January 01, 2011

No One Killed Aarushi???

"No one killed Jussica", This is the latest movie released in Bollywood, staring Divya Balan and Rani Mukharji which is based on the Jussica Lal murder case in which the prime accuse Manu Sharma facing life term but do you know the latest movie released by CBI(Centre Bureau of Investigation)"No one Killed Arushi", I know must be surprised you, how CBI can make a movie? 
You see the CBI has recently closed the Arushi murder cash saying that "
The Central Bureau of Investigation has told court that Dr Rajesh Talwar remains the prime suspect in the murder of his daughter Aarushi and their servant Hemraj, but cannot be chargesheeted because of "insufficient evidence"
The closure report says the crime scene was "dressed up" before the police was called -- something that is not associated with a regular criminal. Secondly, it says the private parts of Arushi had been cleaned up. It is not known whether the closure report speculates about the reason. .According to TOI
After 5 year of long investigation CBI will give such poor conclusion than what you will say this, a drama or reality. No doubt it's clear indication of drama. The closer report of CBI justifying  that "No one killed Arushi". What you think? You see some Questions given below putting question mark on CBI's honesty...
  • Was ‘touch DNA’ forensic technology used, as suggested by the Talwars? CBI said it would, but never kept the Talwars in the loop  
  • Why is Noida police only being lambasted for destroying evidence? Why are they not being booked for the crime? 
  • 24 of 26 fingerprints lifted proved unsuitable for evidentiary use. What corrective measures have been taken to stop such negligent police work?
At last I would like to say when CBI failed to find the culprit of Arushi murder cash than who can Govt expect CBI can probe CWG Scam, 2G scam, Adarsh Scam and other scam. How can CBI fight with terrorism. God knows better!


  1. That's one of the biggest shame of CBI. Truth has to come out and I hope it will some day.

  2. You are right buddy. But we all Indian has to fight for this like in Jessica case. Lets fight for this.

  3. CBI systemically destroy the case against pander in Nithari murder, Rathor in ruchika murder and Talwars in arushi murder. If u remember in all three cases the joint director investigation is same person.

  4. I am agree with you Pradeep, as far as I concern CBI and SC a proxy of Govt

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  6. Justice delayed means justice denied. Who will give her justice, when judicial process and media serving the powerful people.

  7. Shame on Police and irresponsible reporters.

  8. our judicial system is the another name of sahme

  9. the pressure of media killed the killer of ARUSHI.