May 31, 2010

Indian Railway:- The Black spot on the name of development

I think its none to you that Recently in Delhi Railway Station, Two person died and another 40 were injured in a stamped. The two dead included a middle aged woman, identified as Soni and a 12-year-old child.The accident occurred when Bihar-bound Sampark Kranti Express, which was to arrive at platform no 12, arrived at platform no.13, leading to stamped. After this tragic incident Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee said " passenger should take care of themselves, what we can do", saying like showing the clear picture of Indian Railway security, this is not the first incidence of stamped, but this is the part of common men life, every day they are facing the same, if you don't believe than go & board in any of the general boggy doesn't mater its an express train of local from New Delhi, I am sure you must get an miner or major injury while getting into it.

Every day common men are facing the similar problem but this never came to light because of poor service of Indian RAILWAY while this incidence turned panic because 2 people lost their life & place is none other than our capital New Delhi, what talk about other cities & towns.
The life of common totally on the hands of God while traveling on Indian RAILWAY, This our Development where a common men risking his life while boarding in a train & after that traveling like animals.
Thanks to Democracy & Independent India
Great Job Indian Railway & Well said Mamata Benerjee.
At last I would like to say that Indian Railway is the Black spot on the name of development, only modernizing the platforms, you can't recognized developed but to give better service you do.
I am saying confidently, In this development only the infrastructure of Indian Railway changed but service is still as poor as it was during independence.We really became develop when all people get equal benefit regarding safety doesn't mater in which class he is traveling.
So Indian RAILWAY should work out in this field rather than developing the infrastructure only


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