October 27, 2010

Nail the corrupt:-CWG Scam

Nail the corrupt? I think you must be heard the voice of Indian politicians after CWG(Common Wealth Games) scam. Every politician want to punish the culprit, doesn't mater he belongs to ruling party or from opposition. It's looking like that their is no issue remained in India before CWG scam, My question is to all of you that why our politicians thinking about CWG scam? what about 2G scam, Satyam Scam, Food scam & others why our politicians never raised their voice to punish the culprits? This is because this time a huge amount is on the plate & Indian politicians are thinking that how Kalmandi & his adds lonely eaten it so others are shouting to get their sear not to punish the culprit. You see former Railway Minister Lalu Pr. Yadav who is the prime accuse of "Chara Ghotala" moving freely & enjoying the Z-class security similarly Mulayam Signh Yadav & Mayawati enjoying the same. Why it is? I think nobody can answer it.
Because India is great, politicians are great & our judicial process is greater & at last we Indian are the greatest.
Proud to be Indian, Jai Bharat, Jai Hind


  1. We are being flooded with one or the other scams and the Kargil solider's Adarsh apartment scam is latest to join. How is the Govt going to handle is to be seen.

  2. wow! one brave soul!
    I don't know hoe you get the courage but i wish there are more who can do that too! I mean to put into public the things that the government is doing!
    I did Promise I'll drop by your blog and I did! Nice blog!

  3. right said shri ram with you, please don't expect anything from govt because govt is the another name of corruption.

  4. Stephaine thanks a lot for your encouragement & I am really pleased to see you here.