August 11, 2010

1700 people killed so far in Pakistan flood

Pakistan is facing the most devastating flood of world history, The death toll has reached to 1700.This flood is more deadly then Hathy's earth quack, India's Tsunami. Due to the fears of flood north - west Pakistan was declared High alert.
Worst-hit area are Khyber & Pekhtunakwa province. Indus and Chenab rivers in central Pakistan are flowing above the danger mark so thousands of people left Muzaffargadh.
According to United Nations 1.40 million people have been affected by floods. If these 60 million are children. 18 million people have been displaced. Pak Army has saved 1.75 million people.
57 army helicopters are engaged in relief work. More than 9 thousand tons of food in relief camps are delivered. In affected areas, 15 military hospitals and 100 mobile clinics are engaged to treat people.
At last I am Praying to God to save Pakistan & it's people.


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