October 14, 2010

Sachin is great or Laxman is great?

The world no 1 team in test cricket won the test series against Australia with 2-0 in a heroic style & after 63 year of long interval Indian team made a clean sweep in test series. This win is a great win for Indian Team while waste for Australian Team which sent Australia in the no 5th spot in ICC ranking.
Master Blaster & the God of cricket Sachin Tendulker became the man of the match & series for his best performance but he is not the real hero who made Indian Team to win the series 2-0 than who is the real hero? The real hero is none other than very very special Laxman who played a historical innings in Mohali & snatched the victory from the hands of Aussies & Inidan Team won the Mohali test by 1 wicket dramatically. The hawk like passion, I have seen in Laxamn's innings I never found in any Indian cricketer. In injury he bated & changed a certain defeat in to victory which is almost impossible. God shack, I never seen such innings & match in my life. When God of cricket & Nawab of Nazabgadh left India in miserable condition only Laxman is their to save India, this is not the first time when he helped India in need & played a most impotent role in victory but very time during need only Laxman stands lonely to save India which thing I never found in Sachin & any other cricketer. As the mater of fact Laxman innings is the most impotent innings in this test series which made the series in favor of India & we won by 2-0 other wise scenario will be like this 1-1.
At last I would like to say that greatness is not about making a lots of runs or taking wickets but the real greatness is playing in need & bringing proud for nation. So Its' a request of mine to every cricketer please play for nation not for money.


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