October 02, 2010

2010 Common Wealth Games will kick off in style from oct 3

The shadow of criticism, scams & blame on Common wealth game is over, finally India meet the games deadline & ready to host Common wealth game 2010 & Those who criticized India earlier now making the bridge of appreciation. As I heard this saying in my child hood that " Mudai lakh bua chahe to kiya hota hai wahi hota hai jo manjure khuda hota hai" means If God is helping you than no body has the power to defeat you" & This saying is correctly matching with the Common wealth game 2010. No body thought & wants that India will meet the final dead line but we did it & made every body wrong. God is really great who made Common wealth game 2010 possible in India.
I think it's known to you that 2010 Commonwealth Games will kick off on Oct 3 in style, nearer
an army of 6,000 young men and women from different parts of the country have gathered at the Army's Parade Ground for practicing rhythmic, choreographed movements for the Opening Ceremony of the Games.
The ground, similar to the size of Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, was bathed under floodlights, attracting the eye of curious jawans passing by as well as giant monsoon beetles.
The stage is 80feet by 40feet, encircled by a 30-feet area, where in the course of a 140-minute presentation, Indian culture, from its hoary past to the modern day, will be showcased. Over this stage will be the aerostat, a lighted canopy that is expected to make the opening ceremony a bewitching spectacle.
The two-hour-twenty-minute extravaganza is expected to start at 7pm and continue till 9.20pm on October 3. It is divided into several segments, each specially crafted and choreographed. Most sequences, say the organizers, are between eight minutes and nine minutes - an attempt to keep the programmer vibrant and showcase as much diversity and heritage as possible.
Opening Ceremony of the Games paused the speed of New Delhi, 3rd Oct is tuned holiday in capital all school, collages, offices, malls & market places are shut down tomorrow. Mobiles are banned in the stadium & no parking facility is given to the people. More than 1.15 lakh security persons are deployed to guard the city, The security is arrangements are fool proof & great.
India is great, Jai Bhart Jai Hind


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