India Won ICC World Cup 2011, The Dream Came True In Wonderful Way

Today I have written this post before world cup final that "Who Will Win World Cup 2011? India Or Srilanka! In this post I predicted that India will win world cup and India won the ICC World Cup 2011 in style after defeating Srilanka by six wicket so I would like to congratulate Captain Dhoni, Indian team and every Indian for winning world cup.

UbiSlate 7Ci (commercia​l version of Aakash2) ready for delivery

DATAWIND is offering commercial version of Aakash2 for general public at Price of Rs. 4229 only. As you already aware Aakash2 was launched and offered for educational use only at price of Rs. 1130. Any Students from India can book and have this low cost tablet at Rs. 1130 price. But if general public like me want to have it than we need to pay Rs. 4229.

Mahindra XUV 500 Launched in India at a Price tag Between Rs 10.80 lakhs to Rs 12.88 lakhs

Now you can convert your dreams in reality because ” Mahindra and Mahindra, India’s leading manufacturer of utility vehicles on Thursday launched its new global sport utility vehicle Mahindra XUV 500 priced between Rs 10.80 lakhs to Rs 12.88 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) available in seven attractive colors.

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Price, Review, Release date, First Look, Specifications, Features, Mileage and Picture Gallery

Japanese auto maker, Mitsubishi has beautifully combined hybrid and luxury with next generation technology and crafted the world’s first production plug-in hybrid SUV, 2014 Outlander PHEV which which debuted at 2012 Paris Auto Show.

Microsoft Lunches The Best Operating System Window 8

To give you a fester, smarter and beautiful life Microsoft has launched The king of all operating system, the all new Window 8, the world’s best-selling computer operating system for the touchscreen age..

November 29, 2009


Now a days "terrorism" the biggest problem in front of whole solve this problem country like u.s.a ,china,u.k & Russia including India making their defense stronger then other country in addition of latest missile,tanks,drowns and nuclear it the solution to terrorism.according to Gandhi Jee " An eye or for an eye make every body blind". killing terrorist & their groups is not the solution to terrorism.violence always Leeds to destruction in fact the day will not far away from us when the whole world will destroyed like this.with developing our power we are going towards distraction only.
According to Aristotle"poverty is the parent of revolution and crime".why the terrorist belong to the poor nation .their poverty is the main cause which making them the question arises helping them with money problem will be solved."no",literate them they will make their own. At last i would like to say & every one will convince with my opinion that the real solution to the problem like terrorism,poverty,population growth,unemployment problem,pollution,& climate change is nothing but education.all developed nation are problem free because of their literate poor nation should start full-literacy program in their country & developed nation should help them in their mission. This is only way to finish "terrorism" from this world.


The dawn server in COMMON ADMISSION TEST{CAT} added a bitter flavored in the test of cat number of student taking cat over 10 days period is 2.41 lakh.on the first day 10000 thousand student appeared for cat.on Saturday the first online version of exam blocked access to the one is their to assist them as result ,thousand of student didn't appeared in CAT.
According to Mr S Deodhar,cat convener that"Their bound to be some problems on the first day of such exercise".some how is right as the old saying"failure is the pillar of success".applying this technology in cat,one of the top most exam of India is not a good idea.
at last i would like to say the country where their defense & govt sites are not safe from the hackers.they hacked it number of time.their online
exam of CAT is nothing but "apne pair pe khud kuladhimarna hai"for instance when ever a scientist doing his experiment .he is applying to the animals first if it success-eds then to the human being.i am asking this question who govt permitted them to experiment in cat & the future of students.which Leeds to failure only

November 27, 2009


Do you really believe that the man of 400 corer is Ajmal Kasab, the main accuse of 26/11 attack. Yes it’s true our govt. is spending 400 corer per year behind this terrorist turn hero, Ajmal. Today is the anniversary of his great sin but he is alive and healthy in prison.

Apart from this, in Bollywood his character is that of a hero and they are making film on him. Did they ever try to make movie on the soldiers who gave their life in loc without expecting any eye catching or reward. Even if media highlighted him like a hero without realizing that with this act they are playing with the emotions of the common man. My God, this is India and its law and order! The delay in justice is the main cause of terrorism in India.

Fearlessly they are committing crime to show their hero alive after one year of his sin. I think terrorist should be hanged at the same time. Then only they will realize the meaning of death and pain the victims are through otherwise not. As far as I am concerned, terrorism is not about religion and jihad is far away from violence. It’s about love, non-violence and unity. Jihad is the holy word which means “apne nafs se jihad karo” (Prophet Mohammad). Infect terrorism is nothing but the cause of illiteracy, unemployment and poverty. Why terrorist belong to the poor nation only. According to Aristotle “poverty is the parent of revolution and crime”, their living conditions forcing them to commit crime. They are also aware of the meaning of “jihad”.

At last I want to say one who is the part of crime is not part of any religion. He is inhuman and black spot on the name of humanity.

November 25, 2009

The Babri Masjit demolition, The down fall of B.J.P?

The Babri Masjit demolition is the reason for BJP’s down fall? I think answer will come in “yes” from every one. Always BJP’s main agenda is “Ram Janma Bhumi” in election. India is a secular country and we are living here like a single family to forget the barrier of cast, creed and religion. According to Ram Krishna pram Hans “god is just like water different people calling it in deferment name as some called it “pani” and some “jaal” while form is the same. As far as I am concerned, the demolition of Babri Masjid on 6th Dec 1992 is the black spot in the history of India. Number of innocent car Sevaks (volunteers) had given their precious life behind this agenda only. It is not possible to rule India with this agenda. If BJP will pick out this agenda they will be the best party along with good leaders.
At last I want to say we all are one and no one can separate us in the name of cast, creed and religion. India is famous for peace, love and unity. We are Indian fast then anything else.

November 24, 2009


The Gandhi of modern era is none other then Rahul Gandhi.,his contribution in recent election proved his presence change the game in favor of congress is a example to every one. single handedly , he led congress to the chariot of victory.To be a good leader he poses all the quality. as i heard from most of the people during election that they are with congress due to Rahul and development.they have a strong believe that the young man will definitely make the deference for them & for the country. Rahul shown his simplicity traveling in the train and the same time some strange people thrown stone in his train and 2nd time he came across the public breaking his security barrier during the election campaign.i think he has not take such rick because he is the future of India and the hope of common man. In this era of democracy none of the political leader ever tried to travel in the train.apart from this a leader given his statement while traveling in the plane in economy class that"its a cattle class". I think he has to travel in the local train then he will realize the class of traveling. As Gandhi jee told"If u want know India and his people then travel in local train of India".i want say at least one time politicians should travel in the local train then only they realize the pain of common man.when they will understand the problem of common man, India become the most powerful & developed country of the world.

November 23, 2009


Our heart beats 103689 times
WE breathe 23040 times
Our blood travels a distance of 16500000 miles
We turn in our sleep 25-30 times
Our hair grow 0.01714 times
Our nails grow 0.00048 inch
We exercise 70,00,000 brain cells
We move 780 muscles
We intake 436 cubic feet of air
We drink 3.91bs of liquid


The God Is Playing
SACHIN "The God of Cricket", he proved it with completing his 22 years in international cricket and 17 thousand runs in one day cricket , highest run getter in test cricket & 30 thousand runs in international cricket with 90 plus centuries. When sir Sachin started his carrier at the age of 16 year I was in std 5, I have seen him through out his carrier how the genius is playing fearlessly & devotedly for his country, many cricketers and famous people recommended

Sachin as The best man after sir Don Bradman, in fact I have not seen him to play . I think sir Sachin is the replica of sir Don Bradman not next to him,why ? because they never come across to each other during their carrier so it can be said both are the best batsman of their respective era. The comment on Sachin by political leaders is totally inhuman, being a God sir have to forgive them.
At last I want to say, we should respect Sir Sachin  like a God  because he has given his entire life  to  Indian  cricket like Great Patriot.
The Let's Salute Sachin The Great

November 22, 2009


As far as I concern India's best political leader is mahatma Gandhi. he did nothing 4 his family and himself. he did all the hard work to give us the sweet breath of freedom.when India got freedom. he denied to take the reward. According to bapu "labor never goes in vein" and he proved it after giving us freedom. When he started the freedom fight a sage came to him and showing his eagerness to join it but Bapu told him to wear to "Khadi" instead of "Garwa Bastra" to serve the people.From this short story, i want to rewind the Indian political leaders that they wore "Khadi" to serve the nation and people but they lost their vision and working like a days the leaders are only good speaker, actor and i think u all have seen good fighter also.i have seen some political leader to criticize Bapu,but they have forgotten that today they have got the liberty to speak freely this is because of him.
At last i want to say no one can take the place of Bapu. he is the best

November 08, 2009


I asked 4 strength & God gave me difficulties to make me strong
I asked 4 wisdom & God gave me problems to solve
I asked 4 prosperity & God gave me brown & brain to work
I asked 4 courage & God gave me dangers to overcome
I asked 4 love & God gave me trouble people to help
I asked 4 favors & God gave me opportunities
I received nothing I wanted & everything I needed
my prayer has been answered.