February 11, 2011

Justice To Aarushi, What About Hamraj???

Media and Every Indian is shouting “Justice to Aarushi” I really appreciate the initiatives of media and Indians but I would like to ask this question to both of them, Aarushi deserves justice than what about Hamraj the servant of Aarushi. Hamraj also killed along with Aarushi but never heard a voice from any body including media, why is it?

This is because Hamraj is a servant and Aarushi belongs to a high profile family.  Is justice is only for rich not for poor people. If justice comes to discriminate people then we don’t want such justice. What is the need of such judicial process and media? Justice to Aarushi, Justice to Ruchika, Justice to Jusica. Justice to 26/11 victims. What about the justice to Bhopal Gas victims, what abut that girl, who raped by a politician in UP than victim was locked in jail and later she was released. What about justice to scammers? What about justice to corrupted leaders.
Why media and every Indian not shouting for them. Is justice is made for rich people not for poor people.  To see the corrupt judicial process and media, I am felling shame being an India where media and judicial process serves power and money like a ugly prostitute.
At last I would like to say that justice is the right of very human being, not the asset of rich and powerful people. So demand justice for every Innocent people who is a victim of our judicial process and corruption. 


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