February 12, 2011

Please Win World Cup For India....

I think you must heard the statement of Virendra Sehwag and Goutam Gamvir in Media that they want to win World Cup for Sachin and Sachin  told that he want to gift world cup to Coach Gery Kristan. None of the player ever told they want to win World cup for Indians and nation. These statement are really shameful showing the selfishness of cricketers.

Former Australian Captain Mark Waugh also reacted on this statement and told that 'I don't think it is the right attitude. You cannot think of winning the World Cup for one player. The game is bigger than any individual. You have to win it for each other. I am sure that even Sachin Tendulkar will like to win it for the team and the country. Yes, if India win the World Cup it will cap off a brilliant career.
As far as I concern if Indian cricketer want to win for Sachin and Kristan than World Cup will be remain a dream fro them and if they want win for nation and Indians than no doubt they will make it possible because that time more than 1 Billion people prayer working behind it.
At last I would like to say to every Indian cricketer, please please win World Cup, doesn't matter for whom you are winning. In spit of saying please do it because Well done is better than well said.


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