August 08, 2010

India won the battle against 14 member Srilankan Team

One of the best cricket match I have ever seen my life, the greatest team of the world cricket India registered a great win against Srilanka in third test. Do you know why I am saying it great victory, because India won the battle against the 14 member Srilankan team , 11 players & 3 umpires. I have seen the complete match & find out the bitter truth that world is against Indian team no one likes India will retain the no 1 spot in test cricket. One of the waste umpiring I have ever seen in my life in a test match. Three umpires were given their best to help Srilankan team to win the series but thank God we have very very special Laxman who snatched the victory from the Srlankan team through his classical unbeatable century. He has played all the shots correctly & not given a single chance to Srlankan bowlers & umpires to got him out so Dhoni told "That's why he is called very very special Laxman, he has always come up with a innings that has a huge bearing on the game" & Sachin told "Laxman again bated superbly", indeed he always bats superbly especially in need just remember the kolkata test against Australia & against South Africa. You will find out the answer how great Laxman is.
No doubt it's great victory when you are fighting with a 14 member team but Srlankan captain Sangakkara said "Sri Lanka is better side in test series. I know this statement is a clear sign of frustration as they failed to win the series.
I am remembering the words of Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita that "victory always comes with truth" & Indian team proved it correctly to level the series 1-1.
Great job Indian Team, Keep it up.


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