August 30, 2010

The Dark cloud of Fixing in world cricket

"Paisa khuda to nehe lakin khuda ke kasam khuda se kam vi nahe"(Money is not God but not less than God), Once, I heard this word from a stranger & laughed alot but now I realized that he is saying the bitter truth of cricket. You see the Match fixer Majhar Majeed who became the news of the world after claiming that he manged 10 Pakistani players in match fixing, their defeat against Australia & England was preplanned. Majeed also claimed that " alots of Pakistani cricketers are just looking for money, women & food". This is not the first time when Pakistani cricketers came under scanner for match fixing but always come across them why do you? If their a fire than smoke comes other wise not it's universal truth, It means, I am not blaming only Pakistani cricketers but I would like to high light the corruption of cricket in front of the people. The performance of cricketers & teams in world cricketer also giving the clear indication of match fixing. You see how Indian team performed in the recent Srlankan tri series where Indian team failed to achieve 250 mark in the tournament & In spite of Sehwag all players failed & performed their waste & helped India to face a shameful defeat. Is this money making players to betray with their nation, if so than cricketers are equivalent to the terrorist & betrayers who cheats his nation for the greed of money.
At last I would like to say that the cricketers who involved in match fixing their are equivalent to a terrorist & should be treated like a terrorist, life time ban is not the solution to this problem. They should be hanged like terrorist & betrayers, that's all.


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