March 27, 2011

How to skip Page Numbers from Footer of specific number of page from starting of MS Word Document????

Hi Guys... the question which I have mentioned in my topics, you might faced at time when you don't want to show your page number at first 5 or 6 pages of your Microsoft Word document/report or want to skip page number footer from first few pages. 

I too faced the same problem when I wanted to deleted the page numbers from the footers of first 8 pages of my prepared report. 
But unable to do. After doing alot of googling, research found a solution. I just wanted to share with you.


Step 1: Hide the Footer in 1st Page of  Microsoft Word Document/Report.

Step 2: Start the Page Number from 0 onward.

Step 3: Apply the section break at the end of each page till you don't want to display the footer.

Step 4: You are done with your desire result.... Page 1 will be shown at Page number 9. Mission accomplished.


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