November 29, 2009


Now a days "terrorism" the biggest problem in front of whole solve this problem country like u.s.a ,china,u.k & Russia including India making their defense stronger then other country in addition of latest missile,tanks,drowns and nuclear it the solution to terrorism.according to Gandhi Jee " An eye or for an eye make every body blind". killing terrorist & their groups is not the solution to terrorism.violence always Leeds to destruction in fact the day will not far away from us when the whole world will destroyed like this.with developing our power we are going towards distraction only.
According to Aristotle"poverty is the parent of revolution and crime".why the terrorist belong to the poor nation .their poverty is the main cause which making them the question arises helping them with money problem will be solved."no",literate them they will make their own. At last i would like to say & every one will convince with my opinion that the real solution to the problem like terrorism,poverty,population growth,unemployment problem,pollution,& climate change is nothing but education.all developed nation are problem free because of their literate poor nation should start full-literacy program in their country & developed nation should help them in their mission. This is only way to finish "terrorism" from this world.


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