April 09, 2011

Cricket And Bollywood, The Curse Or Boon For Indians ???

"Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Vi Karega", This is the law of Indians. Just see the craze of cricket and Bollywood in Indians. 99% Indians are interesting behind cricket and Bollywood, what to talk about nation and their future.

As far as I concern cricket and movies are biggest weakness of Indians and this is reason for our down fall other wise Indian will be among the most developed nation like China and UK, US. A nation where youngster are worried for cricket and cricketers  other wise Bollywood stars. Just see the viewership record of  of world cup 2011 than come to Bollywood, the success of Sheila and Munni song explains greatly.
This is the reason our corrupted leaders are getting chance for scams and crime. The greatest misery of Indians, when our politicians are looting-the public money and  ready to sell our nation we Indians are busy behind world cup and  IPL or Shela and Munni. India is great and Indians are too.
You know, this is most shocking moment of my life when I have seen a 4 year old girl, singing and dancing on Sheila Ki Jawani song and another I have seen in media that woman from UP  want to sell her home to watch 2011 world cup final.
Please think it over 1000 times, what I am going to ask you, A nation where cricketer and film stars are respected as God, A nation where every one want to be a film star or cricketer, Can that nation ever going to be develop? I don't think so.
It' a human nature that feels pride in something that means nothing is trapped by the mind forming of borders and flags and their mind is lost forever to to emotion that sees very little logic and helps keep humans separated forever
What does the emotion of a man sport offer?
  • Food -no
  • Health care-no
  • Clean water -no
  • Housing -no
  • Eduction -no
  • Protection -no
What does man sports steal from humans?
Takes resources for the good of all
Causes false feeling of accomplishments
Makes the ordinary human feel special without any actions or financial costs
Makes it easier for governments to make their citizens feel more special than other to perform illogical actions
Sports are natures way of forcing humans to fight for the strongest gens and using emotion to do her work on a species that are too primitive to understand her tricks.
At last I would like to say that cricket and Bollywood, the curse for India and Indians so ban cricket and Bollywood to save nation and our future other wise that day is not far when we will be the poorest among the world. 
It's my request to every Indians who loves cricket and Bollywood, Please Please wake up to save our nation and future other wise it's too late.


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