August 08, 2010

The devastating cloud burst killed people mercilessly at Leh

Due to the devastating cloud burst at Leh Ladakh, floods cut off from rest of India to continue relief operations special Indian Air Force transport plane has reached to Leh.

So far this calamity of nature killed 150 people including 31 jawans & more than 600 people are missing. As efforts continue to pull out people trapped under the debris, there are fears that casualties may rise.
A special flight from India BSNL leh soon bring the communication device to connect Leh with India. Leh present administration has sent two satellite phones on the planes. Interestingly, since the flood of Leh has been cut off completely from the rest of the country significantly hamper relief work is coming.

Airforce Special transport planes with relief workers and medical relief material sent in bulk so that injured people in emergency treatment can be provided. Delhi local doctors to help a special group of doctors has also reached Leh.
According to Defense Department so far 150 bodies have been recovered. Army link Leh airport Friday after the hard struggle succeeded in turn connected to the country in terms of which Leh is very important. Since the flood completely stopped all road traffic and air traffic only from Leh can be reached.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressed grief over the loss of life and property in the flash floods in Leh and announced an ex-gratia relief of one lakh each to the kin of the deceased and 50,000 each to the seriously injured.
"The Prime Minister is grieved to learn about the loss of life and property in the flash floods which hit Leh after a cloud burst" last night, a PMO statement said.Control rooms have been set up to monitor the flow of information.
Control Room Numbers:

9906990613, 9906990833, 9906990807, 9906983544, 9906990748, 9906990835, 990699078
Satellite Phone Number:
00870 7636 13623


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