December 27, 2012

Proud Be Indian or Shame To Be Indian???

According to Famous Poet Iqbal " Word's most beautiful country India but Now a days Our India turned into a worst country of the world due to corruption and crime. A nation of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Buddha and Gandhi now known as The nation of Scams, Corruption and Crime. Remembering the world of our Father of Nation  Mahatma Gandhi that "We attain the real freedom only when a lonely woman can walk freely anywhere in our country during mid-night "  but a big shame for every Indian that after the 65 years Independent Women are steal not safe in India.
As the day progressing crime against Women increasing like infinite Sky you see the increase in rap cases in New Delhi, Capital which also know as the City of rapist but our leaders fails to find any solution in spit of some false commitment. Now question arise, how can we make Indian safe for Women??? I think answer will be " Death Sentence to Rapist" only strict law & order will make the difference. What you think? Please be open to give your view.


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