December 14, 2010

Our Democracy Is The Biggest Looser

According to Abraham Linchon "Democracy is for the people, of the people , by the people" & no doubt about it's that democracy is made for citizens but in India democracy is the part of dirty game of politics & citizens are like cheer leaders who forced to dance for in every condition.
You see followed by the number scams UPA govt created a history while opposition party BJP also became a part of history, Do you know what is the history? In the world India is the first country where the fight between Govt & opposition resulted 140 corer loss & no work in parliament for one month. Finally the parliament season is over with loss of 140 corer & culprits are moving happily. The biggest looser, our democracy watching the drama like a fool.
As far as I concern, our political leaders wants money without work & that'' what happening, with 100% salary hike they are happy in their luxurious flats than what is the need for work, well done keep it up.
Proud to be an Indian, Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.


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