February 06, 2011

Soon Every Corrupt Leader Will Be Treated Like Hosni Mubarak.???

It's known to you that protest is on in Egypt against President Hosni Mubarak. After 11 days protest Mubrak forced to resign, according to USA Today"Hosni Mubarak has resigned as head of the ruling National Democratic party, but remains as president of the country, CBS and The Associated Press report.

The resignation was announced on Egypt state TV.
The entire politburo of the NDP resigned. In addition, two key Mubarak allies, including his son, Gamal, were stripped of their posts, the BC reports." 
You know Hosni Mubarak was an Air Force officer but in 1981,  he became the President of the Arabic Republic of Egypt, and the Chairman of the National Democratic Party (NDP). He is the longest serving President of Egypt, his term now lasting 29 years.
According ABC news Mubarak and his family estimated wealth range from US$40 billion to $70 billion.
 According to Wikipedia, Other corruption charges against Mubrak given below,"
While in office, political corruption in the Mubarak administration's Ministry of Interior has risen dramatically, due to the increased power over the institutional system that is necessary to secure the prolonged

presidency. Such corruption has led to the imprisonment of political figures and young activists without trials, illegal undocumented hidden detention facilities,and rejecting universities, mosques, newspapers staff members based on political inclination.On a personnel level, each individual officer are allowed to violate citizens' privacy in his area using unconditioned arrests due to the emergency law.
Transparency International (TI) is an international organization addressing corruption, including, but not limited to, political corruption. In 2010, TI's Corruption Perceptions Index report assessed Egypt with a CPI score of 3.1, based on perceptions of the degree of corruption from business people and country analysts, with 10 being very clean and 0 being highly corrupt. Egypt ranked 98th out of the 178 countries included in the report".
At last I would like to say that  the protest in Egypt is beginning, soon protest will be on in every nation. You see  not only Hosni  Mubrak  is corrupted but 99% political leaders are corrupted doesn't matter which country, they belongs. Now a days politicians are the another name of corruption. You see in India 90% leaders are corrupted and involved in scams, this is not about India only but every nation facing the slimier situation. I think the world knows, how Wikileaks cable exposed the corrupted and cruel politicians around the world, so nothing remains to clarify that 99% politicians are corrupted.
It's really a Great news for humanity that first the Egyptians started the war against corruption nailed the corrupt leaders and soon this fire will be spread in every nation and the world will protest against the corruption.
Don't worry, corrupted leaders will get their reward soon. Just wait and watch.


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