November 27, 2009


Do you really believe that the man of 400 corer is Ajmal Kasab, the main accuse of 26/11 attack. Yes it’s true our govt. is spending 400 corer per year behind this terrorist turn hero, Ajmal. Today is the anniversary of his great sin but he is alive and healthy in prison.

Apart from this, in Bollywood his character is that of a hero and they are making film on him. Did they ever try to make movie on the soldiers who gave their life in loc without expecting any eye catching or reward. Even if media highlighted him like a hero without realizing that with this act they are playing with the emotions of the common man. My God, this is India and its law and order! The delay in justice is the main cause of terrorism in India.

Fearlessly they are committing crime to show their hero alive after one year of his sin. I think terrorist should be hanged at the same time. Then only they will realize the meaning of death and pain the victims are through otherwise not. As far as I am concerned, terrorism is not about religion and jihad is far away from violence. It’s about love, non-violence and unity. Jihad is the holy word which means “apne nafs se jihad karo” (Prophet Mohammad). Infect terrorism is nothing but the cause of illiteracy, unemployment and poverty. Why terrorist belong to the poor nation only. According to Aristotle “poverty is the parent of revolution and crime”, their living conditions forcing them to commit crime. They are also aware of the meaning of “jihad”.

At last I want to say one who is the part of crime is not part of any religion. He is inhuman and black spot on the name of humanity.


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