August 22, 2010

The rebirth of sacred river yamuna & floods in Delhi?

Delhi Monsoon 2010
Flood Alert in Delhi

Due to the rebirth of sacred river, heavy rains & water released from Hathnikunad barrage water level of Yamuna is consistently rising & Friday its crossed the danger level mark & reached to 205.02 meter. the government has alerted the coastal areas due to rise in water level.
To deal with any emergency arrangements are all kinds. Stations falling in coastal areas through the local inhabitants to go away from the river banks have been saying. According to Central Water Commission, the danger mark of 204.83 meters Jamuna in the capital have been fixed. Within the last two days elephant Kund Barrage 251 358 cusecs of water has dropped. Heavy rains caused the river water has increased. Time, the water level of Yamuna has crossed the danger mark. Because of this, all areas located along the Yamuna flood has come under threat. Basegdhimondu from administration, Usmanapur, screaming, Badarpur, Akjuri particular, Okhla, Jamia Nagar, Batlah Zggiaan House and surrounding area have been alert.
Wajirabad the ravine area of the Okhla barrage is almost drowned. Most of the ravine area have been evacuated. People are still stranded in some areas, which bring out the work in progress. Khader families living in various places along the Yamuna imposed by removing 97 tents and some public schools have been placed.
Yamuna Bank-fringe areas and those living in slums have been warned. Well as all police stations to deal with any emergency situation is said to be ready. Boat, rescue and relief team, relief tents for camping, water board have been preparing for the tanker. To deal with any situation Moatarbotoan 56 boats and has been deployed.
DP Singh, SDM flood control related to the respect that any situation has made full preparations to cope with. All personnel of the department's duty night shift has been applied. In addition, vacation leave canceled for all personnel on duty have been recalled.

Eastern District Commissioner's responsibility to handle flood control department said SS Hannekrot Saturday night comes and water if it can increase the risk of flooding in Delhi.
Outer Delhi, Zasan: Yamuna river crossed the danger mark in Delhi external water has entered several low areas. Engaged in farm crops have been ruined because of this. Given the rising water level of flood risk on residential areas has come under.

Burarie outside Delhi, Netthoopura, Jagatpur, lapel, Zingolah Yamuna water in many areas, including farm has entered Friday night. Local people said that prepares vegetable crops have been destroyed.
At last I would like to say that the rebirth of Yamuna has created flood like situation in Delhi but also brought good news for Delhiites for future.


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