November 24, 2009


The Gandhi of modern era is none other then Rahul Gandhi.,his contribution in recent election proved his presence change the game in favor of congress is a example to every one. single handedly , he led congress to the chariot of victory.To be a good leader he poses all the quality. as i heard from most of the people during election that they are with congress due to Rahul and development.they have a strong believe that the young man will definitely make the deference for them & for the country. Rahul shown his simplicity traveling in the train and the same time some strange people thrown stone in his train and 2nd time he came across the public breaking his security barrier during the election campaign.i think he has not take such rick because he is the future of India and the hope of common man. In this era of democracy none of the political leader ever tried to travel in the train.apart from this a leader given his statement while traveling in the plane in economy class that"its a cattle class". I think he has to travel in the local train then he will realize the class of traveling. As Gandhi jee told"If u want know India and his people then travel in local train of India".i want say at least one time politicians should travel in the local train then only they realize the pain of common man.when they will understand the problem of common man, India become the most powerful & developed country of the world.


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