle against violence people failed to find peace. You see when ever violence spread in this world, every time God has came to protect humanity & establish peace & righteousness like Lord Rama. Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ & Prophet Mohammad in their respective era, I think our nature is violence that’s why peace is impossible to establish in this world, we people fought uncountable wars & still fighting on the name peace or religion & killing each other mercilessly for the greed money or the proud of power . Now a days every nation talking about peace but cold war is still on between every nation that’s why every nation trying strengthen their defense power compare to other nation, Indo-Pak & Indo-China are the great example, they are always talking about peace but unable establish peace in their own country what to talk about with other nation, it shows no one like peace. According to US President Brack Obama that “Some times war is necessary”, indeed some time war is necessary but that time when all doors to peace closed but peace never possible through violence, you see the results every war, its brought only destruction of humanity & nothing else. This is all about nation now come to the common people how they are involved in violence, either its Education sector, Religious sector, sports, Parliament or road, you will easily find out the violent nature of human being every where, even for a coin we people are fighting with each other , so said to us.
At last I would like to say that I would like to say that peace is impossible to establish in this world, I think God has to come once again in this world to establish “peace & righteousness” & no one can do it.


“Lahore Blasts: Indian Proxy War against Pakistan”, when I read this article in "Instablogs"written on Lahore bomb blast by one of the citizen of Pakistan, I found to know how much poison, hidden in the hearts of Pakistanis for Indians & how wrongly they misguided by the political leaders & religious preachers, just see the key word of this article “The success of Pakistan, its security forces and intelligence agencies are not being digested by India and they started a plane fresh wave of targeting heart of Pakistan (Lahore)”, he also claimed that “Hindus extremists are creating problems in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. India is giving the money and weapons to the terrorists in these countries”, can you believe this? Now its a mater to think seriously for Indian govt on the peace project of India & Pakistan because where a citizen keeps such type cheap mentality, what to talk about the political leaders, I think its use less to go for peace with Pakistan to hear such type statement of a Pakistani. When we are talking about terrorism than Pak is talking about “Kashmir Issue” both are going in different direction & now they are blaming India for bomb blast in Lahore, not only the leaders but the common men also just see the protest of citizens against India in Pakistan on the other hand our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement that “I will go beyond distance to establishes peace between India & Pakistan” , no doubt about it our govt taken no of initiatives for friendship, but every time result came in negative, so PM asked Dubai govt to mediate between us for peace but again situation gone out of control & Pak is blaming India for Lahore Blast. We are blaming Pakistan for terrorists attacks & Pakistan blaming India, no body want go for solution as the mater of fact “one who blames, criticizes & complains he is a fool”, don't we showing our foolishness to blame each other , rather than finding the solution. We all know this blasts are result of our poor security arrangement & nothing else, in this way both Pak & India want to hide their incapability to fight against “Terrorism”.
A t last I would like to say that terrorist attacks are the result of poor security arrangement & no thing else till we will not strengthen our defense no one can save us from "Terrorism"so please alert your security agencies in spite of blaming each other like a fool, It’s a reality when our security will be alert no body having power to get into our nation what to talk about terrorism.

March 13, 2010


“We apologize to the nation, we have let every body down, we don’t feel like continuing any more in the national team” one of the Pakistani player given his statement after loosing to Canada & finished last in the hockey world cup, this was the four time champion worst performance in the world cup, going through the continuous flop shows in the world hockey Pakistan team decided to retire while some of them are teenagers, I really appreciate & love the spirit of Hockey Pakistan as they decided to retire because when you unable to serve your nation & make proud to your country than you have no right to destroy it, so it’s a great move by Pakistan hockey team on the other hand Hockey India also maintained their brother wood with Pakistan finished so close to them & got 8th position. Indian Hockey Team is showing his flop show from last 20 year while in past Indian is the only team who won eight gold medals in Olympics, I think Indian hockey also need to retire like Pakistan hockey team because they have no right to play for their nation to see their continuous flop shows in world hockey in last 20 years, when you unable improve your self in last 20 year than how can we expect improvement now, s the mater of fact I never heard winning Indian hockey any where in my life, so if you can’t bring proud for nation than you have no right to destroy it. When its mater of money you people protested on the road & boycotted the practice season of hockey world cup, now you got your money but performed as poor as you can, what to do with you? "Tit for Tat”, life time ban to the hockey team for poor performance, you are lucky that you are in India not in Pakistan on the other hand you are comparing hockey with cricket for money , just see Indian Cricket team is the No1 team in world cricket but hockey India is the 2nd last in world hockey . Now realize how far away hockey is, from cricket & at list beg apology for your poor performance like Pakistan team, we will forget every thing, but you can't.
At last I would like to say that Indian hockey team also needs to be retire like Pakistan or pay penalty for their poor performance in the world cup, this is the only way to teach them lesson. You know only to fight for money not for nation, what is the use of Hockey India? Great job & say “Chak De India"


If any one want to learn the art of misusing technology, than learn it from Indians because no body knows better than Indians, how to utilize the technology? You see August Kotter invented Rifles to protect the humanity from animals& enemies while we Indian are using it, in crimes like robbery, murder, rape etc. Now come to the mobile phones, Dr. Martin Cooper invented mobile phone to establish better communication in between people & we Indian are using it, in aashiqui(romance), I think you all aware about this, how our young generation using it. Now come to pinhole hidden camera, Alhazen (Ibn Al-Haytham), invented pinhole camera for “security purpose” but we Indians are using it, in change room of the shopping mall or swimming pool for making MMS or any other sex related crime, I think you all have seen such news in news channels. Joseph and the British Berners-Lee invented Internet for development & to connect the world together but the most shameful thing, we Indians are doing that is the misuse of " Internet "the technology which is the greatest part of globalization & the treasure of knowledge, we Indian are using internet for watching porn sites or romance, if you don’t believe get in to any Cyber cafe, you will find out the dirty sight of watching porn sites by the teenagers or chatting with girl friends using Yahoo or Orkut. A country where youngsters are using technology in this way, can they develop? Please think about it, I think we Indian never thought about it, is this our culture? While we people always saying in front of the world “Proud to be Indian”, Is this our proudness?
At last I would like to say that science is a blessing, if you use it in right purpose but turns in to curse, when we are using it, wrong purpose. So choice is upon you, what you like? Blessing or curse, please use the technology for right purpose rather than your evil acts, when we Indian can do this than only we can say “Proud to be Indian”, Jai Bharat, Jai Hind.


“Politics is the dirty game” & one who gets dirt never remains clean & 2nd thing “ power comes to corrupt” & third thing “ uneasy lies beneath the throne” & 4th thing “women mind & winter wind often change”& last thing “ every change brings some good news as well as bad news”, please think over above written sayings, which compelling us to ask a question “women change the politics or politics change them?” As men society never corrupted like this but the influence of dirty politics in the present era made them corrupted & an honest man in politics is difficult to find out & those are honest want to keep distance from politics & saying that “ there is no place for honesty in politics”. You see the women society always known for honesty, scarifies, service & peace but after 33% reservation for women in parliament creating fear that can they get corrupt after getting right & power? Let’s see, what hidden in future, hope for the best.
At last I would like to say that women can clean the Indian politics rather than get dirtier in it & give us a corruption free govt, society & nation. I am 100% sure that women will clean the dirty politics into clean politics & bring development for our nation.

March 12, 2010


According to Nichole Hollander “Do you imagine the world without men? No crime & lots of happy fat women” no doubt about it to see the dishonesty & crime connection of men community, its looking like they are made for each other. You see the famous Ghotalas(scams), tainted cops, corrupt religious preachers , corrupt leaders, criminals, Maoists & terrorists, every where men community having 99% majority , they corrupted every sector of the society either its private & govt or social & religious or sports & entertainment.
As I have seen practically in life, as I have given no interviews in MNCs after my graduation, I found when ever a female HR taken my interview, I got selected when a male HR taken my interview, every time they rejected me in the first round saying some negative point, they are more interested in beauty rather than quality, when I have seen the hiring of duffer girls but they are looking like models , I think this is the main reason , that’s why MNCs faced setbacks in their business last year. 2nd thing when ever I worked under a female boss, I worked for long time without any problem & when I worked with male boss, they created an environment that I left the job with in a week, they are making conspiracy against me & giving wrong report to the senior about me, I faced such problems three times in my career while we are blaming women for making conspiracy, to see this, I came to know that a male is the murderer of a male’s career & hundred time dishonest than women, I think such corrupt people should be shoot at sight like a most wanted.
A t last I would like to say that male community is the another name of corruption, till they will not mend themselves, we will never grow like other developed countries. Remembering the saying of Sudarshan Jee Maharaj that “correct your self other wise every body will kick you” so it’s a request of mine to the corrupt male community that , please correct yourself , other wise its too late.


At first Haiti, than Chili & now Turkey & again Chili, ten quack in six hour , earth quack killed lakhs of innocent people mercilessly & now the threat of Tsunami, to see the calamity of natural on by one in every part of the world, a question arises in the depth of the heart that "Are those the shines of Akhirat(the last day)? According to the holy Quran that "Same sex legalization" & when people will be seen "dancing & singing" every where, that will be the shine of Akhirat. According to Lord Krishna "when corrupt people will rule the world that will be the end of the kalyog(the present era)" & According to the Maya civilization " when people will turn in to Bhadiya(animals) & start to kill each other, this will be the shine of the last day", you see the shines are matching as exactly written in the religious books, at first same sex legalization, 2nd corrupted people are in the authority & ruling the world, 3rd human being turned in to animals, you see their behavior is waste than animals, the corruption, crime, violence, murder, terrorism & war, every where human being playing the game of blood & killing each other like animals, humanity almost lost from the world & last see the side of Bollywood, every one want to be singer, dancer or actor & switch on the TV , you will find out people dancing & singing . These shines are in front of us & now see the calamity of nature, its looking like nature lost his balance in turned in to huge demon & killing humanity mercilessly & we people are saying it "Climate change" or "Global warming", we people organized no of summits & meeting to find the solution of "Climate change" but unable to find out the solution & looking helpless in front of the nature & waiting for our destruction.
At last I would like to say that these natural disasters are the shine of Akhirat(the last day), as we people turned in to animals & humanity is lost from the world so till we will not leave our animal nature & not behave like human being, no one can save us from the calamity of nature & the last day of the world so please behave like human being for the shake of the world & its people & leave with peace & love, this is the only solution to "Climate change" & to protect humanity from the calamity of nature.

March 11, 2010


After 14 years of long battle against men community finally women got freedom in India, when reservation bill got green signal in parliament. I think this reservation will bring freedom fro the women society because they are still in slaved; only men community got freedom in 1947 not the women community, that’s why Gandhi jee told that “We will become truly free, hen women community move freely in our society” & no doubt about Bapu’s thought, women are still unsafe in society, they can’t move freely in society because of men community & huge no of sex related crime & other crime against them shows the mirror to society. You see the former prime minister “Indira Gandhi” , how she ruled India , during his ministry none, including Pak & China of the ever dare to show their evil eyes to India while present scenario is totally different , I think she was the only leader who ruled India honestly . You see when the cruel budget of 2010 came in front of us none of the political leaders criticized, only the opposition leader Sushma Swaraj & CPM leader Bidra Karat dared to speak the truth while rest of all remained silent. I think this women reservation will create more honest leaders in Indian politics & reduce the crime against women & built the golden future of India.
A t last I would like to say that the great thing our govt has done that is “women's reservation”& this will bring a problem free & corruption free society & nation, as well as the real freedom to the women society, hope for the best & prepare for the………..

March 10, 2010


“Vardi Wala Gunda”, this is one of the famous novel, which I read during my school days, in which other mentioned, the various crime committed by a police man, its not a true story but see the statement of Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA), Mullappallay Rama Chandren , on Tuesday ,9th march 2010, said “ 500 officers of Delhi police had been arrested for various crimes, in the last three year”, I am thinking “ Vardi wala gunda” is the suitable title for Indian police. The minister also claimed crime committed by the police not rising & he refused to provide the details of tainted cops, according to the written reply, a copy of which is with Time City, 116 cops arrested in 2007 while in 2008, it’s increased to 251 means a huge 54% rise in crime rate, a part from this in 2009, 133 tainted cops were arrested, this is including constables & middle level officers holding the ranks of ACP & inspector, they are involved in various criminal cases like cheating, rape, murder & attempt to murder , graft charges, molestation & harassment etc. According to TOI, one of the senior police officer admitted “their might be more tainted cops inside the force” while a officer at the Vigilance wing said that “there are several others who are under temporary suspension & under going various charges leveled against them , their for not surprising rise in a coming day, police also claimed that “ they have zero tolerance against corruption & crime, the number provided by the MHA proves that " we are taking strong action against crime, claimed on the senior officer in head quarter . I have written briefly about Indian police in my article "Indian-police-responsible-for-crime" on my previous blog posting.
At last I would like to say that the growth in crime rate is nothing but the result of corrupted Indian police department. I think when keeper of laws, plays with laws, is equivalent to terrorism or betray to the nation so they should be treated like them & govt should take strong action against such corrupted police officers to make the Indian police department free from corruption because only the corruption free police can make a corruption free society & nation.