February 09, 2011

How Can We Make A Corruption Free And Scam Free Society???

 Hang The Scamers
As the day progressing we people becoming corrupt and people love to be part of scams. You see India the way scam rate is improving that day is not far when India will be recognized as the nation of scams. After CWG Scam, Adrash Scam, Food scam, 2G Scam another scam is in front of as ISRO Scam which is expected to be bigger than 2G Scam.
 I think not only Indians but every nation want to make corruption free and Scam free society, but nobody know how do that in spite of looking to God helplessly

but if any one will ask me the same question to me that I will give the perfect solution. Do know what is the solution? A solution that reform the society like a magic stick, that's none other than Hang the corrupt and scamers. What you think? I think every one will be agree with me. Like Golf country we should need to reform our law and order and bring a law that gives strict punishment for the corrupt and scamers like capital punishment or life sentence.

At last I would like to say that our poor law and order and poor Judaical process giving opportunity to the corrupt and scamers to do their duty honestly. I think scamers and corrupt also be a  betrayer like a terrorist and they should be treated like a terrorist. Hang to be till death or shoot at sight. If we will do that none can ever dare to think about scams and corruption, forget about doing it.
This is the only solution scams and corruption and we can make corruption free and scam free society.


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