April 06, 2011

Why India Won World Cup 2011???

The world knows that India won the ICC world cup 2011 in fairytale style and this victory fulfilled the wishes of Indians.

After the victory people are giving credit to Caption Dhoni, Sachin and Indian team but do you think they are the real hero behind this win.? I don't think what you think but don't think that Dhoni and team mats are behind this win. I think you must want to know why I am saying like this? 
Let's clarify that come with me, you know still this win is looking like a dream because Indian team and Captain Dhoni tried their label best make us looser but it's God, prayer and blessing of Indians,  Yubraj Singh, UDRS(Umpire Decision Review System) and Pakistan team destroyed their motto and finally man in blues won the ICC World cup 2011 in a heroic style. After the world cup win people forgotten the blunders of Captain Dhoni which he has done during the world cup matches only one good innings never make him great. You see during the league matches Dhoni given chance to Piyush Chawla and Pathan apart from their continues flop show when the talented  player like Ashwin and Raina are on line what is the need to do it. This is not enough, when BCCI interfered and Ashwin got chance Dhoni forced him to bowl 90% of his overs in power play to looser but it's Ashwin talent that make the difference and we won quarterfinal against the three time world champion Austria and two games Ashwin bowled in unfavorable condition and proved his excellence but again he denied in semis and final  and the replacement of Ashwin became flop. Just see how Sreesanth bowled in world cup Final. 
This is not the end "picture abhi baki hai mere Dost", now come to the batting rotation, you see Virat Kohili who doing unbelievable performance in 2nd down and Yusuf who shown his excellence in no 5 position, Dhoni changed their batting order and resulted the flop show of Yusuf and Kohili. If you ever played cricket than you must understand that how players are attached with their batting order.  I want to ask you what is the need of such change and experiment. You see we lost to South Africa and tied with England in league matches, heir also Dhoni is culprit it's known to you that Indian pitches are the heaven of spinner but caption cool believed come with three pace bowlers when teams like South Africa, Australia, England and Pakistan having a great pace attack, they came with two spin and two pace bowler combination. Why Dhoni doing so? Just see the Spinners performance compare to pace bowlers. spinners are far batter than pace bowlers. This world cup 2011 saying clearly that Dhoni is not the caption cool but caption fool.
You know Dhoni also knows that he and Indian team not won this world cup but the the almighty God and the blessing and prayer of Indians that made the difference so Dhoni sacrificed his hairs in devotion in front of the God.
Let's thanks to ICC for UDRS(Umpire Decision Review System), which helped India to win the world semi final because Sachin was already declared out by field umpire but it's UDRS that made the difference and Sachin played a match winning innings. Now say thanks to all Pakistan team for giving 6 life to Sachin and helped him to win the match for India. At the end say let's salute to the only game changer Yubraj Singh for his heroic performance in world cup. Please don't forget the great contribution of Guru Gery Kristan. Who is real hero behind our success.
At last I would like to say thanks the Almighty God and Billions of Indians for making Indian cricket team a winner and we won the ICC world cup 2011. What you think? Please be open to give your view.


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