October 09, 2010

See the reality of Development in India

I think it's known to every one that Indian govt policy is only development but still development is far away from us. Actually the word "DEVELOPMENT" means the development of every citizens & their living stander, not the development like infrastructure like roads, bridges, fly overs, buildings , parks & improve in source of communication etc. What about the slums in India & the poor people inside the road without food, clothes & slather.the largest slum area of world "Dharavi" is in India their the promise of development is nothing but poor mans dream.which cannot be fulfilled . I think you all have seen the famous movie"slum dog milliner"the story of a slum boy showing the reality of India.only polishing the capital of every state & giving opportunity to the rich people is not development .where a common man cannot dare to be doctor,engineer& an MBA because of the unaffordable fees of the colleges which a rich people only afford it. Just see the education deference in a govt school and private school.the country like India where the huge gap between to class of people.upper class have a lot of money that they are keeping their dogs in air condition & in the lower class unable to afford their basic need like food,clothes & slather forget about their education.the hike in fair & the food product of daily use with hike in salary of doctors, Engineer& govt employees not thinking of the common main like a daily wager who can they survive?the state of a chief minister"Aam admi apna jab dhili kare vikash ke liya"{common man has to cut their pocket for the development}. This is proving the poor mentality of govt for development. This development is only for the rich people not for the poor people.
Business Today magazine estimates that the Common wealth games cost 300 billion(US$6.51 Billion). Do you from where these funds came? These money belongs to common men.
Common wealth game 2010, construction and "beautification" project has resulted in the demolition of hundreds of homes and the displacement of city dwellers – at least 100,000 of New Delhi’s 160,000 homeless people have removed from shelters, some of which have been demolished. I this development or a jock on the name of development. I think 40% Indian don't know the meaning of CWG than what is the use of it.
At last I would like to say the development is not about hosting a big event or beautifying the nation but the development of every citizens & their living standered with providing them equal opportunity of living in society.


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