April 02, 2011

Who Will Win World Cup 2011? India Or Srilanka!

Today the final of Cricket World Cup 2011 and every body want to know, who will win world cup? India or Srilanka.

I know it's a foolishness to predict in cricket matches because cricket is the game of uncertainty. Many people predicated about the winner and Australian cricketer. Shane Warne  predicted in his  twitter that India will win World cup either by 117 run or by five wickets. If it turns in a reality than it's random luck or nothing else.
Being an Indian, I also I want to test my luck and predicting during the toss that India will win world cup 2011 and it will dominate the game and win like a lion. I don't why I am thinking India will must win today because what I ever I predicted that all came in reality, In quarter finals, I want South Africa will loose to Newsland and India will win from Australia than It's easier for India to win world cup and thins as exactly happened than in semis I want, India will win to Pakistan and Newsland will win to Srlanka than it will easier for India to win but here, India won but Newsland lost. Now I want India will win Final. This is all about prediction but who will win time will say just few hours today.
Now come to the point, This world cup final is the most impotent final of world cricket history because this final is between the best batsman and best bowler.
No doubt Sachin is the best batsman and Murlidharan is the best bowler and both are playings last world cup and want to finish their carrier with world cup now time will say who will win Sachin or Murli?
At last I would like to say that India will win world cup 2011 because India reached to final after defeating the world champion Australia and Pakistan  but Srlanka luckily got England in quarter f final and Newsland in semis and reached to final so no doubt India is the right team to win world cup 2011. You see India already won the Asia Cup and now it's turn for World cup and team is same, Srilanka..
Now at the end about  Indian model Poonam Pandey, who announced that she will bare all if the Men in Blue lift the World Cup let's see,  she can do it or not.What you think? Please be open to give your view.


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