February 10, 2011

THE Countdown Begins For 2011 Cricket World Cup, Enjoy Non-Stop Electrifying Entertainment

 Who Will Win World Cup 2011???

The countdown begins for Cricket World Cup 2011, the first match of World Cup is scheduled to be organized at Dhaka between India and Bangladesh. I am sure World Cup 2011 will give pause to all entertainment mode because cricket is not only game but also a religion and the followers are increasing day by day like Wilde fire.
According a online poll, I found that India is the best team for winning World Cup no doubt India is the best team and most deserving team because 2011 World Cup is going to be held in Indian sub continent, which is the biggest advantage but it's known to you that cricket is the game of uncertainty so prepare for the surprise out come too.The other country like Sri Lanka  and Pakistan also having the power to surprise the world while South Africa and Australia can not less from them. What hidden in future nobody knows but hope for the best India will win World Cup 2011. Best of Luck Indian Team and Captain Dhoni.

So inter the world of non-stop electrifying entertainment from 19nth Feb 2011, total 49 matches going to be played in 2011 world cup, India will host 29 matches at 8 venues, while Sri Lanka is hosting 12 matches in 3 venues and Bangladesh will host 8 matches. The final of the tournament will be played in Mumbai and 14 teams will fight for the prestigious cup.  All team divided in to two groups..

Group A: Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada, Kenya.  

Group B: Bangladesh, England, India, Ireland South Africa, West Indies, Netherlands.

The 2011 Cricket World Cup, proud winner will get a prize money of US$ 3 million and  runner-up will get US$ 1.5 million, while with the International Cricket Council deciding to double the total allocation for the coveted tournament to US$ 10 million.
Stumpy the 10 year elephant  is the official mascot for the 2011 Cricket World Cup. while The official song is "De Ghuma Ke" is composed by the trio of Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy, and is sung in Hindi, Bangla and Sinhala. It has been sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Divya Kumar and has been marketed by Ogilvy and Mather.
The Opening Ceremony will be held on February 17, 2011 at Bangabandhu National Stadium in Dhaka, Bangladesh

ICC Cricket World Cup Match Date Time Table Schedule:

DATETIMEMatch DetailsVenue
Feb 19,201114:30Bangladesh vs India D/NMirpur
Feb 20,201109:30Nеw Zealand vs KenyaChennai
Feb 20,201114:30Sri Lanka vs Canada D/NHambantota
Feb 21,201114:30Australia vs Zimbabwe D/NAhmedabad
Feb 22,201114:30England vs Netherlands D/NNagpur
Feb 23,201114:30Pakistan vs Kenya D/NHambantota
Feb 24,201114:30South Africa vs West Indies D/NDelhi
Feb 25,201109:30Bangladesh vs IrelandMirpur
Feb 25,201114:30Australia vs Nеw Zealand D/NNagpur
Feb 26,201114:30Pakistan vs Sri Lanka D/NColombo
Feb 27,201114:30India vs England D/NKolkata
Feb 28,201109:30Canada vs ZimbabweNagpur
Feb 28,201114:30West Indies vs Netherlands D/NDelhi
Mar 1,201114:30Sri Lanka vs Kenya D/NColombo
Mar 2,201114:30England vs Ireland D/NBangalore
Mar 3,201109:30South Africa vs NetherlandsMohali
Mar 3,201114:30Pakistan vs Canada D/NColombo
Mar 4,201109:30Nеw Zealand vs ZimbabweAhmedabad
Mar 4,201114:30Bangladesh vs West Indies D/NMirpur
Mar 5,201114:30Australia vs Sri Lanka D/NColombo
Mar 6,201109:30South Africa vs EnglandChennai
Mar 6,201114:30India vs Ireland D/NBangalore
Mar 7,201114:30Canada vs Kenya D/NDelhi
Mar 8,201114:30Pakistan vs Nеw Zealand D/NKandy
Mar 9,201114:30India vs Netherlands D/NDelhi
Mar 10,201114:30Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe D/NKandy
Mar 11,201109:30West Indies vs IrelandMohali
Mar 11, 201114:30Bangladesh vs England D/NChittagong
Mar 12,201114:30India vs South Africa D/NNagpur
Mar 13,201109:30Nеw Zealand vs CanadaMumbai
Mar 13,201114:30Australia vs Kenya D/NBangalore
Mar 14,201109:30Bangladesh vs NetherlandsChittagong
Mar 14,201114:30Pakistan vs Zimbabwe D/NKandy
Mar 15,201114:30South Africa vs Ireland D/NKolkata
Mar 16, 201114:30Australia vs Canada D/NBangalore
Mar 17,201114:30England vs West Indies D/NChennai
Mar 18,201109:30Ireland vs NetherlandsKolkata
Mar 18,201114:30Sri Lanka vs Nеw Zealand D/NMumbai
Mar 19,201109:30Bangladesh vs South AfricaMirpur
Mar 19,201114:30Pakistan vs Australia D/NColombo
Mar 20,201109:30Zimbabwe vs KenyaKolkata
Mar 20,201114:30India vs West Indies D/NChennai
Mar 23,201114:301st Quarter Final D/NMirpur
Mar 24,201114:302nd Quarter Final D/NColombo
Mar 25,201114:303rd Quarter Final D/NMirpur
Mar 26,201114:304th Quarter Final D/NAhmedabad
Mar 29,201114:301st Semi Final D/NColombo
Mar 30,201114:302nd Semi Final D/NMohali
Apr 2,201114:30Final D/NMumbai


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