November 22, 2009


As far as I concern India's best political leader is mahatma Gandhi. he did nothing 4 his family and himself. he did all the hard work to give us the sweet breath of freedom.when India got freedom. he denied to take the reward. According to bapu "labor never goes in vein" and he proved it after giving us freedom. When he started the freedom fight a sage came to him and showing his eagerness to join it but Bapu told him to wear to "Khadi" instead of "Garwa Bastra" to serve the people.From this short story, i want to rewind the Indian political leaders that they wore "Khadi" to serve the nation and people but they lost their vision and working like a days the leaders are only good speaker, actor and i think u all have seen good fighter also.i have seen some political leader to criticize Bapu,but they have forgotten that today they have got the liberty to speak freely this is because of him.
At last i want to say no one can take the place of Bapu. he is the best


  1. In the present scenario of violence and hate, all the lessons of Gandhi holding its relevancy. We all should try to follow him. It is better for us, better for future.