March 23, 2011

Indians Should Learn The Art Of Giving From Foreigners

 Human begin the greatest and creation of God that's
why Holy Quran defines human being  as "Asraf-Ul-Makhluk"(The greatest among living beings) but now a days this most beautiful creation of God turned in to beast, they forgotten the humanity and showing their animal instinct. You see the violence, crime,dishonesty, jealousy among the people. God has given us life to love and help each other but we people forgotten the words of God and we are fighting each other for the greed of money and name and fame. I don't mean that humanity is lost still some good people are alive that's why the world is exist.
The person like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa who taught-the lesson of humanity to the world and some people still believes to follow them for example Warren Buffett and Opraha Winfray  According to TOI " The world will remember him best as a legendary investor and prodigious philanthropist. But he wants to be remembered as “the world’s oldest man.” Warren Buffett, No. 3 in the global rich list, who has pledged to give 99% of his wealth to charity, at 80, made his first trip to India and admitted that he was a “bit of a retard to have come to India so late.”
Now come to Oprah Winfrey who donated 40 million dollars and Novelist Nora Roberts donating 4.45 million dollars in charity and including Hollywood celebrity like Angelina Jolie  and cricketer like  Steve Waugh who donated million of rupees in charity I think you must have seen there good work in media but  do you never seen any Indian celebrity behind charity. I think never because we Indians are turned inhuman for the greed of money forget about the charity.
Just see what Indians are doing? Just see the Millionaire like Mukesh Amabani, Ratan Tata, Laxmi Mittal and Azim Premji, cricketers like Sachin and Dhoni. Bollywood stars like Amitav Bchan, Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Roy and not to talk about politicians. They never came forward for charity while the mater of fact India is the most deserving nation for charity. Do you know why? Because Indian celebrities are very very poor by heart or you can say them heartless. I am sure , if Indians will do some charity like foreigners than no doubt Indian will be the most developed Nation in world.
The foreigners are getting the feelings but we Indian closed our eyes and saying in front of the world " Proud to be Indian". Do you think this is the matter of pride? I don't think so. 
At last I would like to say that it's mater of same for Indians and our celebrities as they are never be a part of  charity and service. Gandhi Jee told tat " Service to mankind is service to God" so serve humanity to get the grace of God and be human.


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