India Won ICC World Cup 2011, The Dream Came True In Wonderful Way

Today I have written this post before world cup final that "Who Will Win World Cup 2011? India Or Srilanka! In this post I predicted that India will win world cup and India won the ICC World Cup 2011 in style after defeating Srilanka by six wicket so I would like to congratulate Captain Dhoni, Indian team and every Indian for winning world cup.

UbiSlate 7Ci (commercia​l version of Aakash2) ready for delivery

DATAWIND is offering commercial version of Aakash2 for general public at Price of Rs. 4229 only. As you already aware Aakash2 was launched and offered for educational use only at price of Rs. 1130. Any Students from India can book and have this low cost tablet at Rs. 1130 price. But if general public like me want to have it than we need to pay Rs. 4229.

Mahindra XUV 500 Launched in India at a Price tag Between Rs 10.80 lakhs to Rs 12.88 lakhs

Now you can convert your dreams in reality because ” Mahindra and Mahindra, India’s leading manufacturer of utility vehicles on Thursday launched its new global sport utility vehicle Mahindra XUV 500 priced between Rs 10.80 lakhs to Rs 12.88 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) available in seven attractive colors.

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Price, Review, Release date, First Look, Specifications, Features, Mileage and Picture Gallery

Japanese auto maker, Mitsubishi has beautifully combined hybrid and luxury with next generation technology and crafted the world’s first production plug-in hybrid SUV, 2014 Outlander PHEV which which debuted at 2012 Paris Auto Show.

Microsoft Lunches The Best Operating System Window 8

To give you a fester, smarter and beautiful life Microsoft has launched The king of all operating system, the all new Window 8, the world’s best-selling computer operating system for the touchscreen age..

May 31, 2010

Indian Railway:- The Black spot on the name of development

I think its none to you that Recently in Delhi Railway Station, Two person died and another 40 were injured in a stamped. The two dead included a middle aged woman, identified as Soni and a 12-year-old child.The accident occurred when Bihar-bound Sampark Kranti Express, which was to arrive at platform no 12, arrived at platform no.13, leading to stamped. After this tragic incident Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee said " passenger should take care of themselves, what we can do", saying like showing the clear picture of Indian Railway security, this is not the first incidence of stamped, but this is the part of common men life, every day they are facing the same, if you don't believe than go & board in any of the general boggy doesn't mater its an express train of local from New Delhi, I am sure you must get an miner or major injury while getting into it.

Every day common men are facing the similar problem but this never came to light because of poor service of Indian RAILWAY while this incidence turned panic because 2 people lost their life & place is none other than our capital New Delhi, what talk about other cities & towns.
The life of common totally on the hands of God while traveling on Indian RAILWAY, This our Development where a common men risking his life while boarding in a train & after that traveling like animals.
Thanks to Democracy & Independent India
Great Job Indian Railway & Well said Mamata Benerjee.
At last I would like to say that Indian Railway is the Black spot on the name of development, only modernizing the platforms, you can't recognized developed but to give better service you do.
I am saying confidently, In this development only the infrastructure of Indian Railway changed but service is still as poor as it was during independence.We really became develop when all people get equal benefit regarding safety doesn't mater in which class he is traveling.
So Indian RAILWAY should work out in this field rather than developing the infrastructure only

May 30, 2010

WHO Finds Using Mobiles For Over 30 Mins Daily Could Raise Tumour

30 minutes a day on Mobile phone can put you in trouble?
Richard Bransonsaid that "I love the freedom of movement that my phone gives me. That has definitely transformed my life"& the world also think like this, you see Nowadays, Mobile phone is the most useful thing in every body's life & life seems impossible without it but this survey of WHO creating a fear in our heart that According to an international study by World Health Organization’s International Agency on the possible link between cancer and the long-term use of cellular telephones, a study found that Talking for too long on a mobile phone every day,half an hour or more,could increase the risk of brain Tumor. A long - awaited international study has been carried out to find the health risks of heavy usage of mobile phones.A survey of almost 13,000 people between 2000 and 2004 found most mobile phone users did not have an increased risk of developing meningioma a common and frequently benign tumor or glioma,a rarer but deadlier form of cancer.
Health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad had said that sensorineural deafness could occur in 30% of people using mobile phones for more than two hours a day over a two-year period.
John Walls, vice president of public affairs for CTIA-The Wireless Association, one of the sponsors of the report said, “All cell phones sold in the US must comply with the FCC’s radiofrequency exposure standards, which are designed to include a substantial margin of safety for consumers.
To reduce risk of cancer,Hansson Mild said that the research report about the study is not planned to cause public alarm or to increase concerns about extensive risk for the majority of people who use mobile phones. He said in an interview with Dow Jones, “It does however give reason to use caution when calling on wireless phones. Use handsfree and avoid wireless when possible.”
Every body knows that "Excess of every thing is very bad" so use mobile phones only for need not for entertainment or time-pass for happy & healthy life.

May 28, 2010

Once Teacher : Now Millionaire!

According to Peter Ustinov that "Corruption is nature's way of restoring our faith in democracy."
Mayawati and Mulayam Singh the Two well known leaders of Indian politics, when ever their is a talk about corruption their name always comes first. These two leaders having so many similarities at first both Mayawati & Mulayam starts from latter M than both belong to UP politics and have graduated from their respective position as teacher to Crorerpati(Millionaire). Both of them facing CBI charges on corruption and amassing wealth not in consonance to their known sources of income only one place where Mayawati is different from Mulayam singh Yadav that is her statue love & currency garland love, recently she declared her assert publicly as 84 cr, here I really appreciate her because what other leaders are doing behind the shadow she believes in doing it day light.
However, it does not matter to both of them as they enjoy good privileges which any commoner can not think of. But at the heart of the whole issue is how a teacher can become so rich that CBI has to look into their assets. Even law makers are not able to put those clauses in the rule book on which these can be booked and put behind bars. Not only they enjoy the fruits of power but have coolly passed on the next generation all these privileges.
Well done democracy. Hats of to you and as well to the practitioners of this fine art of making money, and be fooling the State.

Why seats are not reserved for gents?

Marilyn French told that "I believe that all human beings are equal. I believe that no one has the right to authority over anyone else."
I think every one has seen in bus, Metro trains, Govt. jobs, Education sector as well as in parliament, the rule of reserved seat for ladies. My question is to everyone, why seats are not reserved for gents? According to our democracy both male and female have equal rights of living. On the other hand, we are discriminating them. Forget about the education, govt. jobs and parliament lets discuss about the seats reserved in bus and metro train. I think it’s totally injustice to the gents as everyone has seen seat reserved for the ladies, senior citizens and for physically handicap but no one has seen seat reserved for the gents. Why? Do gents have no right to sit?

Did you ever see males in bus or metro train, they are traveling like animals. Please notice this announcement in metro that “male person are requested not to sit, seats are reserved for the ladies”. Do you ever realize where they will sit? As a result of that they start breaking the rules like sitting on the reserved seats or on the floor of the metro train.

In fact, honestly, I never enjoyed a journey in a bus or metro with seat. 99 times out of hundred, I traveled like an animal. Even if I went to the hospital for treatment as I heard from the politicians that “this reservation is for the development of women”. I don’t think this is development; real development comes through hard work and quality not by reserving seats.

My personal experience as I worked in a MNC, what I have seen there is, our boss is promoting beautiful girls and exploiting the talented and hard working males. As a result, many people turned to criminals or robbers. Why most of the crime committed by males? This is because of the exploitation they are facing everywhere since our independence following the rule of “ladies first”.

You see the example “A male slapped a Female and a Female slapped a man in both cases we are blaming the male person. This is totally injustice and against humanity. Being a male, I don’t take it in any condition.
The whole world is celebrating women day than why not man day?
At last I would like to say Govt. needs to correct the error and seats should be reserve for the gents like ladies, give them equal rights of living to act on this rule. No doubt this will make the difference for our nation and to reduce crime.

May 27, 2010

PM Manmohan Singh's Five promise to the nation true or false?

Every Indian knows that PM Manmohan Singh promised to solve five most impotent problems of India while addressing to Media on the eve of UPA govt's 1st year. During this press conference he promised to whole nation that,
lets see what are those
1-Maoist ,2-Inflation, 3-corruption,4- political management, 5- Indo-Pak ties/terrorism
Now question arises, are these problems going to be solve or how far these promise are true?
At first lets talk about Inflation PM Manamohan singh told that we will control inflation to 5% to 6% by Dec 2010. while similarly he promised last year of his last govt , he told that "Give me one more chance we can solve inflation" but result came a double digit 15% to 16% inflation mark. Its the mater of fun that since our independence every govt promising to reduce inflation but in spite of reducing its increasing day by day. The thing which not achieved since 53 year of independence than how it can be possible with in 7 month. Let's see what happening.
Now come to Moist, so far during UPA govt 1100 people killed in Moist violence & as the day progressing situation going to be waste & govt failed to take any action against them in spite of giving false assurance.

Corruption free Govt, these is impossible to do because corruption is the part of politics & another name of politics. You see the leaders like Lalu Yadav, Mulayam Singh, Mayawati, Sajan Kumar & many more are the another name of corruption govt is failed to take any action against them from a long time.
Political management is never possible in India because a collaborated govt never dare to do this because he is not independent.
Now come to most impotent topic that is Indo-Pak Ties& Terrorism, here I can saying confidently that this is most impossible task to find. You see the great leaders like Gandhi Ji & Nehru Ji failed to find peace between Indo-Pak that how can we expect that nay other can do it.
Lets thing positive but you see when ever Indian govt stretched his hand for friendship every time Pakistan given a explosive in our hand. Pakistan already given his indication while giving clean chit to Hafiz Saeed, the prime accuse 26/11 terror attack that peace can't be possible between Indo-Pak.
Terrorism the biggest problem of the world & looking like a unsolved puzzle & the developed country like US & USSR & UK failed to find the solution against terrorism as they are the minority tag how can we believe that we can able to find solution when India is the largest democratic country of the world.
At last I would like to say that the promise PM Manmohan Singh done with nation is impossible to keep & I am saying confidently these problem will never get solved, only a miracle or only God can do it.
If I am lying than wait & watch..........

May 22, 2010

Ban on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter & Blackberry service, right or wrong

Pakistan surprised the whole world after banning the social networking sits like facebook,Twitter, Youtube & Blackberry service. This ban was imposed due to the wake of a controversy over a contest featuring blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Mohammed.
Since "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" was announced on 20 May, those associated with its creation have been rushing around to distance themselves from the ensuing controversy. Cartoonist Molly Norris has announced, "I am NOT involved!"as a result of that shameful act,
20 million internet user of Pakistan will not assess those famous micro blogging sites.
According to a PTA official, the ban expanded to YouTube because some caricatures from Facebook were uploaded to Youtube. Twitter users have mentioned that Wikipedia and Flickr are on the blacklist too.
Without giving any officcal warning Pakistan blocked this sites.
Please the read the reactions of some Pakistani people over this ban:-

Mahnoor Aziz said May 22, 2010:-
"I am so proud of our PTA for the decision to ban facebook,I hope ban stays indefinitely,who cares about a social networking site we can sure live without it,its a waste of good time anyway when we can utilise that time planting trees and praying and giving charity.I have left facebook for good and I know many who’ve done the same.Bye bye FB,twitter and myspace here I come!!!!"
FAREEHA said May 22, 2010:-"WE LOVE MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) AND WE BEING MUSLIMS LOVES HIM ALWAYS".At last I would like to say that I am totally agree with Aziz & Farheen & their reaction is justified because if you don't know how to respect some one's sentiment you have no right to heart it & none of the religion ever permitted an one to heart other religious sentiment either he is a Muslim, Hindu & Cristian or belongs to any other religion.
So this ban is not wrong, all social networking sites should be take care of such activities other wise they will face the same treatment every where.
On the other hand, some news papers & magazines are using it for publicity ,you see, A South African weekly on Friday published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad complaining that his followers lack a sense of humor, angering Muslims and raising fear of reprisal attacks during next month's World Cup.This is really shameful & inhuman act of media as they are playing with the sentiments of millions of people, as well as putting millions of people's life in danger , for their won benefit. I think govt should take strict action against such news papers & Magazines.
The world should understand that either Hazrat Mohammad, Lord Krishna or Jesus Christ, they are the messenger of God & came in this world in their respective era.
So please stop your devilish work.

Mahatma Gandhi:-THE MAN WITH TRUTH

The best political leader in the world is none other than our father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi because no one has taken over at a worse time, and turned things around so completely like him & He is the only leader who did nothing for himself what talk about his family. you see nobody knows the family of Gandhi Jee & Nehru family is known to the world as Gandhi family as he crossed the limit of sacrifices when after freedom he served his "Gandhi"title to others & now a days political leaders are using his name for winning election.
Gandhi ji told that “Truth is the only weapon I have” & with the help of this weapon.
He had given us the sweet breath of freedom. He did all the heard work & when India got freedom, he denied taking any reward. According to Bapu, “labor never goes in vein” and he proved it to give us freedom. When he started the freedom fight a sage came to him and showing his eagerness to join it but Bapu told him to wear to “Khadi” instead of “Garwa vastra” to serve the people. From this short story, I want to remind the Indian political leaders that they wore “Khadi” to serve the nation and people but they lost their vision and working like kings. Nowadays, leaders are only good speaker, actor and I think you all have seen good fighter also. I have seen some political leaders to criticize Bapu, but they have forgotten that today they have got the liberty to speak freely only because of him.
At last I want to say no one can take the place of Bapu & that day is not far when world will worship like a God because of his achievement & what he did for us only a God can do it.
He is the best
Bapu ki Jai ho……..

YA HAI INDIA MERI JAAN(This is India My Dear)......

According to Abraham Lincoln “Democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people”. The world knows, India is the largest democratic country of the world & 2nd largest in population. But in India, Democracy is nothing but the game of idiots where citizens choose their leader blindly. India’s population is more then 100 corer, where 20% don’t even know the meaning of democracy and voting. 10% don’t have their voter id and 10 % never given vote to any one, 10% have no interest in politics. That means only 50% casting their votes in reality. Still in the states like UP and Bihar people are casting their votes blindly without even knowing the name of their candidate and party. I have seen it in my own eyes; villagers are asking their village head “kakra ke vote deya ke ba” (To whom, should we to cast our vote). In reply their leader showing the symbol to them.
There are people without voter Id giving the votes of dead people. It took me 10 year to make my id and at the age of 28. I have given vote fist time and same is the case with my brother also. My sister has never given vote to any one because of no Id proof. This is the example of my family what about others God knows better.
Let's see the main features of our great democracy:-
  • Where citizen gives more importance to the entertainment rather than nation as the craze of cricket & movies in India.
  • Where 10% population taking only one time meal or living in starvation and their govt. is spending approx 400 corer to keep a terrorist alive.
  • Where a political leader giving his statement addressing to media and huge crowd that “utter bhartiya ko lat mar kar nikalunga” (I will kick out north Indians from Maharashtra). In fact, he did it in reality but no objection from the govt.
  • Where a religious leader has given his statement in presence of the honorable home minister “I won’t sing Bande matram this is against their religion”. NO OBJECTION FROM THE GOVT.
  • Where national game is hockey but no one want to be hockey player. Every one to be a cricketer or Film star, the hockey players are living in miserable condition but no help from the govt.
  • Where the citizens respecting their leader like God, but when they are asking for justice, in return they are getting lathi and bullets.
  • Where people are suffering from rocket high inflation, govt is giving only consolation of controlling inflation.
  • Where Govt believes to observe the anniversary of every problem & agenda, rather than solve it.
  • Where Govt always talking about growth & development their still 50% people lives below poverty line.
  • Where problems like electricity & water & employment & literacy still unsolved since our independent & looking like a unsolved puzzle.
  • Where “Taj Mahal” made by Saha Jahan only for his love, is a miracle in the world and their people are killing each other for money.

Ya Hai India MerI Jaan

May 21, 2010


This Dewali celebrate with 3G as 3G service going to start by Dewali. Good news for all Indians , 3G profit reached the height of Everest & it is almost double of the estimated amount.
3G profit will expected to touch 80,000 Cr mark while 3G already generated the profit of 67,719 Cr & likely to get 12,000cr more from the Broadband Wireless access(BWA).
After 34 days & 183 round of aggressive bidding by 9 players , 3G profit touched to 67,719 Cr against the auction projection just 30,000 Cr in the union budget.
Vodafone, Bharati, Reliance bagged Delhi & Mumbai circles on a price of 3,316.9 Cr & 3,247.1 Cr respectively.
Surprisingly Videocon & Etisalat failed to win any circle while Bharati, Reliance & Aircel won 13 circles, Idea 11, Vodafone & Tatas 9 circles each & S Tel got 3 circles.
3G spectrum is allocated to 7 operators in September & expected that people will enjoy the 3G service by this Dewali. So ready to celebrate Dewali with 3G

May 18, 2010


The Bollywood hottest actress Malika Sherawat caught red handed romancing with a snake publicly on the eve of the 63rd Cannes Film Festival.

It might be surprising & shocking for you
Please don't misunderstand that this is her new love

This is a promotional event for Mlika Sherawat up coming film Hiss,
in which she is playing a snake woman so the actress posed with the live snakes.

Above all action of Malika saying that

Publicity ke liya kuch vi karega


Rima Fakih, 24 year from Dearborn, Michigan, became the first Muslim woman who won the title of Miss USA in 2010 & she also won pol dancing contest in 2007. She is born in Arab while grown & educated in USA, she is a graduated in economics from the Michigan university. Currently She is working as a marketing executive at Detroit Medical Center & while she decided to attend law school after completing her terms as Miss USA.
Rima Fakih surprised the whole world as well as the Muslim community after holding the Miss USA crown because Muslim women are said to believe in "Parda"like wearing Burkha(Vail) so this news is really surprising for the whole world on the other hand you see , the first fatwa of
Darul-uloom Deoband has said that “exhibiting bodies by Muslim women while modeling is against the Shariat law”, According to TOI.
2nd Fatwa that "Muslim women working with Men community is Haram(illegal)"
Its showing clearly that when the world is reached to Moon & planning to reach Marsh, they didn't came out of their law mentality, this is the main reason of their backwardness.
God created both man & women & given equal rights of living to every one so its totally illegal to give such fatwa over women.
I think Rima Fakih achievement definitely make some difference
Let's see how the Muslim community reacting over it....

May 17, 2010


England cricket Team, one of the most unlucky Team in world cricket because of the habit of loosing final, in spite of playing good cricket through out the series, failing to win the tournament loosing final every time, seems to be a mirage winning finals . You see in world cricket England is the only Team who never won world cup title & England is the only Team who lost world cup final most of the time so people are started to think that winning a final game is unfulfilled dream.
Thank God finally England won the world cup Twenty-20 in West-Indies after defeating their traditional ravel Australia by 7 wicket, in this way the dream of England cricket Team turned in to reality & their happiness doubled first for winning world cup 20-20 & than defeating Australia.
I think after loosing uncountable final they became superstitious started to think that they can't win final games & that's why they are playing final games halfheartedly, you can say that the fear of loosing final games is the main reason for their final game tragedy.
I hope England Team will over come from their old superstition & workout in their mental strength & most play final games wholeheartedly to kill the demon of final.
At last I would like to say that England team defeated the demon of final after winning 20-20 world cup but not killed yet so they need to prepare them self to kill the demon of final to make a habit of winning finals in place of loosing.
I am congratulating England cricket Team from the core of my heart for their great win over Australia & becoming the world Champion.
Always keep a winning attitude & you will be a winner, so keep it up
Best Of Luck


Twenty-20 cricket a game of excitement & glamor as well as a game of uncertainty where no one can predict any thing correctly about the winner. Just see the result of all 20-Twenty world cup, every time the winner Team surprised the world as no one expected their win. At first Indian won Twnety-20 world cup in South Africa , its totally inexperience team & nobody expected their win, that time every one favorite Team was South Africa but they failed to inter into the semi final & a law ranked team in experience became the champion, a inexperience team did the miracle under Dhoni captaincy, similarly in second Twenty-20 world cup won Pakistan in England, that time also an inexperience Team won the Championship, its totally a unexpected result while every one’s favorite Team was India & Australia but both of the failed to enter into the semi final & law ranked Team won the world cup surprised the World.
Now see the result of twenty-20 world cup,2010 in West-Indies, here also England surprised the world after defeating Australia by 7 wicket & won the world Championship while this time every one’s favorite Team was Australia, Pakistan & India. This win is totally an unexpected one & surprised the world.
Do you know why it’s happening? Why every time a surprise result coming in front of us? This is because in Twenty-20 cricket, a single mistake can take you out of the game on the other hand a good inform bats man can able to won the title for you . This version of game says go & hit every ball out of the boundary so when you are in good form than you can surprise the world, most important thing against a inexperience team other teams are failing to do their home work, this is also another reason for surprise result & last thing under estimating weaker team by the strong team, this might be factor for unexpected result. I think the defeat of Australia against England in final & India’s defeat against West-Indies & Sri Lanka in super 8s, is nothing but the result of overconfidence & underestimating the power of their opponent Team.
At last I would like to say that Twenty-20 cricket is a game of uncertainty because single mistake can take you out of the game so surprise result bound to come, blaming a Team for their poor performance is not wiseness but foolishness,
This shortest version of the cricket:- Twenty-20 is the game of uncertainty & luck not the game of talent & experience so prepare for the unexpected result & enjoy the game.

May 16, 2010

Dell Streak is ready to hit Europe market with O2 Telefonica & US with AT&T

Dell Streak, The new Avtar of Dell Mini 5 is all set to be launched in Europe with O2 Telefonica in June, 2010, and later this summer will be the ready to hit the American market with AT&T.
New Dell Streak in a 5-inch capacitive touch screen and UMTS/HSPA modem with voice-call functionality, it sports a 5-megapixel camera.
However, the fact that still stands unconfirmed is whether it will run on Android OS platform or not. And, stay sure to be updated about the pricing and specific availability of Dell Streak.

Coming soon to shake the world

The New Novero's Bluetooth headset will beautify the looks of girls

Do you ever heard about Novero before today? Nevero the new Victoria line of Bluetooth headsets not only let you make or attend calls handsfree, but also double as fashionable jewelry. That Bluetooth headset use is rising stratospherically, seeing a new necklace-slash-BT headset hit the market just makes perfect sense. The collection consists of the Victoria Lapis, Pearl, Stripes, Wave and Victor, these models are priced at around $120,000.

The new Novero's bluetooth handset not only help girls to connect with the world but also beautify their look because the headset features precious metals and gems,
This will not only boost it's market but also help to keep up interest.

Check out the New Login Security Features OF Facebook

Facebook is the most popular targets for phishers, hackers and scammers. According to the Associated Press, however, Facebook is in the process of rolling out some new security features that will protect its users from malicious attacks, spam and phishing scams. For a while now, Facebook already offered users the ability to be notified when an account was accessed from a computer or device they hadn't used before. Now, Facebook will also alert users of unusual activity on their accounts and allow users to register their devices with Facebook.
Update: Facebook just confirmed these new security updates on its blog. We have updated this post with more information.
Suspicious Logins:-
If somebody tries to access your account from the other side of the world, for example, Facebook will now notify you that something is amiss with your account and add an additional layer of authorization to the log-in process. According to Facebook, these additional verification methods could include asking for a your birth date (you did enter your real birth date on Facebook, didn't you?) or asking you to identify a friend in a picture and answering a standard security questions if you previously provided one. REGISTERED DEVICE:-
Users will now also be able to register their computers and other devices they use to access Facebook. Whenever somebody tries to log in from a device you haven't registered yet, Facebook will prompt them to name the device and send you an email. You can also choose to get SMS alerts as well.

These updates come just a few days after Jim Breyer, one of Facebook's own board members, fell for a phishing scam on the popular social networking site. Today's updates aren't likely to prevent these phishing scams, though it's good to see that Facebook is introducing additional security features.
Given the amount of negative publicity Facebook has been getting over its privacy policies and bewildering privacy settings, it only makes sense for Facebook to garner some good press by emphasizing these new security features now. On the other hand, those users who are already nervous about Facebook's own privacy issues aren't likely to be persuaded by this.

What Happens When You Deactivate Your Facebook Account

"How Do I Delete My Facebook Account" - A Fast Growing Query

At last I would like to say that its a great move by Facebook Team to protect our account from Hackers.
I don't why so many people are against it?
& Why they are started "Facebbok Quit Day"

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Just see this amazing photographs which seem to be impossible but we made it possible.

The photographs in front of your eyes that is neither a part of trick photography or nor photshoped, all action & objects are real but might be edited for colors adjustment in PS or tools.
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