February 01, 2011

Let's Salute The God Mahatma Gandhi

According to Mahatma Gandhi " Be the change you wish to see in the world", and  for making a corruption free society, we must understand it. Do you know why Bapu Jee changed the world because he changed himself at first than society but we people are trying to correct the society rather than ourselves. 
To prove it, I would like to sear a small story of Bapu with you " Once a woman came to Bapu and told him that please advise my daughter not to eat sweets, Bapu told her come tomorrow I will tell her the next day she came with her daughter and Bapu advised her not eat sweet. The woman asked Bapu why not you advised my daughter on first day why you told to come next day? Bapu told because earlier I also found of sweets so at first I left my bad habit than I advised your daughter." This is Bapu and his Gandhism.

As far as concern Mahatma Gandhi,The greatest leader ever born in the world because what he did no one ever came close to him. He is really great, he is the another name of truth, non-violence, peace, honesty, sacrifices & simplicity, which none of the leader ever poses. He given his complete life to the nation & it's people & in return he taken nothing.
According to Mahatma Gandhi "truth is the only weapon I have" & though this weapon, he done a impossible thing or you can say it a miracle & that miracle is nothing but freedom form British rule. He dressed in "Khadi" to serve humanity & nation but now leaders are wearing "khadi" to earn money not for service.
Mayawati, Lalu Yadav & Mulayam singh who are the greatest example in front of us as they belong to a very poor back ground but now they are milliner. Now a days politics is nothing but the another name of corruption. Political leaders are using the name of Mahatma Gandhi in election to get the support of common man.
Mahatma Gandhi who given us freedom, his sole must be crying in the heaven to see the heinous work of political leaders. He must be felling sorry that why he fought freedom fight against Britisher because Indians got freedom from Britisher but again enslaved under corrupted politicians.
 I would like to tell you the bitter truth that  Mahatma Gandhi is the real Gandhi & none of the ever close to his feet. I think today's politic leaders should remove the Gandhi title from their name because it's insult of Mahatma Gandhi.
Please don't say you are Gandhi, because the real Gandhi is Mahatma Gandhi as he said "Be the change you wish to see in the world". So please change yourself first than changing the society this is my massage to every India & human being.
At last I would like to say that Mahatma Gandhi was God because what he did for us that only God can do it and he proved his Godliness in his life, through his deeds, worlds and action. I am sure that day will not far when Bapu will be worshiped by us like a God.
Let's Salute the Legend Mahatma Gandhi


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