December 26, 2009


Bollywood and crime connection is just like two side of coin. Directly or indirectly no of film stars & directors name come through the media shows their involvement in crime. Recently famous director Mahesh Bhatt's son name came to us. This is not the only example but the film stars like Sanjay dutt, Salman Khan, Prity Zinta, Monika Bedi, Govinda, Imran Hasmi, Kangana etc. are already charged for crime connection. What exactly don't know. You see the increase in crime after the development of Bollywood. As far as I concern & every one will give the same opinion that indirectly Bollywood plays a main role in crime. Now question is how? You see most of the crime committed as shown in the movie & some of the criminals given their statement that their inspiration is Bollywood. To see the actors & movies children started to play with guns.what will be their future, do you imagine that. Now a days every children want to become an actor like Shahrukh khan, Slaman khan, Amir khan, Amitabv bachan etc. As they are playing the character of don or criminal. How don is playing with law & order and committing crime, Its inspires them.On the other hand you see the growth in sex related crime is nothing but the vulgarity shown in Bollywood movies.
At last I would like to say sensor board as well as govt needs to action against film directors & film stars. If their act is anti social. I think, Govt should ban Bollywood to reduce crime as well as for our better future.