November 23, 2009


The God Is Playing
SACHIN "The God of Cricket", he proved it with completing his 22 years in international cricket and 17 thousand runs in one day cricket , highest run getter in test cricket & 30 thousand runs in international cricket with 90 plus centuries. When sir Sachin started his carrier at the age of 16 year I was in std 5, I have seen him through out his carrier how the genius is playing fearlessly & devotedly for his country, many cricketers and famous people recommended

Sachin as The best man after sir Don Bradman, in fact I have not seen him to play . I think sir Sachin is the replica of sir Don Bradman not next to him,why ? because they never come across to each other during their carrier so it can be said both are the best batsman of their respective era. The comment on Sachin by political leaders is totally inhuman, being a God sir have to forgive them.
At last I want to say, we should respect Sir Sachin  like a God  because he has given his entire life  to  Indian  cricket like Great Patriot.
The Let's Salute Sachin The Great


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