April 26, 2013

See The Dirty Picture Of India....

A nation where movies like "Dirty Picture" and Vicky Donner" and Actors like Vidya Balan and Ayushmann Khurrana gets National Award that nation is none other than India. The nation of Ram, Krishna, Buddha and Gandhi  now turned into the nation of culprits.  Today I am felling ashamed of myself that I am an Indian due to the "Dirty Picture" of India.
A Nation where females are worshiped like Goddess but now a days they are treated like Animals. According to media report " Every hour two women are raped in India". You know the no of cases resisted for Crime against women in India,It's really shocking,  2,13,585 cases in 2010 and 228,650 cases in 2011. 
Do you know what made the Ram's nation to Ravan's nation it's none other than Bollywood and Alcohol which encouraging nudity and vulgarity.and making our society dirtier and dirtier. You see 99% crimes are committed after consuming Alcohol and watching movies. If you are Indian and respect Indian culture do you love to watch the Movies like" Dirty Picture, Jism, Murder, Hate Story and Vicky Donner. I am sure the answer is no and never. 
People are saying "Hang the Rapist" to save women but I am saying "Hang the directors like Mahesh Bhatt, Shoojit Sircar  and Akta Kapoor and Ban all the liquor brands" to save nation and women.
At last I would like to say that Bollywood and Alcohol is the mother of crime and corruption and we can assure safety to women to ban Bollywood and Alcohol. I am sure doing this Indian will be the best nation in the world. What you think? Please be open to give your view.


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