November 29, 2009


The dawn server in COMMON ADMISSION TEST{CAT} added a bitter flavored in the test of cat number of student taking cat over 10 days period is 2.41 lakh.on the first day 10000 thousand student appeared for cat.on Saturday the first online version of exam blocked access to the one is their to assist them as result ,thousand of student didn't appeared in CAT.
According to Mr S Deodhar,cat convener that"Their bound to be some problems on the first day of such exercise".some how is right as the old saying"failure is the pillar of success".applying this technology in cat,one of the top most exam of India is not a good idea.
at last i would like to say the country where their defense & govt sites are not safe from the hackers.they hacked it number of time.their online
exam of CAT is nothing but "apne pair pe khud kuladhimarna hai"for instance when ever a scientist doing his experiment .he is applying to the animals first if it success-eds then to the human being.i am asking this question who govt permitted them to experiment in cat & the future of students.which Leeds to failure only


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