March 26, 2011

Say No To Cricket To Save Life And Nation

 If any one ask you, what is the most famous sporting event in world? Answer is none other than cricket the fever of Cricket world cup 2015 is on and world is gone crazy behind it. Looking like the cricket is a religion, cricketers are Gods and viewers are followers.

The Gods are earning millions of rupees from cricket but followers are getting nothing in spite of some entertainment.
You know the biggest loser is always be viewer because he is wasting his precious time and getting nothing in return. I am giving my example, I am watching cricket since my childhood and never missed a single match doesn't matter it's Test, ODI or 20-20. You know have Sachin's entire cricketing carrier in which Sachin played 171 Test matches, 451 ODI matches and scored more than 32,000 runs and earned millions of rupees but what I got nothing but lost four year of life behind this foolish game cricket and like me uncountable who lost their precious time and got nothing in return.
Now think seriously because it's reason to worry! The nation where 90% people destroying their precious time behind this silly game. You know the value of a second asked that runner who lost the Gold medal for one second but we silly cricket lovers destroying a whole day for a ODI match and five day for a Test match. Is it wise to do so? Can such nation ever going to be develop. I don't think so, what you think please be open to give your view.
At last I would like to say that say no to cricket to save life and nation because cricket is deadly disease which takes your precious life that never returns.
So let's take oath together to boycott cricket and save life.


  1. It is right the excitement of cricket has grown to the level of madness. People are behind that. But as any sports item, cricket also have it's enthusiasm and spirit.Upto certain level it should be tolerated. The medicine for the over enthusiasm to cease is 'No' to cricket, I cannot agree with that.

  2. I got your point but please think it over, what I am going to say, You see our political leaders are looting the public money and ready to sell the nation we people are crazy behind cricket and movies.This is what our corrupt politicians want and blind, deaf and lamb citizen. Keep watching cricket enjoy the electrifying entertainment. Is it greatness of Indians. proud to be Indians