November 18, 2010

Why Pamela Anderson told "Namaste" in Big Boss?

Hollywood Actress Pamela Anderson dressed in traditional Indian dress "Saree" told "Namaste" to all Indian participants in Big Boss House. Do you know why she told "Namaste" & dressed in "Saree"? This is because she would like to rewind the Indians, what is Indian culture? & why Indians are famous around the world?
We Indian are famous every were for our culture & hospitality but after watching Big Boss season 4, I am felling that some Indians are far away from Indian culture not talk about hospitality. They are behaving like animals & trying prove that they are not Indians, they are foreigner by birth but what is the reality everyone knows.
Well done Pamela for showing the mirror to some crazy Indians.
Foreigners still know what is Indian culture but we Indian forgotten it, shame on us
Proud to be an Indian, I think this slogan is looking like a big jock to see the acts of some Indians in Big Boss.
Please please change your self, don't destroy the dignity of India. Please be an Indian & make your country proud.


  1. You are right bro !!! looking at these reality shows in india television prime time slot... more feel shame than enjoying these. Rakhi ka Insaf, Raaz Agle Janam Ka, Saach Ka Samna, Big Boss... You always feel what is going on... We know devil is in everyone. Still we would inspire to the good part of human beings.

  2. well yes she is dress in saree but i guess if she has the at most respect for the culture she should have dress it in a proper manner.
    I'm not Indian but I love the Indian fashion and the Indian culture and I know that the way she wore the cloth is not right...I did wore a the saree before a lot of times and those who let me wore it or help me wore it is an old indian woman

  3. Ya right said, Indian culture is really great& every Indian should respect our culture.

  4. Nice thought let's start to think like you