August 17, 2010

"Corruption, corruption, corruption is the law of life"

"Corruption, corruption, corruption is the law of life", If I am lying to you than just see every where you will get only corruption & nothing else, doesn't mater which sector it is, either it's religious, social, political, education or sports every where you will find out this 10 latter demon "Corruption". Now question arise how we will fight with this demon? How we will protect humanity from this demon? As the day progressing "Corruption" spreading each & every pat of our society & we people failed to find out the solution to stop "Corruption", like we failed to fight with the calamity of nature. Is corruption & calamity of nature linked together? Are we suffering because of corruption? God knows better but as far as I concern the calamity of nature is nothing but the result of corruption & calamity of nature giving us an indication of our future. You see every where how nature is behaving, uncountable people lost their life due to flood, earth quack, Tsunami, wild fire, land slide, cloud blast, Volcanic ass, global warming.

At last I would like to say that corruption is totally against of human nature but people forgotten it & nature is giving us warning to correct the error so as soon as we correct our self that's better for us other wise no one is going help & dark future is waiting for us.


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